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  1. ReggieWill

    Selling GTR R35

    Price is 2.5. First person takes it.
  2. ReggieWill

    Selling PinkCage

    If you bring 500k its yours. Room 28 behind the wall. Email: ReggieLit#9495
  3. ReggieWill

    Selling FU STI

    Price is at 650k, Come get it. Email at ReggieLit#9495.
  4. ReggieWill

    Selling STI

    Selling FU STI Price is 600k.
  5. ReggieWill

    Selling Stock Supra and R34 GTR

  6. ReggieWill

    Selling GTR R35! Open to trades!

    Selling GTR R35 FU. Lowest ill go is 1.9. Im also open for any kind of trades but dont low ball. Phone: 037-9715 Email: Lit#9495 Ill be in Staten HMU
  7. ReggieWill

    Selling FU 2006 STI

    550k is current offer.
  8. ReggieWill

    Selling FU 2006 STI

    Fully Blacked out Fully Upgraded STI. Very Low miles, always kept in Garage. Not really in a hurry to sell it but i will sell it with the right offer. Price is starting at 500k. Will prefer to talk in Email: Lit#9495.
  9. Selling 2006 Subaru Sti. No Starting Price. Hit me with an offer and something might happen. Not in a hurry to sell it. Email: Lit#9495
  10. ReggieWill

    Looking for Escalade and Audi S8

    Is the S8 any good?
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