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    1. I was wondering if we could get vehicles adjusted for the 10,000th time. Maybe this time we can add some changes that will help extend chases and make them more enjoyable. First thing is adding more durability to vehicles in general crashing once and being out of it sucks for the crim and the officer. Then being able to get the speed closer to the PD vehicle would be nice when there are cars that stock out run our Heli thats a issue . Civs cars have the tuner chips so let that give their cars an advantage i think a extra 20mph-30mph plus the handling and accel boosts would be fine but when we got a SU and Heli that max out at 180 and there is a wide body SUV that does 240+ someone needs a reality check in the balance department. Also making heli fuel burn up quicker with longer refuels would be a great addition also. Having to coordinate with the ground units to have Air 1 break off and rejoin would be a very welcomed change i think. Overall right now the state of chases is just shit the cars are horribly unbalanced take little to no damage. We need to make the city fun right now the only thing i can really respond to is CDS and Shots fired if its a 60 or i'm just running radar 90% there is no point to even try. Hope this gets looked into it would benefit the city as a whole IMO.
    2. I believe the reckless reports should be removed I have a couple reasons why. First it uses resources that could be used for something more useful, I'll be driving down the road and the person in the opposite lane calls a reckless report on me makes no sense especially since I fly by them at 160+. Secondly I think having the reckless reports makes for lazier police officers (I am a Police Officer BTW) they lose you during a chase or better yet don't even respond but use a reckless report to pin your vehicle to a robbery. If the officers really want to get better maybe not drive so bad so u can keep eyes or maybe just maybe once in a while let them go if your not in a position to respond...….Ultimately I think this feature has no good qualities and at this point does more harm than any good. Police already have more than enough tools at their disposal to get identities and plates, ect. Thirdly it has happened repeatedly where ill be in a police chase or race and I get headaches because of reckless reports my Fcore warning pops up and I'm screwed. Please for the love of the city take out reckless reports.
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