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  • Ralph is a cool guy. Call or text him 999-9999
  • The Weather today will be mostly cloudy with a chance of snow.
  • Be on the lookout for Rocky the Big Foot in Chiliad forrest
  • Looking for good hunters to take out vermin in the hillside of Chilliad. Please call the Park Rangers to get your permit today!
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    1. I agree with all of the above 10,000% Get that ish outta here
    2. Just to be clear, George Evans was never affiliated with our family. We did 1 bank job with mans and he changed his last name to Evans. -.- Sorry to anyone who had a bad interaction with this man on behalf of our good name, but yeah - you never saw any of us with him for a reason.
    3. I did a thing! ..only took me a year... XD
    4. The Evans Brothers lived the majority of their lives in small-town Indiana. After William's most recent divorce, he found himself deeply depressed still living in the same town he grew up in and felt that there was nothing left for him there. He was bored and tired of seeing the same faces every day, he longed for the city life. He set his eyes on the biggest city he could think of, New York. Will packed his bags and drove out to NYC to start his new life. He applied for his CDL and began his early days as a trucker. It wasn't a lucrative job, but it helped him to get his first apartment in th
    5. Very cool! Just going along with the brainstorming, it would be sick if they could block a CCTV feed or jam radio signals in a small range. I know being a cop is challenging enough right now, but I like the idea of some more unique crim jobs.
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