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    1. ^^ This. Also I miss when cars came and went , and the value increased / decreased based on availability.
    2. I personally feel like no matter what system is in place , problematic people performing these kinds of activities are going to do everything possible to circumvent any system in place. It's very un-realistic to think that you can just rob store after store after store with out getting shot/killed by the police , or arrested with a very long Prison sentence . Instead of implementing a new system , I think at a certain point it should just be considered fail rp seeing as its very un realistic . This is just my 2 cents though , I mean to my knowledge stores don't even pay well unless something has changed drastically , so why anyone would continually hit stores is beyond me lol.
    3. I agree with this idea completely and It would add more roleplay for the Custom Shops!(Assuming an employee would have to be on to purchase said items)
    4. +1 to this , I believe trucks should be able to hold ALOT more , in terms of realism , Most Full size trucks have the ability to haul thousands of lbs . I understand we can't be completely realistic on everything due to game balances but trucks and large vans especially heavy duty ones should have the highest capacity in the game. Would also be cool to see user owned Semi's introduced for when people need to carry large loads!
    5. The royals are some of the coolest cats in all of NYC! Fine group of gentlemen !
    6. Bravado rump custom , literally one hit in the rear end and its disabled , and this is an off road heavy duty safari van we are talking about. No way should it only take 1 hit to disable , this thing looks like a tank!
    7. I agree and disagree , with this issue , okay for one unlocked houses should have no repercussions for being robbed because they are unlocked there for security system disabled. I am a pretty smart criminal myself and if a cop arrives on scene and you do not have a hostage or cant communicate you have a hostage (most the time the person cant hear the cop outside) , then its pretty much case closed unless you can outrun the cop , if you aim your gun at the cop your basically dead especially if more than one officer on scene. I do agree there should be some kind of sound mini game and if you dont set off the alarm you are gucci. I mean robbing houses isnt even a huge reward , I could understand if there was a person in the home making it a home invasion , but this is a simple breaking and entering 99% of the time , so theres no reason it should be a high priority call if it left the way it is. Also if left the way it is , the rewards need to be greater but more random , like maybe i get a cz pistol out of 1 home , the next one i find jack diddly squat . Just an idea .
    8. Please add beards , I'd love to rock a viking beard!
    9. Take it from someone who has been pulled over multiple times , Unless weed is vacuum sealed in an airtight container , it can be smelled. If you smoke herb you are more than likely noseblind to the smell . Hense why most smokers have to put the bud up to their nose when trying to smell a nug. So I completely agree with cops being able to do this if you have recently smoked in the city , or if they have a dog on them they are probably going to be able to sniff out your product. Also note some cops are really cool on weed and will let you go for a few joints , other cops can be complete squares and hit you with maximum available sentence , it all depends on the officer and how you respond to the situation in my personal experience .Just like irl you have your "cool" cops and you have your "square cops. Now I do AGREE with you on cops have way more utensils at their disposal and in NO situation would Air 1 be used in an IRL situation For a complaint on someone selling narcotics.As mentioned above though, maybe I could see it if they were in the general area , a quick search revealed it costs roughly 700$ an hour to fuel and maintain a helicopter (Less than I expected tbh) But still I seriously doubt that police are going to waste that much tax payers money to catch a street level pot dealer or even hard drug dealer for that matter. Also I do feel cop vehicles can take way more abuse than civilian vehicles especially in offroad situations , Let's say I'm on an ATV/Dirt bike or Lifted 4WD offroad vehicle , Is it really realistic for a city cruiser to fly off road right behind me and be able to keep up in most situations and take more of a beating than said off-road vehicle? Now keep in mind these are just my personal opinions and I'm just adding food for thought , not trying to argue or anything like that. Simply stating my personal opinion and throwing it out there for more debate on the issue. Overall I just feel like for rp sake the city could use a tad bit of re-balancing (it is still the best place I have had the pleasure of visiting). I feel like with a few tweaks it could allow for more intricate story lines and better rp .One more thing I'd like to touch note on is I have noticed A HUGE increase in police presence in each city , and I'm sure this has been discussed but I think it is a tad bit silly to think 1/4th of the server uniformed police (8 is the current number ? Correct me if im wrong! ) And how many more CID units? So we will say for sake of arguing 1/3rd of the people you meet in a city is going to be a cop ! That's pretty high odds if you ask me and make's it extra hard for any criminal on the come up. I also hear that the PD has a 100% conviction rate except in cases with gross misconduct(This is merely here-say I'm not exactly sure on this) , which is crazy good numbers for any PD . A quick search revealed "In recent years, the conviction rate has averaged approximately 84% in Texas, 82% in California, 72% in New York, 67% in North Carolina, and 59% in Florida." So I think we can all agree something is a bit off balanced in terms of Civ/Police balance , seeing as though no state in the US is close to our cities conviction rate! Once again just wanted to state I'm not taking sides either ways , just stating my opinions/suggestions , Not looking for an argument !
    10. I agree 100% gtr needs some wheel spacers.
    11. Welcome to the city!Hope to run into ya some time , Always looking for a good tattoo artist!Good luck with the NYPD application as well!
    12. Sounds like a good idea as liquor stores are pretty useless right now!
    13. I second this , can we please get cowboy hats! I'm trying to get my old town road vibe going!
    14. I personally know the player in question and he has never acted like this around me and we are in the city together a lot. Please upload some evidence to support before making these kinds of claims.
    15. I mean it makes sense , and would force cops to keeper a closer eye on suspects after being apprehended, you got my vote!.
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