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    1. And to further my point, I've streamed the city on multiple days in the last few weeks and have had multiple people try to meet with me in the city to give me a meta donation, ask me what my Id was, etc. and I've denied them. Not is it against the rules, but for me, I set a goal for myself and want to earn it honestly, and when I reach that goal any money I make is just money to spend at the casino. Or to buy supplies to help others I might come across with a car out of gas or a vehicle that needs a repair kit, or a wandering soul in need of food and water.
    2. This is just me but if you lower the inflation of products it'll stop everyone having to do crimes to make money, when you have events that cost a whopping 10k to get into. Look I'm doing my part I sell alcohol exclusively and I sell them cheaper in bulk orders which is about $40 to $80 a bottle and retail I set it at $140 based on a normal value sold if you took it to the Club/VU. The difference being is you have a guy trying to make a honest living at honest rates and you have everyone else charging in the quintuple to nontuple digits. How are new arrivals supposed to compete when the ceiling is way too high. It makes trying to make a honest job not even worth the time and money. Even if there were new jobs, and were a CEO, its like you got to run your own racket or do something illegal to keep it afloat. How can I make a honest living if everyone just prefers to be a bunch of robbers and gangsters? I made new friends and soon after they knew how to bring in bulk drugs I get left by the wayside. Because I don't do drugs for a living in the city. Like thanks dude, money is on your mind and not me anymore, thanks. The problem is everyone wants to 'win' and nobody wants to take a loss. I sat with at length with other players who feel the exact same and have made notions to just leave New York to better pastures, because there is just nothing to do in the city other than be ingeminating in legion. Well there is, but with how inflation is those jobs never got a price hike so people just don't do them anymore unless they sell them at 12 times the price in events. People are going to exploit the jobs that make the most money, I get that, because if you don't make things that entertain them even when its a loss then you'll just have a bunch of millionaires playing cops and robbers. I mean c'mon I go to high stakes in GTAO and the opening is 1000 you get it on here and its 10million. But the same can be said for the Civ's, I get asked, "Why not sell gun parts" or etc. Because deep down my character is a southern boy. He was raised right with moral values, its his character not to harm others. His family was based on old cooking traditions and loves to cook food. Beverages especially, just because he "cooks" doesn't mean he should cook meth. But most importantly if you want people to stop doing illicit jobs then give them a reason to pick up a honest one instead. Want people to actually RP without being a thug or a ganger popping off a gun for fun, then make it where people earn wages. If they don't want to spend 599999minutes in jail, and spout gamer words and go OOC with a disrespectful attitude then give them reason not to want to do illicit jobs to throw them in there. If you inflate the cars, guns and properties least you can do is bump the wages for those actually doing honest work.
    3. Whats your name and where are you from? Darrell Phillips, Tennessee How did you find our community? This is more a -revisited- version so alot of new faces, and very few old ones so better to share my history than repeat what could be found in my OG post HERE Whats your favourite hobbies? He loves to play on his harmonica, he's a professional driver with expertise from driving commercial and freight vehicles extensively from his father's influence. And most importantly he loves making alcohol and cooking in his downtime. Anything else you would like to share? Where do I begin? Darrell starting out didn't have many people to call friends, eventually hanging out in the public lots with the "bad crowd" Before the Government placed down security cameras down and speed cameras throughout town. Which incited many criminals to speed through to who could get the biggest speeding ticket. One of these individuals would become a up and coming superstar Kyle Mace He was a guy who played cool, looked cool, and was a guy who wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He would later become a small two bit group with Darrell and big shot Bobby Montana whose name wouldn't be as widely known from his trademark nickname he spouted, "Big Bird" You see, there was a territory dispute soon after the three would meet. After the Government enacted tighter security measures the Columbos had to move from the public parking near Del Perro. The Mao Brothers were more individuals who would be active nearly every hour, they never stood still. They were always into some kind of trouble. This is where Kyle would eventually become good friends with Cao Mao. As Kyle made friendships Darrell worked hard nearly every day for 6 - 8 hours tilling away at the Vineyard. As Kyle busted balls and made a living in blood money, Darrell worked hard showing Kyle that Darrell was more of a little brother he had to protect, he knew Darrell wasn't much of a hardened criminal. But he was a good guy He would eventually lean on Darrell for help from time to time. And regardless of the situation Darrell treated Kyle like a older brother talking to him for hours on end. Taking him where Kyle needed to be. And during the fated day when the Columbos, the Mao brothers and etc. stood in the middle of the Vanilla unicorn Kyle had Darrell stand back and watch from afar as his first two friends fought, Bobby Montana who was against the entire city and Kyle under the Mobs lead gunned down Bobby Montana and his hired guns in a show of force to the Government that no one wanted Bobby Montana in their city anymore. You see Bobby had a mean streak about him, he stepped over his friends to become the top gangbanger. He took any new fresh meat off the street strapped them with a pea shooter and treated them like a joker's henchmen. He tried to do this to Darrell and Kyle stood up for Darrell when one day Bobby wanted to race Darrell and Kyle and as Kyle agreed Darrell stood under the speed limit in his Moonbeam. At the time his Iconic mode of transportation for working at the Vineyard. A state trooper soon arived on the scene to arrest two cars and Bobby deliberately tried to rope Darrell in with them. And as the State Trooper said he was here to arrest two individuals of two speeding cars. And Try as hard as he could Kyle fought with Bobby in cuffs, this would be the final straw for Kyle and after that he threatened Bobby if he came even a block close to Darrell, he would kill him. Then the day came, the passport was being brought in and the Government had to wipe the slate clean people lost their cars, but not their money. The 2016 Dodge Challenger Darrell had worked up his hard earned money for was gone. His friends all had gotten incredible money stimulus packages from the Governor as well as fully stocked top of the line cars for free to help pay for those who might of lost their properties. but Darrell was not here for this event and would be known as one of the biggest losses. Not only losing all his friends and having to start over with new ones, ones who would sooner rob him than be there for him. Darrell soon after never came back after this. Then in the following year, Darrell would come back only to get back to recouping from his loss the year prior. Cao Mao was still around, some of the Columbos were still about. but the majority of friends Darrell made were gone. Except one day, Darrell came up in a chopper to Legion and a masked man sporting Red High Top Sneakers showed up. Knowing who it was but he himself was covered from the motorcycle helmet the masked man was there to Rob Darrell soon after this. Darrell called out Kyles name. Bewildered and shocked after finding out that it was Darrell he came to rob. He soon laughed with him and took him to his home where they caught up for the year prior. He even saved up a "Drop-out Blunt" for Darrell for when the day they would meet again. He had Darrell smoke it and took him on a Joyride across the Freeway and back. This would be one of the moments where Darrell would cry because even if Darrell was hurt and broken from how he had been left behind his brother still thought of him in the end. The final chapter ends when during their last encounter the brothers have not seen each other since. And when Darrell came back he was greeted by a Female Corpo, Chloe Constance who after seeing his bodycam footage came by to help the poor man out and gave him 3 million dollars, a number that left Darrell in tears and she told him, "Invest this, keep it, but most importantly, get yourself a nicer ride for yourself honey, you deserve it for all the alcohol you make for the city." So where is Darrell Now? Well he is still on his own, He still owns the Escalade he bought with Chloe's money, but he has branched out to not only doing wine, but also beer and hopefully Whiskey and Vodka. Becoming a supplier for the local stores and even giving away huge quantities of his work with no pay directly back to him in order to help his partners and customers get back on their feet during these trying times. "To me money is a material thing, what matters most is friends. Friends who can help you get back up when you fall. Kyle did that for me and I did that for him. but one day we'll meet again, I hope. But until then, everyone deserves a little bit of hope, ya know?"
    4. Where are they from? || Tennessee How long you been in this city? || As the start of this post, about a week What are they interested in doing here in the city? || Working a honest job and providing assistance for others, Darrell isn't looking to start trouble but it tends to be around him "A LOT". Do they have a job? || They work at the vineyard, occasionally they also help out a few friends but they try to keep him out of their more dirtier jobs. Overall he's a good samaritan but is willing to try new things. Favorite hobbies? || He enjoys going to parties supplying close friends with wine. Occasionally he enjoys playing on his harmonica and being in the company of friends helping them out with transportation and so forth. Character Storyline? Darrell lived in a abusive family with 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Most were adopted but when he turned 18 he left his home to pursue his dreams to be a cook and found himself working part time at the vineyard. Being with his cousin as kids he had alot of times growing up as a kid that would get him in trouble with his cousin. But he learned to play with a cool head and learned early on that satisfaction doesn't come from material things, but from the friends you spend them with. He's good by nature but something else is missing there that shows he might have something to hide from even his closest friends.
    5. Hi everyone my name is Devin "Darrell Phillips" Walters but everyone who are my friends call me by Jet, JBS, or the full name. I'm a graphic artist, animator, 3d designer and I took college courses in computer design, web page design, and visual arts. I used to work full time as a inventory driver (from the hours of 3am till almost midnight) till some close friends got together and got me working at twitch full time. I'm male, 28, and I like to consider myself a good role model. I'm not married nor have any kids. [Thankfully >.<] I variety stream alot of games (over almost 700 titles on steam alone), I even got a sweet gig with developers getting to play new and exciting games that might get to come out and give them my honest review. I even sell copies of the games I like to play on my stream store if you all get curious, but I recently came across playing GTA RP a while back but the server I normally go to is still up but it's abandoned. I came across this site and its servers and figured I'd give it a shot. So far the last few days have been medial but deep down I have seen some really great roleplays come from this site and the servers it provides and hopefully would like to one day throw my hat in the circle to help support it in my own way. So hopefully if you ever get to meet me in the server come check my shows out and have a good time. Maybe even get a free game while you're there. Hope to see you all out in the big city! ~JBS https://www.twitch.tv/jetblackscarab
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