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    1. Ignition Imports - or one of these terms after "Ignition" (Motorworks, Automotive) These all kinda go together imo EA Imports - (Since you specified the shop imports from China, EA stands for East Asia) and again could be "EA Motorworks" or "EA Automotive" just as the first idea. Could possible even fully make it "East Asia Imports", etc. Those are my ideas for now bc I'm really bad with naming things but I hope you like one
    2. alrighty just wanted to make sure, thanks for the reply
    3. Am I supposed to be hearing back on whether my application was accepted or denied? or am I supposed to take the lack of a reply as a denial? I dont want to throw another app in if there has been just a lot of apps put in. was also wondering if me being with the doj will stop me from being able to do this?
    4. Civs can't record properly and reliably with the current restrictions on civs as well as how phones work. (I have personally tried to follow and record police/civs and the amount of times i need to leave my camera app to even take a single step forward is far to restrictive as well as the camera only being able to record forwards out of your vehicle with little lenience to panning left/right) If the body cam item was enabled for all then this could easily be avoided. Assuming the body cams are used properly IC.
    5. Could also maybe, since there is a lot of empty space on the MDT home page, there could be a section/list labeled "Available (Lawyers/DOJ)" and another section beside that labelled "Available DOC" upon accessing the MDT at the bottom that updates with lawyers/DOC in your current server. Would be a quick check as well simply just pulling up the MDT and being able to see if anyone is around for anything needed! Just another thought to add to the box
    6. Hello! I am the owner of the liquor store in Paleto called "Del Vecchio Liquor" and I am looking to gather a few offers and possibly take one of them! Drop your offers below or through email! C/O: 13.5m If you would like to offer through email, you can do so here: des#7957
    7. All yours if you email me to setup a meetup time for the deal - des#7957
    8. Reply with offers here or email me at the address below Looking for 4m
    9. Title says it, just tryna sell my RS7, it's FU and insured. Looking to get 4m, Not taking anything less than 3.5 most likely... it's 5m in shop and 5.6m total with upgrades/insurance. reply here or in my email listed below : )
    10. Gonna keep it short and simple, I think the Vapid Retinue should have the drift handling like the futo hatch/drift tampa. The car can literally be customized to be a rally car with the bars and lights along the outside even with liveries , and is also always been my go-to for dirt drifting because it just looks like the car is supposed to be out on the dirt drifting around hairpins. And whats it hurt adding another car with that handling?
    11. Bump - Looking to sell fast, taking 4m right now, been late on replies and missed out on some good offers. $m and its yours, not 3.8, not 3.9. just 4 rn.
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