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    1. Deleting my character leaving server, cops abuse their roles in the server reaching in peoples pockets/cars without warrants or truly visual incidents to justify the scenario. Along with all the crashes that interfered with RP and just losing stuff that took hours to get through all this.
    2. I was wondering if I could get reimbursement for 40 weed plants I watched to near 3rd stage only to have server restart and me lose it all. Kind of tough to waste hours like this. I'm Vinny Seletti
    3. I meant on the forums. I couldn't wipe the character it has too much to loose time/connections
    4. Turns out I messed up my name in game it's actually Vinny Seleti now. Been playing a while but never updated this lol Can someone change it on forums for me?
    5. Going to ask what many may be thinking: How much do I need to donate to get priority queue?
    6. Where are they from? Lisbon, Portugal How long you been in this city? 2 Days What are they interested in doing here in the city? He is interested in getting the pimp game going in the city along with drug sales. Do they have a job? Fedex/Miner/Pimping Favorite hobbies? Racing Character Storyline? Born in Lisbon, Portugal to a mother that was both a stripper and crack fiend, Vinny knew well he needed to get moving. When he turned 14 he made a move to Germany getting in the underground world doing hits and robberies to gain the cash needed to make a living. This is where he took on the name Alemanha Pereira. After turning 18 he returned to Portugal this time for revenge, he murdered his mother's pimp after learning she died from an overdose by his hands. After police started asking questions he snuck into the first boat to New York city. Alemanha Pereira, will do anything to up his game and most importantly fill his wallet.
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