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    1. PISS OFF nobody will ever top the muppet post
    2. I've had some strong opinions on this since I joined PD: Personally, I feel that a lot of people have stopped caring about trying to improve PD. There's no point naming specific people, but from a regular officer's perspective I don't feel like there's many people that actively want to make these departments better, whether that be burnout, losing a passion for it or whatever else I don't know, it just feels like things are slowly decreasing in quality. Certain people are not held accountable for their actions nearly as much as others, usually through personal OOC relationships or some sort of ego. We are all here to have fun, and LEOs who consistently take the 'game' aspect out of the game should be dealt with, but we see large groups of people complaining about specific LEOs and nothing gets done about it. It's not a real job, you can just fire someone for consistently providing bad roleplay and that does not get enforced enough. Don't get me wrong, whether it be SP or PD there's a huge number of great officers who make this community better, but the bad apples give entire departments a bad name and make people not want to RP with them.
    3. +1 this would be extremely helpful, as long as they're heavy as fuck so people can't walk around with 50 field dressings/painkillers and never go down
    4. I don't think there's many actual mafia families left, it's mostly just gangs with no real purpose. Would be nice to see more families the way it use to be, but I think a lot of them got pushed out by boredom or gangs, or formed their own gangs with no real structure
    5. I got a few BONKERS whips for sale, casino fucking robbed me so I need the MONEY no trades WRX STI B/O: 1.1M Lexus RCF B/O: 9M Ferrari 488GTB B/O: 7M Subaru BRZ B/O: 2M R34 SKYLINE B/O: 1.5M Email me about em I probably won't see it here @LmaoMario#4160
    6. Family-controlled and branded drugs - Muppets Magical Meth, Lahey's Laced LSD, basically the same way you can get branded weed and shit IRL, just with an in-game twist. there's no RP in drugs, people don't buy off of other people and when they do its an undercover fed, plus there's no money in buying from other people right now. Having branded, controlled drugs, with different affects on your player (blurry vision, stamina, stumbling, whatever else there is), different values and reasons to buy off of certain people/brand loyalty. It definitely shouldn't be specific to one family, but more of an application/selection process for people or groups to get their own drugs. A process like setting up a warehouse to manufacture the drugs, employ people, make it raidable by cops etc. just something other than the current process which has no fun factor and all the risk.
    7. Ill offer 4.5 on this
    8. Just checked it out in person, dont think its the right house for me
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