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    1. I'm so tired of seeing legion packs with people sitting school circle dancing with their rows of super cars not doing dick. I drive around the city for hours and unless I get pulled over I hardly see anyone doing anything. Where are the people RP'ing the average person? Why does everyone Have to be billy bad ass with the Nicest car, the Millions of dollars, always strapped with guns out the ass? It's OLD I've had more fun playing as an older man trying to become a lawyer than I ever did as a criminal, So why not change it up and be that homeless man that lives behind The Unicorn? or the Lady who tries to adopt every stray cat she sees? Also the way the city's economy is currently set up promotes people to just be a thug because there are so few Honest living jobs that can support the cost of living in the city. Either Super cars need to cost more, or the Income from illegal activities need to go down, how many drug dealers you see cruising around in a Lamborghini? Yall should be driving Honda Civics with mis-matched fenders. This stuff has been brought up so many times, It shouldn't be on the Staff the have to radically change the city to fix these issues, Everyone joined this Community to Role Play, Why don't we try something different for once Just one day Everyone Make a new character and think of something else besides being a Hot shot drug king-pin. It doesn't take much effort and If you don't have a fun/ entertaining experience all you've lost is some time. I'm more than willing to help anyone Come up with a back story or Unique Quark for a Character If you'd like to DM me.
    2. It doesn't help though because All the people with the $5mil cars rip through town anyway cause a 2k fine isn't skin off their back. but for someone trying to not play the bad ass crim who sells tons of dope and guns. I lose half my days income from going 65 in a 55. Lets say I can go the speed limit (please add cruise control) The red lights in the city are terrible they are red for 5 min at a time and change just long enough for one car to make it through, when you are behind 3 locals its painful. I see so many complaints about people just grinding money but everything in the city is so damn expensive, especially for a person making an honest living.
    3. We went out of our way the other day to find an actual hostage, we ended up with two and It was one of the better RP experiences I've had in a while. Since they're not in on it they bring a third element aside from the Robbers and Cops, now we have this random person or people that have their on story and own elements to add. Stop being lazy and take a few extra minutes to find a hostage.
    4. I understand that back in the day when The PD and SP were short staffed that speed cameras helped deter speeding. But with there hardly being a time when there isn't at least 5 officers can we maybe re-evaluate speed cameras? the officers can be more proactive in stopping speeders, which would promote RP. Also I shouldn't be getting a Fine in a stolen Vehicle because the system that the cameras use run the Registration and fine the Registered owner. How does that camera know to bill me and a Stolen Vehicle? #Ilost10kina3mindrive.
    5. Okay that makes a lot more sense D.B It hadn't occurred to either of us that the officer may have witnessed that hand off prior and waited for backup. More often then not an officer just rushes in to initiate the arrest, its good that he was taking the proper steps to ensure officer safety. In the heat of the moment that thought probably hadn't crossed my buddies mind. But that was just an example I'm sure there are more than one case of questionable arrest, I'm saying the root issue here is that there isn't a Fully fleshed out legal system. I know that would take tremendous amounts of time and people to get fully functioning, that's why its on the officers to make sure they are knowledgeable and conducting themselves accordingly and making good arrest without infringing upon peoples rights. Because in a real world situation the entire case could be thrown out if its found an officer violated someones Constitutional rights. The suspects in these cases don't have the opportunity to contest charges in court without going through great lengths to make it happen. So more often then not they are found guilty by default, its the states burden to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the charges. Maybe instead of robbery or pursuit training new officers should have classes on Search and Seizure, and Basic understanding of Constitutional Law. I know we have a lot of Actual Officers on the force and they are a wealth of knowledge that would be able to get new officers prepared to deal with the public.
    6. I think we need to take a look at the legal system in our city as a group, because I have been on both sides of the legal system and there is lots of room for improvement. I've been a criminal and had several encounters with law enforcement for a variety of crimes, Most of the encounters have been good. The officers were professional, knew their job and the laws, and Role played the entire encounter. I'm currently A member of the NYPD and have had the pleasure of serving the city and encountering many different people while doing so. In my experience a lot of players have a mistrust of the NYPD and a lot of you say yeah cause they are bad guys who got caught. Sometimes that is the case they are salty they didn't get away. But I've also seen a lot of citizens who otherwise are great role players and relatively honest people get screwed over by law enforcement. The issue is that The legal system isn't a fully functioning part of our city. So When officers make bad arrest, or there is evidence to support a suspects innocence it never gets resolved because there is not Court system to hear these cases. Just tonight a friend of mine who is a great role player and honest person was arrested for selling drugs. He was of course selling drugs, but the issue is that the officer just rolled up to him placed him in cuffs and searched and claimed he witnessed a hand to hand transaction. My friend stated that he had stopped selling minutes prior to the officer showing up because they had been patrolling near by and he wanted to lay low. So he gets arrested and tells the officer that he hadn't done any transaction so he didn't know how the officer had seen anything. The officer stated to him "Well we had complaints in the area so that gives me the right to search you." Now I'm Also an Officer in my real life, If I were to say that to a suspect and that be my only probable cause for arresting him the entire case would be thrown out. Without any additional info you cannot just cuff the nearest person, search them, hope you find drugs, and arrest them. Its a violation of The 4th amendment to the Constitution and would be brought up in court. So what we need is a fully functioning court system or Officers who don't abuse their power and say I'm arresting you because I can. I understand there are alot of times where the situation is confusing but its causing a lot of People to inherently hate cops not because they are criminals but because the cops act like bullies. There needs to be checks and balances otherwise you get officers who wither intentional or not are violating peoples rights and giving people a sour taste. Cause the way they see it why bother trying to RP the situation when the cop is just going to do whatever he wants. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY OR COMMENT WITH NAME DROPPING OR BASHING OR BITCHING. THIS IS FOR CONSTRUCTIVE DISCUSSION ABOUT HOW WE CAN BETTER OUR CITY.
    7. The thing is If the kingpins are smart they will have several trusted distributors that they will give the product to so they can funnel it out into the city. The kingpin doesn't necessarily need to be on for you to get your stuff, He just has to stock up a few distributors with enough product to last until they resupply them. This is a very delicate system though cause if The kingpins aren't careful about keeping the location secret then it gets leaked and we are back to everyone trying to sell locations. Make connections, be smart and work your way up the ladder if you want to run the heavy stuff. Kingpins don't need to run around announcing they are the top dog for whatever drug all that does is open the door for them to be hounded about the location or buyers wanting to buy from the source. Then we end up in the same situation we are now with how everyone is chomping at the bit to get in with tony.
    8. I get the feeling that the server is way to quick to ban. I was banned for VDM when I RP'd the scenario to the best of my ability and wasn't given a chance to continue the RP as I was teleported to jail mid drive and banned after working off half of my 3500 sec sentence. When I tried to resolve the issue I was told that the cop that insta jailed me was wrong and had been warned about it before. I was told That I could appeal the ban or wait out the 12 hour ban time. Well my support ticket has gone unresolved for 7-8 hours now so I might as well wait it out. I just feel that someone shouldn't get banned without an opportunity to explain their side. If an admin would have Dm'd me while I was in jail and ask what happened I could explain how the act was RP'd and doesn't constitute as VDM.
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