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  1. TheFrostyIV

    Speed Cameras

    It doesn't help though because All the people with the $5mil cars rip through town anyway cause a 2k fine isn't skin off their back. but for someone trying to not play the bad ass crim who sells tons of dope and guns. I lose half my days income from going 65 in a 55. Lets say I can go the speed limit (please add cruise control) The red lights in the city are terrible they are red for 5 min at a time and change just long enough for one car to make it through, when you are behind 3 locals its painful. I see so many complaints about people just grinding money but everything in the city is so damn expensive, especially for a person making an honest living.
  2. TheFrostyIV

    Hostage Rule

    We went out of our way the other day to find an actual hostage, we ended up with two and It was one of the better RP experiences I've had in a while. Since they're not in on it they bring a third element aside from the Robbers and Cops, now we have this random person or people that have their on story and own elements to add. Stop being lazy and take a few extra minutes to find a hostage.
  3. TheFrostyIV

    Speed Cameras

    I understand that back in the day when The PD and SP were short staffed that speed cameras helped deter speeding. But with there hardly being a time when there isn't at least 5 officers can we maybe re-evaluate speed cameras? the officers can be more proactive in stopping speeders, which would promote RP. Also I shouldn't be getting a Fine in a stolen Vehicle because the system that the cameras use run the Registration and fine the Registered owner. How does that camera know to bill me and a Stolen Vehicle? #Ilost10kina3mindrive.
  4. TheFrostyIV

    Drug shit is dead

    The thing is If the kingpins are smart they will have several trusted distributors that they will give the product to so they can funnel it out into the city. The kingpin doesn't necessarily need to be on for you to get your stuff, He just has to stock up a few distributors with enough product to last until they resupply them. This is a very delicate system though cause if The kingpins aren't careful about keeping the location secret then it gets leaked and we are back to everyone trying to sell locations. Make connections, be smart and work your way up the ladder if you want to run the heavy stuff. Kingpins don't need to run around announcing they are the top dog for whatever drug all that does is open the door for them to be hounded about the location or buyers wanting to buy from the source. Then we end up in the same situation we are now with how everyone is chomping at the bit to get in with tony.
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