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  1. Diplomas

    *SOLD* LTS Gas Station #24

    Does the 24/7 come attached with it?
  2. Diplomas

    Parking at pillbox

    I support this!
  3. Diplomas

    Switching characters in MRPD

    This is a great idea!
  4. Diplomas

    *SOLD* LTS Comet Retro Custom for 4.5 mil

    2.5 mil
  5. Diplomas

    Police Motorcycles

    The police bike is not overpowered at all. Yes it is quite quick but you hit one bump or scratch a wall your engine is busted it is also pretty uncommon for motor unit to be out lmao.
  6. Diplomas

    Legalize Body Armor

    This could work the same where you need a weapons license to purchase it possibly a level 2 and if you get a felony you cannot purchase Body Armour for 7 days. You could also make the legal one not as good as the illegal one so there is still an incentive to purchase the illegal armor
  7. Diplomas

    Job Ideas

    To add onto this Lifeguard Idea. It could either ping you on the map or have the idea like how the new mining job is with a red marker above the locals head, you would swim out to them and use the carry animation to bring them back to shore or like the main lifeguard area and you get paid for each local you save
  8. Diplomas

    Job Ideas

    Construction Worker: This job would revolve around the multiple construction sites around the city. You would have a main area where you start the job and it gives you a nice little outfit and a construction worker car (Ex: Chevy Silverado with stuff in trunk, Bravado Rumpo Van) You would be gps'd to construction sites and it would have markers on small jobs you do that would involve the new emotes such as Clean, Broom, Weld, and Hammer. Once you are done with all the jobs it would issue you a paycheck and mark you to another construction site. Exterminator: This job would be like the Pool Cleaner job. It would spawn you in with a bugstar van and you change into the jumpsuit. You would be sent to houses throughout the city where you would be able to exterminate the insect problem from the homes and be paid for it!
  9. Diplomas

    Physical ID Cards

    you could have each ID hardbound to each persons character so if you drop me your id and i pick it up it will show me my own information. Also you can keep the police menu grab id for roleplaying out finger printing and stuff like that.
  10. Diplomas

    Physical ID Cards

    I think adding physical ID cards that you carry on your person would be great. It would enhance rp between criminals and cops, right now criminals will say they don't carry an ID on them making cops finger print them or facial recognition them and some cops don't seem to interact with that and will grab your ID without even asking the location of it. With adding a physical ID which would be in your inventory which you can drag to use and would act the same way as currently giving someone your id works. You can actually prove that someone does or doesn't have their ID on them.
  11. Diplomas

    Burger Shot is Hiring!

    Burger Shot is HIRING! LOOKING FOR FULL TIME PEOPLE - STARTING IMMEDIATELY! Crew Members The Crew Member position is responsible for providing exceptional guest service and support, while working closely with the Restaurant Managers and other Crew Members to maintain operational standards and procedures. This position operates under the direction of the General Manager, Assistant Managers, and Shift supervisors. This position has direct interactions with Guests and members of the field operations team. The Crew Member lives the company Mission Statement and values through direction of Management. Crew Member Responsibilities Be able to travel from each borough and open the establishment at least once a week. · Greets Guest and takes food order; provides information about menus; looks for opportunity to "up-sell" products. · Operates cash register and receives payment from customer in cash or credit card, accurately counts and provides change to customers as required, and follows all Areas Guest Experience and cash handling policies and procedures · Cleans and stocks work area · Assists in locating, reconciling, and verifying the accuracy of transactions and operate equipment with peripheral electronic data processing. Transfers supplies and equipment between storage and work areas by hand or cart · Assists with a variety of kitchen-related functions as needed · Receives inventory, moves and lifts food and beverage products and supplies; maintain a solid knowledge of product and services available in unit · Ensures proper food handling procedures are followed including wrapping, labeling, dating, stocking, storing, rotating and checking temperature of products · Cleans and sanitizes work station and equipment What We Offer · Incredible Work Culture · Accelerated Leadership Development · Premium Starting Pay · Health Insurance Plan · No Experience Is Necessary · Free Uniforms · Competitive Pay · Employee Discounts · Employee Meals Application We are hosting open applications. Please email me with why you would like to become a member of the Burger Shot family! Contact Information Contact me via e-mail chase#4444 or text me via 040-5306 and ask for Chase Ash. Contact me via e-mail guano#0001 or text me via 870-8409 and ask for Zac Ash.
  12. Diplomas

    Spuckler Family

    Hope to see you guys around!
  13. Diplomas

    Selling A Few Cars :)

    Sold Model X to dealership. Still selling m3 going cheap lmk
  14. Diplomas

    Selling A Few Cars :)

    McLaren is sold. Still selling m3 and model x
  15. Diplomas

    Selling A Few Cars :)

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