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  1. Tommy Colombo

    New Level in housing for garage access

    Garages accessible to families is a great idea for sure!
  2. Tommy Colombo

    Remove the blackout script

    +1 to yes. IMO
  3. Tommy Colombo


    Welcome to the city. Really like your group's style! Really hope we meet in the city someday!
  4. Tommy Colombo

    The Three Poloskies

    Any backstory, where are you guys from? How long have you been staying in new york? Any notable members?
  5. Tommy Colombo

    Romano Brothers

    The Ramono Family is a great group of people! Love talking with you guys whenever i can!
  6. Tommy Colombo

    The Barone Family

    The Barone Family is a good group of people. Much respect for you guys!
  7. Tommy Colombo

    The Colombo Family

    My fault Ronnie! This whole thread is going to be reworked here probably later today. I'm wanting to maybe get a group picture of everybody and rewrite the bio It's kind of old and outdated now.
  8. Tommy Colombo

    Couple Suggestions

    I'm actually -1 (not in support) to #2. I'm actually really a fan of the driving in this server and how specific cars handle compared to other servers that make for a really sluggish driving experience. Having the cars be responsive rather than driving on a sheet of ice on the road is one of the things that really drove me into playing here in the first place way back when.
  9. Right now, I'm in pretty good agreement that the first importance should be RP over the top of cash influx. A lot of other players don't feel the same way, and I feel like a lot of other players just specifically go to trucking in their free time (not RPing with other people), Uber-ing, or just hanging out in legion. So I'm thinking of a little solution, or a way to help this situation. Here's what I'm thinking. If the other jobs are brought on a similar playing field as trucking, we could see an elimination of the "job meta" so to speak, and get more creative rp opportunities. IE, if someone does lumberjack, or brewer, we could potentially see more people RPing as lumberjacks and brewers/alcoholics (at least, it would be more favorable for people to do those RPs as mains). Thoughts?
  10. So as far as the state of things, It sounds like if you're buying a house/property, be very sure which character you want to own property on (due to alts from then on out being restricted). I see the reasons why, and it is what it is. Goes in a similar boat as two alts having the same phone numbers as one another, imo.
  11. Tommy Colombo

    Del Perro's Locals

    Welcome to the city locals, hope to meet you in the city if we come across each other.
  12. Tommy Colombo

    The Milkmen

    Welcome, welcome. Hope to see you guys around.
  13. Tommy Colombo

    Uncrowned Kings

    Welcome, who is all in your crew? Who are they from? I'm sure one of my guys, Tommy, would love to meet them.
  14. Tommy Colombo

    Ben Sanders Attorney at Law.

    From one attorney to a prospective one, welcome! Hope that bar exam comes easy!
  15. Tommy Colombo


    Welcome to the city, best of luck. I'll look out for that album!
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