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    1. What is more american than anything you know? Privatized healthcare. so why not bring that to the city, allow for people to train in the medical field to pursue their own freelance practices without being tied to a government job to do it. All respect to the fdny and ems, but aren't we a bit sick and tired of abusing them after some gangbangers just hit a constant assault against their enemies leaving the fdny/ems to clean it up? why not let some people run backdoor doctors offices, where after shootouts and situations where ppl dont want to go to a hospital, they can go to this place instead. it also evens out how often police and ems would respond to constant calls since if this were implemented a lot of scenes would come up empty. I don't know just a thought, like those ambulances that get hired to deliver people to the hospital but don't work for them, or like doctors who practice in different medical fields in city that would be really helpful. because in recent years the only way to get a doctor's opinion was to go to fdny/ems to see if they had one around. again this is something that is meant for the highest respect of fdny/ems, it would just be more real if doctors were also in other places.
    2. There are objects that can be used for simple tasks in the city, but various players around have created a market for items that are rare because of a number of reasons, either they were time sensitive or part of an old business, but they exist nonetheless. What if every business in the city were to have fabricator-type workbenches or tables in each establishment that allowed players to create their own items by putting a name on it, adding an image to it for the pocket purposes, and a function for it even. Many businesses wud need this for a multitude of reasons. whether it is the burgershot trying to make signature meals, or the new italian join making one of their specialty dishes, or even humane labs where all sorts of new devices are created. But the main problem overall when trying to implement something physically new to the city is trying to get the staff to actually bring it in, with a fabricator that process can be overlooked to mainline rp to reach its truest potential. if every person could create misc items for smaller businesses an infinity of doors would open for future businesses. please consider. SECOND TOPIC: HUMANE LABS. a lab that has remained untouched by the city for the years it has been here, it is very limited on what can be done there. it is just a hallway with some closed off rooms on the tour, and the elevator to the basement doesnt even work. with the hospital at mount zonah opening up, and all these newer buildings opening up like the italian joint, don't you think humane's entitled to a rework? the only way to conduct rp there is with /me, but if tables or patient beds or private rooms were added that would help so much, and using the same script on the elevator that mt. zonah uses wud help w the basement issue at humane. The lab is just far too outdated compared to the other businesses around. Maybe a clothing changing station so that people wudnt have to go to rt 68 to get a hazmat suit? or even teleporters to the entry of the closed off rooms in humane? just thoughts.
    3. Poombayz


      Need I say more? switch it for the golf club and give it a bleeding effect like the knife (or not up to u i just think the sword is cool)
    4. How about make it more of a realistic urban environment and just sell smg’s instead like mp5’s and uzis and tommy guns and all the short barreled lightweight guns.
    5. Poombayz

      Fix Melee

      Fists are broken and have been for months. There is no use for it aside from stopping people from spamming which they do even more now that there is a broken melee system. The blocks dont work most of the time, the punches are either locked or broken, and the game pauses in fist fights for some reason. It is ridiculous that ppl dont know what the root cause of mass gun violence spiking in the city's cause is, its because the pistols work better than fists. When you do fistfights it is broken, all you have to do is combo mash to keep fighting correctly or to run in circles and punch people because theres a punch cooldown. Remove the punch cooldown and the disabled blocking. Restore the fistfights to what they once were, and then the server will be on track for better rp content and not just shooty shooty shit. If people could normally duke it out like we used to years ago it would be different. Please fix this, this is like my biggest problem right now because it turns all locals into john wick because they have no cooldown. PLEASE RESET THE FISTS AND MAKE THEM HOW THEY USED TO BE. u dont even have to tweak the damage, just fix the broken ass delays and locks. Thank you.
    6. There are dozens of good clothing options just up and removed from the store as a choice and it is by far the most confusing thing ever, I don't care what the police say anyone can go to a military surplus store and look just as 'tacticool' as the cops out there. stop dragging about and bring them back, theres no reason why gas masks and armor and holsters and unique shirts and pants shud be gone, AT ALL. theres legit no reason for it and its infuriating. How are we supposed to bring forth original creative rp when half the clothing store is clout chasing dogshit and the other half is very limited. Just bring it all back, every single article of clothing that was removed should be back because there is no reason why they should've been removed. Also if anyone were to like the idea of a cape, I think a cape wud work under the parachute section. There are many different uses for a cloak or cape of some kind and it could be green textured and have all the over color options like those other outfit options. Thats all, I am not trying to vent I just feel extremely limited in what can be worn now.
    7. I know I may be the only one thinking this but the base guns for GTA V are ugly as fuck. If the heavy pistol didn't have a mandatory scope it'd be cool and more common, I mean how many ppl actually put an RDS on their concealed carry. And the pistol mk II, it's a beautiful gun, but the normal pistol that its based on has a lot more going for it in my opinion. Also, the revolver is too big a gun to even consider a concealed carry. I would rather bring a football for self defense because at least it can fit in a pocket. That Mjolnir looking motherfucker ppl pull out of their butts is a neato hand cannon but again in a more practical setting i would probably see more snub nosed revolvers or at least smaller revolvers. Because that gun defeats the purpose of "Concealed Carry". I may be going on a rant with all the pistols but I have made at least 4-5 posts on how to make the guns more interesting and it has never gained traction so I am putting all my compiled ideas here. WHAT IF... instead of the revolver (or even SNS if ppl love the hand cannon so much) what if it was replaced with a much more compact looking snub nosed revolver. Something you pull out quick and you have 6 powerful rounds that'll stop anything in its tracks. Also there are handguns that I don't think would have a realistic shelf life because of how few ppl buy it, such as the Vintage pistol. Unless you are going for a 'vintage' look then you won't be seeing that gun around. Why not replace the vintage pistol with a more common irl gun that holds 7 rounds, there are so many things that can be done with that, you could make the vintage pistol into a .45 caliber handgun by tweaking the dmg a bit and remodeling it. There are many guns in the city but a lot of them have been the same for the 4 years I have been here, and thats not always a bad thing. I personally love how u guys replaced the combat pistol w the glock 17, I am just trying to say why not do that to a bunch of other guns. and last but not least, EXTENDED MAGAZINES ARE NOT ILLEGAL AND SO ARE BASIC WEAPON TINTS. If it is at all possible to allow for the non mk II weapons to be customized realistically that would be great. Because this would give everyone the chance to be so unique that they roll up to the scene with a gun of their own, something signature. LAST THING PLS IF U CAN IMPLIMENT CERAMIC PISTOL ITS BEAUTIFUL AND LOOKS LIKE A SIG MODEL! Thats all I wanted to say. I love this community and love the staff that have kept this dream going, keep up the great work everyone and have a great weekend!
    8. You already sell petrol cans, why not let the common civillian buy them and use them just like the gta gas can, let us pour it where we want. and i also have an idea for realistic lighting of gas, just like how you press e with a knife on a tire to pop it, you should be able to "press E to throw a match" and set a puddle of gas on fire. it would help create new characters like arsonists so there are more unique criminals out there, it can be used for comedic rp for accidental fires, and gangs can use it to burn people. it would be amazing and give the NYFD a job aside from helping hurt people on the streets. there would be real work out there for the firemen (not at all a diss at NYFD I am just saying I am sure you are sick of just helping people for non-fire related rp, lets crank up the heat) ;)
    9. So I am making a new character with a friend. My friend and I are called "Marco Odella" and "Creed Odella", and pretty much these characters are brothers who become private investigators, not private detectives. and as a PI I would really appreciate it if the staff were to make my ID as well as my brothers have the job of "Private Investigator" on our license for more professionalism. I just think it would really be cool to have like a 70's tv show style rp as brothers who are PI's and so far its been a lot of fun. all I am asking for is for our jobs to not say unemployed and for it to say "Private Investigator". if this can be done it will be all we need to be the best PI's in town.
    10. thats an issue with meta gaming, not gunplay. make the issues strict on amounts of groups (it should only be 5) and make it so nobody is allowed to use discord ooc to talk to people in rp and if they get caught hand out a ban. that has nothing to do with the arms they get because "Johnny appleseed" can carry an smg or a ak like its nothing.
    11. Its unrealistic. Everyone except for the law abiding citizens have a logical helpful weapon for large scale scenarios. The musket vs. some clout chasers golden ak will lose any day. And a low level criminals pistol or musket loses any day to police rifles. The citizens DESERVE a semi automatic rifle to help them survive. Its the 2nd amendment after all and though its vague if they had ar-15’s back then they would use it and not remove it from the people. New york allows for ar-15s as long as they were bought in a certain time and dont have any of the attachments that go over the federal assault weapons ban of 1994, which includes bayonets ,weird grips, and any capabilities to make it full auto without certain licensing in certain states. So although new york outlaws full autos, semi autos are are still legal. If not then give us bolt action glocks lmao
    12. Its realistic to not always have to police involved immediately when a scenario happens. It would give people time to be creative. Its not creative if a shootout happens in grove street and the police show up to it WHILE its happening every time. In the real world it takes real time for police to get involved in something. The server should stop giving police the right to be damn avengers. Its not realistic even in new york.
    13. ur right about calling the police immediately but it doesnt take .01 seconds to place a police call, they need a location and a reason why they are calling, that can take from 10 seconds all the way up to a few minutes. also the fact that a police officer showed up late to it doesnt have to do with the response times, it has to do with the police officers availability. there could have been a priority 5 minutes before it. also the point i was making with locations was that if there arent police split into different locations then good let people do what they want in those areas it is on the police for splitting off into weird shifts. thats no insult to the police but there are times when most of the police online will be stuck in one area and there will be times where theres only one in a bad situation. its all based on the police working around it and finding a fix to this unrealistic issue.
    14. civilians should have the very same right as well to use semi automatic rifles aside from the musket. there also is a difference of draw times between police and civilians. police pull their weapons from the front of them at a fast speed while civilians pull it from behind them at twice that speed. its very unbalanced and no realistic. people should be able to purchase different ammo as well (except for the incendiary and explosive of course), but they shud be able to get hollow points or fmj rounds if they so choose. theres no laws against that in new york. theres a whole list of issues I put in the post and its not just the police officers fault for how poor gunplay is its the entire governments. the way it is seen by most people is that these rules and mechanics were put in place to always make sure that the non police gun user will 9 times out of 10 fail against a police officer without taking the fact that the person may be a veteran or a quickdraw master or an avid gun user. its just not fair or reasonable.
    15. a few things, i suggested faster pistols; not full autos. i know the definition, and i said increase the speed just a tad. i dont think it'd be fair to distribute full auto pistols at all. i just meant the pistols are too slow compared to the competition. a gun should be as fast as you can fire it based on recoil. that is semi auto. also i only suggested that a class 3 license would allow a SEMI auto rifle, which is also not full auto. I was just trying to put out that people should be able to own an ar-15 kind of version of the m4 which only fires one bullet when you pull the trigger as all semi autos do. and as for the quickdraw i meant the drawing animation, when a civ pulls out a pistol or a knife they pull it out of their back. but when a cop does its in front of his or her belt loop at almost half the speed of the civ drawing animation. every argument i made was to increase the speed and realism that firearms have in the real world. its not realistic that someone would use a musket for a crime when the ar-15 is so much more common, and it is not banned in new york completely and the nfa even allows it in their state book.
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