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  1. Tena Warrens

    Character Customization

    One of the number one requests I hear from community members is having a broader character customization for both males and females. Adding in the ability to change eye color, being able to cheese any skin-tone regardless of the parents chosen, more clothing options, and better hairstyles. I believe that adding in these customization will provide a more noticeable difference between characters and allow community members to better achieve the image they have of their character. Obviously this isn't a high priority suggestion but rather just something to be considered for the future. Below are some of my personal suggestions, let me know what you guys think! ♡ Female Hairstyles Topknot With Bangs Mai Bun Tied-Up Dreads Misc. Hairstyles Misc. Hairstyles Misc. Hairstyles Misc. Hairstyles Hime Haircut Braided Haircut Short Ponytail Big Afro Male Hairstyles Undercut Hipster Youth Long Hairstyle Dreads Misc. Hairstyles Dreadlocks C. Sexton Bush Long Wavy Hair Short Wavy Hair Asian Haircut Female Clothing High Socks Mandarin Collar Crop Misc. Clothing Misc. Dresses Mini Dress Male Clothing Hoodie Hoodie Track Gucci Shirt Off White Rockstar Jeans Gucci Snake Shirt Obey Shirt LV Shirt
  2. Tena Warrens

    Warrens' Automotive (Mechanic Shop 4) is Hiring

    All position are closed.
  3. Tena Warrens

    Warrens' Automotive (Mechanic Shop 4) is Hiring

    We have exactly four tow truck driver positions that we are looking to fill with active staff. Please e-mail Vinny Warrens at Obast#0669.
  4. Tena Warrens

    Warrens' Automotive (Mechanic Shop 4) is Hiring

    Bump! We are still hiring tow truck drivers at this time. Please e-mail Vinny Warrens at Obast#0669.
  5. Tena Warrens

    Punish the Players Not the Community

    Honestly, the fact that it is old community members abusing the command is what baffles me. Perhaps if it was newer members or individuals that are just here to troll or mess around I would be a bit more understanding. I was beyond appalled when I woke up to see a video of several people stacked upon each other at Legion and seeing all of the familiar faces. Who in the right mind deems that "realistic" or in any way okay? It is disgusting behavior and ruins the immersive role-play experience for those around it. I am looking forward to the command(s) making a return in the near future and have my fingers tightly crossed that people will understand that abuse of commands like these are not something that'll be taken lightly by both the management team and the rest of the community. Hopefully, these members will be taken care of. Thank you for your input as always, Crunch.
  6. Tena Warrens

    Punish the Players Not the Community

    First off, I would like to start this forum post off by stating that this in no way is meant to be taken offensively by any member of the community; management, developers, community members, or otherwise. The other day we received a fantastic new addition to role-playing known as the /carry and /piggyback command. This command opened a world of opportunities for more extensive role-play scenarios. Allowing for more immersive kidnappings, assisting those downed and in need of aid, thoroughly role-playing out leg injuries, etc. But, within less than forty-eight hours we had this command taken away from us for an understandable reason, abuse. A handful of players in the community took it upon themselves to abuse this command rather than using it for it's intended purpose. And due to that we, as a community, had to be punished on behalf of their actions. This isn't the first time that something along these lines has happened. There was a similar incident a while back with the first day Legion was no longer a safe zone- chaos. Within just a few hours Legion had to be brought back to being a safe zone because select individuals felt the need to abuse this now open land. I believe that this should not have been the case. We as a community should not have to have fantastic features taken from us because people decided to not use them for their intended purposes or have taken it upon themselves to exploit bugs rather than reporting them. These players should not be in this community. It's plain and simple that if you cannot follow the basic guideline of realistic role-play than you should simply not be allowed to partake in this incredible community. Please, remove these players rather than removing these features. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. I am more than open to feedback. Thank you! ♡
  7. Tena Warrens

    Eastside NY rich rollin 20's crips

    Wow the comment section really went down hill even further than the original post.
  8. Tena Warrens

    Looking to be a Mechanic

    Hello, Jordan. My mechanic shop, Warrens' Automotive, is not currently hiring mechanics but we are looking for tow truck drivers. If you're ever interested please reach out to my husband, Vinny Warrens, via e-mail at Obast#0669.
  9. Tena Warrens

    Eastside NY rich rollin 20's crips

    Where can I apply to be Tyrone Quadrillion?
  10. Tena Warrens

    Mech shop 6

    I think an event like that would pair fantastically with an existing mechanic shop! Maybe reach out to one of them in-game.
  11. Tena Warrens

    Mech shop 6

    Hello! I used to own old mechanic shop six. It has been since moved to mechanic shop four and that old location will no longer be in use.
  12. Tena Warrens

    LTB → Heavily Used Rare Cars

  13. Tena Warrens

    Ryo "Lil Crayola" Shogo

    Welcome to the city!
  14. Tena Warrens

    Austin "The Devil" King

    Welcome, Austin!
  15. Tena Warrens

    Warrens' Automotive (Mechanic Shop 4) is Hiring

    Only two more tow truck driver positions remain. Applications are not reviewed and interviews are not scheduled on a first come first serve bases. We are looking for individuals who are devoted to their craft. Please contact Vinny Warrens via E-Mail at Obast#0669 to schedule an interview. If Vinny Warrens does not respond to you within forty-eight hours, please contact myself, Tena Warrens, at Sinulacrum#6219 and I will be able to assist you. Responses posted here will be disregarded at this time. If you have any questions please respond here or E-Mail myself, Tena Warrens, and I will be happy to assist you to the best of my ability. Cheers!
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