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    1. History The Angels of Death Motorcycle club was started in 1949 as a small riding club created by disenfranchised combat veterans that were returning from World War II. They started in San Andreas and quickly began expanding throughout the United States with several chapters popping up in the Midwest and up and down the east coast. During the 60’s and 70’s the club rode hard and partied a lot, just like every other club. Through the 80’s and 90’s the club went through a transitional period, where they became serious about making money. Through local connections, they became one of the lar
    2. Why not make a player owned car dealership?
    3. I think it would be nice to have more clothing options. I know there are more available that just arn't in yet. The biker T-shirts, club shirts, etc. Also The Lost back patches or just the generic biker back patches would be great too.
    4. As far as I can see, all of the "Lost MC" groups are closed and/or extremely inactive. I'm going to work on some stuff and put together an active one. I'm here EVERY day, and am looking for active biker gang role play that isn't shit RP - with active members. Keep an eye out, I'll be putting something together over the next few days.
    5. A mod or admin should close these inactive groups. Pretty sure this group is closed since they haven't answered anyone in over a year.
    6. I'm assuming this group is no longer active since it's been over a month and none of them have answered anyone. Stay tuned, I'll be working on something.
    7. Unpopular opinion. Yet another person coming in starting out as a "king of the city". Sorry, but I'm not impressed.
    8. Make it so when you use cigarettes/cigar or pot it plays the emote!
    9. Suggestion: Make it so that business owners (24/7's, Liquor Stores, Nightclubs, Fast Food Places) actually have to STOCK their businesses with physical items, and maintain their inventory. I believe that this will generate a lot more RP, because the shop owner can choose to hire people to "manufacture" goods for them, or have distributors for their stuff. This could make legal jobs be utilized for purposes of stimulating the LEGAL economy in game. Farming Job - Used to make bread for burgers Hunting Job - Used to make meat for burgers Brewing - Used to make Beer Vigneron - Used to ma
    10. I have two characters that I try doing legal work with - the problem is the lack of RP from certain members of the community. I've reached out to TONS of people trying to spur legal RP - with only ONE response. We haven't been able to hire anyone because no one is applying - we can't get people to do legal stuff to save our life. My other character is now a criminal due to the fact that grinding legal jobs by yourself for the most part is BORING AS HELL. The issue from what I've seen is, you have all these clicks in the community that won't RP outside their group of friends. EVERYONE
    11. I don't think there is a way to actually implement that in game, unless someone knows something about root GTA features that I'm not aware of.
    12. Try telling that to the drunk you're hauling in at 2am lol. That is considered passive resistance and you can get a charge of resisting arrest added to you for that.
    13. Less fines and higher jail times would help with that. Make it so people have to stay in jail until they go to court unless they can afford bail, then if they don't show up to court - warrant, then they stay in prison until their hearing. Makes it more realistic - spurs more court/lawyer RP - and makes civilians think twice before committing a crime.
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