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    1. With the addition of the DMV this idea is a lot more sound. I wouldn't say that everyone needs to get licensed when they first come in but if there could be a points system, where you get points for committing vehicle related felonies (because let's be real, it's GTA, minor traffic violations are common) such as felony evading, hit and run, etc. get you points on your license, reach a certain number of points and you're suspended. Could even strip insurance for the suspensions. To get your license restored, you have to take a driving test with the DMV.
    2. I think this would be great. Maybe a "Veterinarian" class of doctor who operates out of backrooms. You would still need the ability to actually pick your friends up if they're downed and toss them in a car...but I can see the potential if you're shot once or twice, bleeding and speeding to make it to some shady doctor instead of ending up in the bed beside the same police you just shot it out with.
    3. Not sure if possible but if all guns were legally sold as semi automatics but the gun stores selling the full auto conversion kits might help.
    4. This may have been mentioned before, likely has but here goes; I was watching a glorious TV show from the early 2000s called The Shield and one of the measures that came up in the ongoing fight against street crime was enacting civil asset forfeiture. Essentially, if a vehicle, property, or business is used in the sale of narcotics or alternatively, if one cannot prove that their property or business was not purchased via legal means, then the courts can move forward to seize that property, and auction it later. This is a way for the PD and DOJ to work together in busting gangs, families, and associations for more than just the fine and prison time outlined in the penal code. However, it would require actual detective case work to prove that illegal activity is happening on a property, illegal goods are stored there, and that illegal money is being used to cover the cost of items. Typically by a seizure of a large sum of dirty money. Secondly, auctioning the vehicles/properties can help that are seized would be a blast I think. Especially the homes, as every few complaints seem to revolve around the cost of houses and availability.
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