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    1. So i left a good amount of clean n dirty money in my old house. I talk to someone on ts n they said to fill out this information in here. I just forgot exactly what form. I believe it was around 7 mil between dirty n clean. I got all my material in da storage but not my money. my hex is .... 110000142eb95c3
    2. Idk g , Iont never had tht problem . I hope it gets better for you . Never beeen kidnap n only been robbed once . Now i got a crib cars n guns . So if i did it anyone can honestly Iont know nobody in the city .
    3. Honestly i would like to agree w you but i can’t .... I’ve been in the server for about 15 days n the first time I’ve got robbed was two days ago .. how you go about in the city is all about how ur personality is fr . Like not everyone gonna be friendly n not everyone is going to want to help you . I came into the city someone gave me some work b then u did the rest ..make ur money , stay away from the city as much as possible then when you get right tht you have a crib , gun n a car then go around n try to network . I just joined a family . I owed a crib in the city n have multiple cars . Never been kidnap n i got robbed cuz i got caught lacking at my storage unit .... n the carry on none roleplay i agree w it n sadly not much you can do about it unless you got clips n report it
    4. I was in the city for over 9 hrs lol ... i literally in front of my house cuz i had 10 mins till i had to leave for my real job . N i did try to ask how can we go about this situation since i had to fly out ... n i mean me personally wouldn’t go on a shoot out w anyone i woulda went on a chase down you can shoot at the cop when you are in a vehicle . There for we were on a disadvantage . I was in arm . He shot me even before i got in the bike
    5. Yeah that makes it really clear thank you , I’m still learning things n yeah the police parking lot is not consider a safe zone . I got all the footage n the scene if I’m in trouble when i get back .... dude had no way of knowing who i was until he F6 n he F6 me as soon as he arrested me . He held me @ gun point i didn’t arrested me search me i didn’t have any weapons on me then F6 me saying my crib getting rated .thank you tho this give me a better understanding
    6. I got a question if you try to hold a cop up are they allow to shoot at you ? If you don’t shoot . And they never asked for my ID when they arrested me they got my ID by F6 . They not supposed to know who i am correct ? tell me my rights , he doesn’t ask for my ID , he just puts me in the cop car n take me to the police station. I explain to him numerous of timue officer i really do have to take a flight out the city due to me leaving in really life.... so once we get to the police parking lot one of the body’s pulls up n ask the cop to release me and to follow us n not attempt anything. The cops takes an AR out n shoots us as soon as we get in the bike ... i just went n left cuz i had now time to stay . Which i mention this to the officer from the start.... he never ask for my personal ID . He didn’t role play the situation what so ever. I’ve got clips of the situation. Again i won’t be home for a few days but i wanted to see how this situation is going to be handle
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