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    1. Is there maybe a way we can get a phone in the server that has yellow pages that way it can bring more role Play for like the Mechanic shops and other Businesses I know there might be pros and cons to this and I am all ears on it and also for like the Lawyers
    2. so with the garing rp the wars would naver stop tereing in to gun over rp witch si what we dont want here as civs will allways drive in to a gangs locataiona nd some gangs will go all gun blazzing witch is not fare to the civs that have no guns
    3. also there is a problum with that we cant use script hook on the server its disabled so people dont abuse things like spawning in cars and what not
    4. i agree we need more hair for us females
    5. i want to do a son's of anarchy bikers group but i dont thank a female can run it
    6. i have allrady asked for more food itams like mounths ago and the dugs were useable at one time it should come back
    7. as this dose come up a lot me as a past server owner for five m know what the policy was and the fact i been here a yare and have listend and talked to Crunch and Nightcrawler both in the past and grandpa and also Nardah i may of left but this has always been home we need to rember this is not Gta Online its a Rp Place were we go to relax
    8. + like 5 also will we have interiors in houses that dont have them yet or is iit going be white listed server only
    9. it would be good but what car would come out for it
    10. five m dosent sopoert the plates anymore or we would have them as thay were in the server a yare ago
    11. i also would like to add to this list don't know if its been planed yet but insted of all your characters shearing the same phone number let them have different numbers that way you don't meta or power game
    12. your mistakes will be forgiven as long as you dont brake the rules set forth for the server and if you do jest enjoy what the punshment is for what you did
    13. i thank thay can be done as thay are extcated from the peds and made in to ytd files
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