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    1. I completely agree I've had hours of flight experience in head and in different cities and am completely prepared to go through training for the job!
    2. I agree my man you are one of the people keeping the RP aspect alive in the city in my opinion and I love that
    3. 100% agree it is too inflated
    4. I agree with most of this however most of the players want an incentive to do these things and want to get money to buy those cars because that is what most players do since everyone is trying to get that next 5 mill to buy the newest car for no other reason than to flip it and sell it. what I'm trying to say is if the devs can capitalize on these things and let players run car dealerships and such with a showroom and all it would be perfect. The models exist for stand alone buildings to be added to the map and there are even places already in the map that could be used (The grotti dealership
    5. I agree but I also disagree since the most players are that creative but don't want to move on the option of RPing as a non paying job since they feel it is not worth the time put in but the few that are try hard to actually get what they are doing recognized. Not only that but it is just same shit different day with most people sitting at maze or legion doing absolutely nothing since. The people who are thinking outside the box have realized the lack of legal jobs that can actually support a player in such an inflated economy and are trying to get what they are doing a paying job like purp fo
    6. My man I 1000% agree half of the city has soooooo much potential and it is just being wasted
    7. See these are all great ideas however the server has no output for these things it does not feel right without the platform for these things to happen if there was a way to legitimize these types of businesses or pitch them to someone to help them become a thing that would make it better. In NYC cash is king and if you have no money you can't do to much whats the value of working a 9 to 5 in GTA RP just to lose money or get robbed. If these types of options had an outlet to make money from these and it's actually lucrative more players would do them but as of now the only lucrative legal work
    8. We need more Purps in the city that's the main thing keeping the city afloat
    9. I 100% agree with this man it is getting bad like there has to be something that can be put in to make RP a factor since it is literally an RP server. Now don't get me wrong there are all kinds of top people who RP on BigCity but majority of the time the best RP comes from cop interactions which should not be the case.
    10. Things are getting stale in NYC not just in my opinion but others as well the city is quickly turning into a place where all there is to do is rob people and buy and sell cars. The economy of the city is EXTREMELY inflated to the point of not making it fun unless you have 10 Million or more. In legal work the only lucrative options are being a cop or EMS which gives newer players and even older players no choice but to be a crim. So you're probably asking "How do we fix this" and let me explain that for you. Options in the city are limited for a lot of things whether that be FiveM limits or ju
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