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    1. I appreciate the thought out response and will hit each of your points as best I can : It's weird to think there's too much RP in a realistic RP server. While I can agree the average person won't know everything we are doing, they don't really need to. IRL, I trust my doctor to know what he's doing and help me feel better, same for paramedics answering my 911 call. I wish more people actually just RP'd their injuries, let alone tack on more to throw me a curve-ball on scene. A lot of people get caught up in the moment that lead to their downing instead of moving on to treatment, then doubling back after they get treated and feel better. I know most people here haven't actually been shot, but hey, at least act hurt. I don't think dumbing things down would help much, but offering better, simpler explanations during treatment shouldn't be too hard, and avoid sounding like a robot. This strikes me as personal preference for sure, but I can understand given the economy. I don't care about money. I get satisfaction from helping others out and effectively saving their lives. There have been instances where I fought hard to save a patient, and they would email me later to say they appreciated it to the point they chose not to DOA in that moment. That's a big deal to me. FD (and other whitelists) pay enough to where I don't need to worry about going into debt, but I can agree that some things are *locked off* cause of just how much things can cost. Is that a compensation fault, or an economy fault? That's the bigger question. The issue here stems from the fact if penalties weren't used, a lot of people just wouldn't RP with us at all, and we'd cease to exist. I get enough love in the city to make me believe more people want us here as opposed to a totally automated *press E* at a check-in and off we go. If we had more consistent numbers, you better believe we'd be manning hospitals and giving more interaction in the beds. I also understand that scuff happens, and then its hard to RP or eat the timer for so long, but honestly, people need to value their lives more so they don't have to sit and wait so much. Come in and get checked in before you go down, and you spend a lot less time in the bed. I'd be really interested to hear from someone that honestly hates FDNY that much because of our RP. When it comes to IRL Paramedics coming to you on a scene, they are going to stabilize you, and only give you enough to make that happen. All those harder medications are going to be administered in the bed, during a surgery, etc. And yea, Amantadine has become that, because everyone loves to get head trauma, and we have to treat what's there. We aren't saving money, we're saving lives in the most realistic way we can for a video game. It's a running joke to FD that we get five 911 calls from the same people for the same things in the span of an hour, when in reality that wouldn't be a thing if they were valuing their life. And for the guy getting hit 9 times? IRL that man would be DOA, statistically. We do what we can in the setting we're provided. More often then not, that guy with 9 GSWs having a conversation with you is also a bit sus. This, I can totally sympathize with. In the lower ranks, yea, we gotta focus our main role here, and thats answering 911 calls. We've been trying to give people more stuff to do as they rank up, and offering new spots like Reception, Search and Rescue, and our Nurse and Dr programs. With our limited numbers though, we can only focus on the main thing, which as you said can get tedious unless you get creative or just find the fun in that. We have a lot of programs that would benefit from increased numbers, and trust we're working to figure out whats best for us AND the city so that way we can exist in an enjoyable way. Hope this wall of text gives some perspective, and I'm happy to continue the discussion. Perspective is king and while I have my opinions, I really want to know other's as well so we can at the end of the day enjoy the RP.
    2. Unfortunately when it comes to burnout, we can't really do much about that with our current numbers. To use PD as an example, they have the numbers to rotate people out, and always have a presence in the city. That allows them to have other characters to RP with, and not have this weird stigma that if they aren't on duty, then the city goes uncovered. For FD, we lack that kinda manpower, so a lot of times its a choice of "do I want to ensure the city has a medical presence right now" or "nah ill be selfish today, heck the community." While not all of us might have this thought process, I sure do, and its why I really only have the time for my one character. I just wish I knew more answers from the OP, or at least perspectives.
    3. So I wanted to open a conversation about people's reservations about joining the FDNY. I've realized in my time with the dept. that medical RP in general, thus being in the FDNY, seems to be pretty niche. However, I generally enjoy my role and time with FDNY and the city and don't see myself leaving any time soon. What stops you from making out that application and joining our ranks? Too boring? Too much to learn? I'm curious to see what is said so we can work to improve and grow. In addition, I'm happy to clarify on any questions you all have that might be stopping you from filling out the app and roleplaying with us. Please keep things constructive and honest. I'm not here to dig up the past or spill tea. If you'd rather talk in emails, hit me up : RearAdmiralZill#1652
    4. Bumping! OP Updated
    5. Obviously, Im not PD, so not sure how they would receive this post as I lack the perspective. That said, this was an awesome read for myself and even as FDNY can read between the lines and put myself into some of these scenarios. Great tips all around imo.
    6. Bumping. Always in need of more members to join the FDNY family.
    7. I remember my first few weeks in this city and also struggling to deal with wanting a shotgun, yet open carry was a thing, and PD would never have a unified opinion on it. It was either, "Hey, got a license for that? Put it in the trunk." or the above scenario OP has given. There's really no point for them imo, but since they still exist as arrest-bait to most civs, I'll let you know what worked for me, which won't always work for you or friends if they don't approach shotgun ownership seriously: If you want a shotgun, legally, be licensed and don't have a stupid record. Sounds obvious but its the best defense you have against "fitting the description" of every other crim in the city who's using that shotgun to rob people, shoot people, or just be dumb with it. Next, don't take your chances and only have it on your back outside city limits. Just buy em out there too if you're on a bike. I only use mine out in Sandy/Paleto (outside city limits in general) for self defense. Usually the cops are less condensed up there, and it makes a bit more sense to be having it on your back out there than at Legion waving it around like a baton. Otherwise, stick it in a trunk, your house, or don't bother, cause you'll never get to use it, get it taken like OP said, or it'll turn to dust and waste your money. Unfortunately, those of us who wish to properly own weapons like these have a real rough time because of how most crims deal with them. Imagine buying a gun, that you can only open carry, and can have a license to own, but cant actually....legally carry it. Boggled my mind too until I figured out for myself the above with which for now, it's never been just taken away from me. Perfect? Nah, but its better than complete removal.
    8. As a member of FDNY and knowing how fragile our current Therapy segment is, there's reasons it's not as prominent as even we'd like, and that's unfortunately the community member's fault. For every one good RP interaction in a setting of therapy, there are 5 who wish to abuse it and waste everyone's time. From looking for a "get out of jail free" card, to using "craziness" to justify poor RP and server rule breaks, to people not separating RP and IRL issues, it just gets too much for those that want to pursue it for a long period of time. And yea, that sucks. From an FDNY standpoint, we get very selective with our therapy patients for this reason, or unless court ordered. I wish i knew how to fix it but its a case of people ruining it for those who really wanna RP that sort of thing.
    9. Sorry if my comment on freeing up homes distracted from the OP's idea and concept here. Being someone who does have a significant other in-city, we do have 2 homes. This is purely for a character changer and some more convenient parking. I'd love to co-own one of our homes, and deal with the RP implications if that relationship should it ever fall through or get rocky. The level 4 idea looks to make that happen, and yea, restrict the hell out of it so it'll actually stay a thing for longer than 2 weeks without getting abused to hell cause, people just cant help themselves.
    10. This would also likely free up some real estate for others who aren't with someone to be able to buy. 10/10 idea.
    11. The reason behind the locked entrances at Central is both for feeding patients into the main lobby from that one direction to keep other paths clear for emergency services, and the fact that it's a more "secure" hospital where one way in and out is on purpose to avoid escapees. The locked ward resides there for both detained PD suspects and potentially dangerous psychiatric patients. Unless you're going to the general wards, most of the doors in Central are locked, and for good reason. Unlike Pillbox, there aren't any hallways that allow us to lock a door here or there and block of wards for patient privacy or containment as needed. I can understand the frustration if you're trying to leave toward P1 and have to go around, but it's a pretty small inconvenience.
    12. Any phone changes would be welcome at this point, and adding a yellow pages would be a great way to advertise open businesses in-city. 10/10
    13. No parking garage at Legion, please. We need more reasons for people to naturally leave there, like open coffeeshops/food places other than Burgershot, not more reasons to stay there and shoot each other. 2 cents. A shame they removed the *nice* Legion for all but Brook though. Hard to RP with weird square blocks
    14. Its my understanding that crosshairs were added *because* of third party crosshairs being used, thus leveling the playing field. Too many monitors these days with them just there for using, so its hard to police everyone. Doesn't mean I don't agree though. But might be a lost cause with the crosshair in particular.
    15. Standing around at Legion wondering where your next paycheck is coming from? Want to help lift this city back on its feet? Apply for FDNY! We're always looking for new, dedicated members to join our ranks. Become a part of something bigger and help us maintain the level of healthcare you'd expect when you or a friend are down bad. Exciting career opportunities await those who put in the effort! Available positions include : Receptionists, Volunteers, EMTs, Search and Rescue, Nurses, Doctors! If you or a friend with at least 30 days of no arrests are interested, have them apply Here We look forward to hearing from you and as always, Stay safe out there. Dr. Happy Jayz 103 Captain of FDNY
    16. Just a random thought, how about the beds in cells being the "storage", as if inmates are hiding stuff in their beds? Each new inmate gets access to one bed, ie their cell for their stay, which they have to find and use on their own. Limit it to the size of say a glovebox in a car (or less), and only 1 "weapon". Once they get out of prison, it clears and resets. I'm more thinking about 9's inmates who want to RP and if suspected by DOC, they could have their cell searched and anything improper taken away. People with shorter sentences wouldn't bother and the limited timeframe would render it pretty useless to them if it gets cleaned out after they get released. Again, just a thought. IDK nor would claim to know the implications of that for Rikers as a whole.
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