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    1. The plan would be to hire folks who are frequently in the city at hours of the day when not many people are online and at hours when the queue reaches 20+. We could also set something up for shop hours every day, instead of working off availability.
    2. Tires popping was a great addition. If you rub the guard wall on the highway your tire will pop because the walls of tires aren’t made to make contact with any surface. If you get in a front end collision, especially at speed, your tire is going to pop since the frame of the car is getting pressed up against the tire. And especially after getting air, your tires gonna pop for the same reason. And it’s reasonable, and to make things better for us, repair kits fix popped tires.
    3. Hello everyone! My name is Holy Ster, here to pitch an idea me and a team of friends have been drafting up to suggest adding to the city. Our idea is Civilian Ran Dealerships, and though it has been suggested before, from what I can tell, it was just a suggestion and not a way to execute. We had the idea to run a car dealership where the city could get some fresh new imports, but the cars would only be obtainable through interacting with the "salesmen" of the dealership. We believe this approach would bring some great rp into the city and create more interactions and conversation
    4. I no longer have the savings to purchase this, therefor I’m out.
    5. I'll throw up a offer of 1.5m
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