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    1. Not every situation in which a criminal wins leads to a ban. Do you think we're just gonna hold back when it comes to people robbing specific banks with offroaders or motorcycles? How about the times where people leading a pursuit use a construction site to jump onto a freeway that takes the police force a long time to get on to if not expected? Let's talk about the time where criminals would also try to win by exploiting the games' mechanics. Nothing about having to deal with those criminals is fun to the cops. See, us cops don't try to abuse the mec
    2. Looking forward to these two hairstyles! https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/short-hair-for-mp-male-cda10f39-a620-4975-909b-588393341a22 https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/long-wavy-hair-for-mp-male
    3. Looking to buy 589 or any house nearby. Email me JustMackL#6880 or reply here if you are selling.
    4. Really does not matter which Mirror Park house is for sale. Willing to pay at least 10mil for one. HOUSE DETAILS: Postal code: between 344 and 351 Address: 337 Vespucci Blvd Gov. price: 1.5 mil Interior: Trevor Beach interior Key Points: Next to a police station, close to Burger Shot NOTE THAT i AM NOT LOOKING TO SELL THE HOUSE, JUST TRADING FOR ONE IN MIRROR PARK. Please message me here or in email, JustMackL#6880 with offers.
    5. It's difficult enough to scan for parts to make guns, especially when you got parts that's extremely hard to find. Although, due to the fact a bunch of people now knows how to do it, I feel like it should be changed into a completely new system equally as hard as the method mentioned. Sure it may not do much as people may metagame or powergame this, but it should at least lessen the chaos going on in a non-whitelisted server, especially Queens. My few suggestion would have to be a small number of warehouses can be bought where the owners can make the guns there and allow police to
    6. Looking to sell a fully upgraded Subaru WRX. Instore price was 1.5 mil. Leave offers here or text me 411-1104.
    7. Totally agree. I don't understand why you magically lose body armor after flying out and flying back in the city. To my opinion, I want the body armor to be realistic, so I suppose it only prevent bleeding if only shot at the torso and that it'll be visible if the wearer is actually wearing it.
    8. Hey, I was looking at this post and I felt like I wanna add my suggestions. I noticed this house is not even purchasable. I mean some of the houses in the city literally has its interior, so why not allow people to buy this house? This is literally an hotel. Maybe the interior can be Trevor's apartment since the exterior looks tropical. There wouldn't be door to purchase specific apartments for, but from what the exterior looks like, many units could be purchased. 538 has a apartment complex. There is plenty of doors to make availabl
    9. I agree with every thing in this post except of the last part. Realistically, if you get your driver's license taken away, you would have to retake the driving test immediately in order to get a new one. I feel like that would have to apply instead of having to wait for a set amount of days to even be able to drive your own car.
    10. Haven't heard anyone's been hired for the private security.
    11. Hey, I'm seeing multiple houses currently for sale that fits your requirements. Figured you might want to take a look. Be warned though, the price are going to be really expensive due to the demand for houses.
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