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    1. So if you catch a warrant like you suggest, you want players to have the option to just not log into the city for X amount of time for it to expire? lol Sorry but what benefit does this server?

      I just cant comprehend why avoiding interaction and RP by not loading into the city would ever be an option at all.. "On the Run RP" ? When you logged back in no one is after you, so on the run from what?

    2. On 1/21/2022 at 11:56 PM, Scott1shR1pper said:

       not have to pay 150 million to someone for a old school bike cause it’s not around no more  @Crunch

      Hey lmk what bike that is and it will be around.
      Sometimes stuff gets overlooked or forgotten about, its not purposely done, but yet people try and capitalize on it. lmk which bike and we can get it back in the shop.

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    3. The vehicle damage is fucky yes, agreed.
      Sorry but Police SP/PD cars almost all only take lots of physical damage and hardly break, while most civilian cars die hitting a curb.

      We are working on making those adjustments and making this much more balanced.
      As far as some vehicles you mentioned?
      Yes the x7 should not go 240 and we have a handful of vehicles we just adjusted and will be pushed soon.
      After testing some of the cars last night while adjustments were being made, we have determined that some cars are being over manipulated by the tuner chip.
      So unfortunately. to counter that, we need to adjust vehicles and expect the same manipulation will occur after the changes, hence keeping them at a more realistic speed after the tune.

      Handling and damage will be a continuing project going forward as it reacts differently by clients and hard to get it balanced perfectly and accurately.


      These issue you mention are not intentional, so a reality check is not how its fixed. 

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    4. Pretty accurate and simply explained.
      We would love someone with some organization and willingness to do it right.
      Hope all has been well, Vlad!
      Gangs, most of them, I see are based around repetitive actions, doing the same thing over and over, no thought, no reason.

      So we have no interest in helping any of that progress, we need structure, organization and willingness on the people involved

      to get that type of gang or family to progress into something bigger, like controlling something or an area again.

      Maybe before they are all eventually removed from the community for these actions, some will see the light and try to do better.
      Only time will tell.

    5. Hey look, its never a problem with people  saying how they feel, make a suggestion, complain or ask a question.
      Its how its done, I would hope we are all adults in this community and for me maturity and respect is important when doing these things. And I have seen people with valid concerns, suggestions and opinions and Id just like to say, this place would not have existed this long if we didn't take all of this into account.

      So Id like to thank you all for giving us your dedication over this time and its our job to try and keep it and we intend to do that.

      Have a great day and thank you again.

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    6. Not that PD has issues and everything else is perfect, lets be honest, RP is what is created by one or more people contributing to it.
      What you put in it is what you get out of it.
      I agree I have seen some horrible situations out of PD, I have seen lots of crap from civilians as well, so we can sit here and point fingers at both sides, but at some point, they both need to do better.
      Civ gets caught they cream win cop, civ gets away, cops will complain a car is too fast or whatever.
      The issue here and the common denominator is, stay in character, if your a cop, you act like a cop, RP it as your character, saty focused, regardless of the outcome you need to adjust on the fly.
      Same goes for a criminal or civilian, staying in character, keeping your emotions out of the game seems like its impossible for some people to do.
      And if thats the case? Your not RPing.

      So besides moving people around in PD, besides banning some people breaking rules, both sides need to step up and be a part of the solution.

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    7. Correct, we dont use ESX. Which means we dont and cannot just take your ESX scripts and drop them in our custom framework.
      But we already had this conversation Jack my boy so I wont comment further yet.

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    8. Totally agree with almost everything both of you have said.
      BCRP has been around for 6 years, we have always had ups and downs, people do get bored, leave, play other servers or games and end up circling back.
      This repeats every year, depending who it is, yes we have had lots of players that have been here the entire time, some that actually never left, we have good and bad just like any community, none that I see especially on fiveM are perfect.
      It is fair to say we do not have a tremendous dev team that pop out updates weekly, we have a select few people that dedicate extra time from their personal lives outside of RP to help this community.

      Nobody is down playing any issue's we have or face because of the economy or the state of RP from said people at times. We have never ran from problems or issues we have had, we deal with them and try to make adjustments. But like anything else, its always easier looking in the window playing Monday morning quarterback, we are aware of issues and are currently working to improve the state of the community.
      No one frowns on members suggestions, we get them every single day, sorry we cant add everything people want, it needs to make sense and it has to work for all.
      We continue to try and treat everyone fairly regardless how long they are here, who they know or what they have done for the community.

      I can count on my hand how many RP communities been around as long as we have, not saying we are perfect, but again, we try and balance everything to the best of our ability and capacity.

      We are well aware of groups that have been here for a while, that don't want to interact or give other people a chance at RPing, those people and groups can be reported like anyone else and it will be handled, no one is being protected and we expect anyone that gets in the server to be ready and willing to RP at anytime with anyone.
      Any person or group that feels they don't have to, please report them and we will handle happily. 

      I like many others in this community, members, staff and the other owners have dedicated alot of our life in the last 6 years to create, maintain and progress a place people can come to feel safe, have fun, make friends and create storylines and great situations in RP, we expect if your part of this community, your here for the same reason.

      The staff team that has dedicated every single day since the day they made it on the team, has dedicated and set aside personal freedom to help others here and yet when they do their job, they get shit on, complained, doxxed, personally attacked, finger pointed at, assuming shit they never did, all because they are here to enforce the rules of role play and keep the community clean.

      Again, to all the people that sit back in your chair, trying to tell us what we are doing wrong, while at the same time they are contributing to everything we are talking about. So no one is perfect, you adjust, change, update and experiment till you find something that makes it better as time goes on.
      We are consistently looking over the forums, reading suggestions and taking the advice at times that makes sense, so don't think because your post didn't get a response, it doesn't mean we don't care.

      I will speak for myself, but I'm sure I speak for my entire team and partners.
      Anyone that says we don't care about this place is foolish and needs to check themselves.

      To create a server, takes nothing, to create a community takes years of hard work with lots of the right people in place.
      I'm not going to get into stuff that's in the works, but almost all of my concerns will be addressed over time shortly.

      So appreciate your feelings and experience you have had here and all I can say is thank you for sharing this and hopefully sometime in the future you decide to circle back and enjoy your time here once again.

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    9. Honestly? I like everyone else here, just want active cops again.

      The city is pumping, we have a mass of Mechs, EMS and other needed jobs, but for some reason PD numbers are declining fast.
      I think that's what people are seeing, myself included.

      We can talk about quality over quantity too and I agree with that 100%, but at some point, even if you have the best 5 cops that are active, it is not enough for the cities to run correctly.

      Just my 2 cents. Wish I can eat these words, but eh idk its been falling fast.

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    10. Welcome to the community and the world of role play!

      So starting out for sure is the challenge, but its like anything else we do in life, put your time in and in the long run it pays off.
      The goal for anyone should be to stick it out in the public servers for the time being, learning to RP will be challenging with some Randoms that just come to the publics to cause crap some times.
      The end goal is to get into our restricted server, with better RPers and build on your storyline for the characters you create!

      So happy to have you and please read the rules, best way to learn is watch some people stream RP, it can be fun, exciting when around the right people and environment!  

      Have a great time!

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    11. Its honestly disgusting to see people like this in the community. Well  hopefully it was just a random and not someone that has put time in here.

      But regardless, no one deserves to have to deal with crap like this and the few people that do this shit need to either smarten up or we need to get rid of them.

      I see the future getting much better here as the days go on, the amount of bans has also increased, at some point it will show how the community members that care along with staff have cleaned this place up and turned things around for the better!


      Please just keep reporting and working with staff to eliminate issues such as this from ever happening again.


      Thank you for all you do!

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    12. I think one ofd the main issues is people do not know how to do things in moderation.

      If you going to stick someone up cool, but going from one person to another, another anther and keep doing the same shit, is where it becomes a very shitty thing to do.

      Another issue is I sit here with my fingers crossed that the new people that actually want to RP and get into Brooklyn, don't give up before doing so. I ask you to stick it out, report people and do your best to stay in the lanes of RP. Hopefully the time will come quick and you will be let into Brooklyn.


      We are currently trying and doing the best we can with the help of the community reporting, reporting and reporting. This will take alittle time, but in the end, your help will have been the deciding factor on why the community has gotten better.


      So thank you all, lets keep RPing and reporting !

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    13. 2 minutes ago, SmolBirb said:

      Used Car dealership. 
      Instead of people selling their cars for millions to other players, or selling their throwaways back to PDM, why not sell it back to a dealer that only sells used cars? Maybe this dealership has specific cars that can be more for the "starter" player. So not incredibly expensive, but not shit either. 

      Hmm sounds like an idea. I think if we had running stock on vehicles that would be a great addition to that idea you have. Thanks

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    14. So like some here, we all have enjoyed back in the day when things were controlled by a person or group. Some went really good, some bad.

      Its like anything else in the world, its always a double sided knife you toss up in the air and hope you don't cut off all your fingers when you try and catch it.

      I honestly think the hardest thing is finding someone or a group that's going to do it right.

      Does it really need to just be illegal stuff controlled? I don't think so. I think we can come up with lots of fun things we can possible add to suit both agendas.


      Here is the main issue......

      Just when you think we found a person or group to do this, something happens and it puts us 5 steps backwards.


      Without doing the pick me me me me , or pick us! Can we get some ideas what would be cool to add either legally or illegally controlled in game.


      This is not only finding the right people to RP it out, but along with lots of trust.  I would like to start with 1 thing and build off that. If we can get this off the ground it would open the door for so many opportunities and things for many to look forward too in the future.


      This post is looking for suggestions based on the topic, leave your personal opinions of people or groups out of it please.



      Thank you



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    15. The public servers can be shitty at times. Then other times with less assholes playing gangster, they can be really good.
      But Brooklyn is much better for RP. Still just dont understand why anyone with a granted access tag continues to go back into the public, then complain about these shitheads.

      We would love to continue to remove these people, but we need the help of credible reports so we can clean the community public servers up.


    16. Custom plates are cool I guess, its a way to make something of yours unique.  But the point of this post is to help people who have plates understand how they work and avoid any issues in the future.

      Think of your license plate on your vehicle as an identifier.

      This plate is attached to your data, your steam hex and you CANNOT EVER have 2 of the same plates at the same time.

      If you have (2) of the SAME plates at anytime, it will trigger a ban. The system will assume you are trying to change the model of that vehicle to something else.


      So each person can only have (1) steam hex identifier in game, the same thing with vehicles, you can only have 1 vehicle with that plate on it.

      Now it is possible to see others with the same plate and that's totally fine. As long as that person does not have a duplicate plate at all.

      All your plates need to be unique to avoid triggering a ban and auto deleting the vehicle with the duplicate plate.


      All plates need to be 8 characters long. Not less then 8 and certainly not more then 8. (8 characters only)

      No special characters like ~`@#$%^&*()_-+={[}]|\:;"'<,>.?/ or spaces, everything needs to be CAPITAL letters/numbers only


      I hope this clears up some issues we recently had.


      Thank you



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