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    1. You cant build a server period without players.
      You certainly cant entice people to want to get WL when 10 people are playing in it.
      We tried forcing people to play in East for 5 months just going off applications of people with 30 days or more in East.
      Almost all the apps we got from players that either left years ago or months ago felt that was more of a punishment then anything, due to them leaving this community do to the state of East.
      Gun play consistently, same players in and out of bans, lack of RP from some and other issues forced alot of players to leave. Asking them to go back into East for 30 days was just silly.

      Even during closed times most of these people were not active or even apart of Brooklyn, still East is down bad.
      Opening WL isnt something that is forever, we are building a player base of new players daily, players that never been to east at all, players that wouldnt go play in East to begin with as they came from communities and servers that are competitive to the West.

      Instead of people posting pictures of Brooklyn from 2020, why not get in game? No one is going to join a server with no one in it, regardless if thats east or west.
      Stop posting about how it was and get in game so others can see and they will start to follow.
      You cant RP by yourself, same reason we were forced to open west to get new players to try it out.

      So sorry you feel this way, we are not forcing you to play in the West, no one can make you do something you dont want to.
      Gather the people posting pictures and videos and get them in game. We have updated and have been adding more stuff, most all these people havent even seen yet.

      Also, we have had a total of 7 bans over 45 days in west, no serious issues and the RP has been extremely good. Maybe its luck, maybe people just want something different. But being open these few days is a chance to give players and opportunity to try it out and apps have increased. These are not East coast players and these are players we would have never attracted before.
      East dying but not as fast is a crazy statement. So we wait till its totally dead before doing something different? No sorry that wouldnt work at all. For me its not about east or west, its BCRP the community im trying to keep alive.

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    2. Appreciate the post and I 100% agree with you, no one wants to let East die, things are being added and changed..
      But here is the issue, even before West was a thing. Many servers are very similar to the West and have a lot more to offer than the East. Players have been leaving this community to try other servers that offer more and its no surprise.
      East is struggling because its built on a 7 year old framework that would take lots of work to get up to par with the other 3,000 servers on fiveM.

      Comparing East back in the day, it was much more competitive to other servers on what was offered in other communities, FiveM didn't have 3k servers to choose from, and they didn't have 2k developers working on one specific framework either.
      So East was strong, unique, and competitive to other servers during that time. But a lot has changed, players leave for one reason or another, players get banned, then take 5-10 friends elsewhere.. These are things we cannot control.

      If the West didnt exist atm, the East would still continue to bleed players, most of the players on West are people that were either going elsewhere due to the lack of new things or because of how players treated other players in east. Disagreements with how things are run, like PD, or gun play is non-stop..
      People are just sick of the same old crap each day and no matter how hard staff works to clean it up, the negative effect is banning a person that broke the rules, then have 5 of their friends leave cause they got banned.
      Its a never-ending cycle, till only a few are left in the server.

      West only exists because people were sick of dealing with stuff like that, it was much easier to write all the wrongs on a new framework that offered more and can continue to be competitive with the other 3k server out here.

      I see all these people talking about make East great again.
      Well, sorry to say no script is going to do that, but I can tell you a much quicker and simpler way, if all the people were screaming about it and posting about it and writing about it in general chat.
      If all those people actually got on East coast?
      That would be a start.

      No script, no Dev, no Owner can make East great again by themselves, you need PLAYERS, thats all, then thats a start to turning it around.

      Even if West stayed closed as its been for 3 days straight, East seen 12 people at one point, 2 people currently.
      Most of the people in West atm either havent been in East in a long time or left the community months ago, some years and only now playing in the West.

      So I wish we had an easy way to get both servers running like old times, but alot has changed and alot of new communities exist and people look for new things unfortunately.
      We either do nothing and dye slowly, or try and offer something different to have this community stand a chance and thats all we are doing atm..
      Sorry writing from my phone I can hardly see atm.
      But no one has given up, The devs are working on stuff, we have made changes, but no matter how many changes are made you need players to get in game not just post pictures of how it use to be.

    3. Scrolling around the web I came across this tutorial, credits to whoever originally wrote it up, im not certain, but this has made a tremendous difference in gaming online, night and day performance difference in FiveM.

      Regardless if you play in either of our servers, East Coast / West Coast, PC performance will be extremely better!


      - Issue Description -
      Some of you know or have had issues with the user interface lagging at times even when your game is running smoothly.
      This is highly annoying especially for LEO players or other jobs that use the MDT, it can be unbearable. But regardless,
      has disadvantages for all persons suffering from this issue while other persons who are not.

      Example: You have to bandage yourself after a shootout but bleed out and "die" due to UI lag while others survive because they don't suffer the problem

      The main issue is high GPU usage with it sitting at 99% at all times. The main cause could be usage of a visual mod like NVE or QuantV
      or your PC is a potato.

      Currently FIX 2 is for NVIDIA GPUs only.

      - Fix 1 -
      One way you can maybe solve this issue is to:
      1) Start FiveM.
      2) click on the COG wheel at the top left to go to settings.
      3) Click the box labeled NUI in-process GPU.


      4) Restart FiveM.

      - Fix 2 - (fix 1 may also be included with fix 2)

      1) Open the NVIDIA Control Panel.


      Make sure you are in Manage 3D Settings and click on Program Settings.


      2) Click ADD and search for the following in the picture: (I recommend starting up FiveM and run around in a server for a minute)
      3) Once all of these are added select them in the drop down menu to select the program.
      4) When you have one selected go to the Settings for this program section and search for Max Frame Rate.
      - set all of the programs to 60 or higher within reason and click apply or it will not save.


      5) Once all programs are set to the desired frame rate start FiveM press F8, click on overlays and click Draw Performance
      - use this to monitor your GPU usage (second to last box) if it well below 99% then it worked.
      repeat step 5 to hide the performance UI

      For AMD GPUs try just limiting your FPS to 60 and see if this works no fix for AMD atm.

      Enable/Unlock all CPU Cores for Windows:
      NOTE: works for BOTH: AMD/INTEL
      1. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWfajZ7Lr5M.]

    4. In the last meeting we talked about balance, yes some cars are just extremely too fast while others that should be faster, are extremely slow for what they are.

      So hoping at some point soon an easy solution will be a type of governor enabled and I will explain why.....
      When we add cars, they are tested stock and then with simple upgrades like engine and such. We don't test with a tuner chip because its based on users experience.
      Unfortunately ways exist to manipulate the ratios and settings to make certain cars fast as shit (not our intention at all)
      We feel the best way to combat this is installing a governor system, so regardless if a car tuned normally can get to 180-200, someone capable and experienced with manipulating its speed based on the tune, still wont be able to get the car faster then the speed its limited or intended to.

      No matter what car it is in game, if its exceeding those speeds? It was never supposed to be that fast.
      If we had a list of cars that were able to break these speeds or cars that should be doing these speeds, simply provide it here or to me, staff and we will see to it this gets done quickly.

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    5. Clothes are hard especially when the server has been established all this time.
      Toss in one jacket, changes everyone's clothes across the board.
      Adding things without doing it right will change the slots and move existing outfits for everyone.

      Im not against adding more clothes, but this is something that needs to be done by someone with experience with eup.
      Its not just tossing in the files, its putting them in and replacing stuff not used or cared for like some dumb GTA shit.

      We will see what happens. Thank you for the suggestions!

    6. Better late than never!
      Not sure how this thread got by me all this time, but going over these suggestions, just wanted to say, the changes have been made, hopefully you can still hear after this long lol.

      Sound changes
      -G63 AMG 6x6
      -2015 Shelby Mustang
      -Charger SRT Demon


    7. 8 hours ago, Kyle Turris said:

      Bently and other more expensive cars have been broken for a LONG time, get in line.

      Not really sure what's broken? Where was the report sent for the Bentley?  
      Do you think we purposely dodge fixing cars to just piss you off? No dude relax, no one is avoiding fixing a car that has an issue.
      Its about how its reported, getting the time to sit and do it and the severity compared to other things we have to pay attention to that are more important at the time. We dont add something and not care.

    8. 5 hours ago, momoTR said:

      Title says it all.

      The C32 AMG drives like a boat on ice and is way too slow. AMG models are typically the most expensive and highest-performing variant of each Mercedes-Benz class. It needs to be fixed it is close to undriveable at this point. I can assist the developers with finding the most realistic values for it if needed. 

      The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is also another car that has been ruined for me. The chrome parts have been replaced by plain white parts which make the car look very ugly and cheap. It is an 85 million dollar car and also needs to be fixed asap. I hope our developers can find a solution for it so we can enjoy these cars.

      I have linked pictures for it down below:
      218_20220504222141_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com)
      218_20220504222143_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com)

      Thank you 

      So first, no one replaced the chrome with white, that sounds more like a bad texture issue after downsizing the overall model size.
      I just replaced the model, looks much better now.
      I also replaced the C32 Benz model with tunable parts version, handling was adjusted a bit as well.

      Both live next restart.

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    9. 3 hours ago, Addylad said:

      Honestly what most people don't know or even remember was that a while ago PD couldn't give more than 60 minutes jail time no matter the charges. Exceptions were made on a case by case basis by supervisors and 9s done by Detectives, perhaps that should be a start. Bring back restrictions on how long people can be put in for. I have no idea where along the way that got removed but when I left the PD not long over a year ago it was still in place. Way back when we had this is place everything was done on a pseudo strike system, so commit like 3 violent felonies in 7 days then expect the officer to be asking to put you in for more than 60.

      IDK just an idea that might actually help if it was brought back. There is still the punishment side of a 60 minute time out with the possibility of going more, but it would mean a lot less people get put in for more than 60 on a regular basis. 🤷‍♂️

      I actually like that and think maybe its something that should be considered.

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    10. 2 hours ago, Swiftz said:

      from what I know I thought the people that did that were dealt with ooc for chain robbing, taking into account the possibility of someone/ group doing that and then basing the prison time/punishment for EVERYONE based on the minority should be what happens. Personally I dont think robbing a bank multiple times in 1 day is bad, if you are taking the time to find someone elses car and steal it make a plan so that you can get away to even be able to rob a bank again that should be fine, and if they use their own cars well thats when like you said the warrants will stack up until they get caught and go to jail for hours on end.

      For sure, and I agree.
      ie. Like A bank robbery goes off, we certainly don't want the entire police force chasing 3 people.
      The issue is, stuff like this dont need to be instant, to chase a car for 50 minutes and have the entire department using multiple vehicles, helicopters, boats, calling in help,, just seems more dangerous than putting boots on the ground and investigating, infiltrating and going deeper then just a 14 car chase cause 3 people stole 250k from a bank..
      Use the system, time is on your side, this would bring so much more RP then a criminal cursing you out about how OP the situation was while you are jailing him...
      Put out BOLOs, issue warrants if need be, if they get away today, fine, try and find them tomorrow.

    11. Hey look, it's only been 2 years since we used this section of the forums!

      Here I will talk about some of the things to look forward to for 2.0...


      Trying to come up with things that people would look forward to for this build, wasn't too hard, we had a great advantage/head start with the current server.

      It is pretty obvious NOW looking back to see what changes will make the player's experience better.

      We have lacked the amount of legal jobs and activities to do, so in this build, you will find a lot of different legal jobs.

      Keeping players interested in things outside of crime is another issue we have faced. So in 2.0, you will notice lots of FUN things to do with other players. Betting horses, go-karts, bowling, poker tournaments to name a few are all possible to do with 1 or more players at a time.


      Doing unique things like modifying your vehicle in such a way, that it looks, sounds, and acts differently than anyone else.
      Advanced mechanics can raise, lower, change the vehicle stance, add graphics, textures, and really customize your rides like never before.


      Trying to make the impossible, possible, trying to make 2.0 feel more real, with a balanced economy, prices, payouts, items, and situations that will play out as realistic as can be.


      Server rules, laws and, players' mentality will all be different here on the west coast.


      If you have yet to apply for 2.0, that's cool, it's early and we have yet to do applications, but we will start soon and I think this will be exactly what you have been waiting for.



      Brooklyn will continue to be up, maintained and updated, we have focused on 2.0, but have not forgotten about the current server.

      Brooklyn is now public, you will need a member role in the discord to join. It will also be called the East Coast server.
      2.0 will now be the restricted server, you will need to put in an application to join as well as be a member in our discord. This will be called our West Coast server.

      Brooklyn is based in NY and the corresponding departments and themes are based on  NYPD, and FDNY. (East Coast) Public

      2.0 is based in LS and the corresponding departments and themes are based on  LSPD, and LSFD. (West Coast) Restricted


      We will be bringing much more details to you soon. But for now, keep your head up, stay focused and have fun!











    12. I'm currently at work so don't have time to respond with much, but I have sat here hiding from my supervisor to read this.
      I couldn't but help understand both sides to a degree...
      Getting arrested for driving 90mph is kinda excessive if you ask me.
      The person driving 91mph is most likely not going to pull over and try to run to avoid a 2 hour jail time.
      BUT if it was fine, I think most people would probably pull over and have that RP interaction with the cop, but because they know they will sit in jail, they run, then that causes a bunch more charges to stack up and before you know it, for speeding at 90mph I am sitting in jail for 3 hours.

      Not sure how that makes sense, but it is not just the system, it's the player's mentality as well.
      I certainly think jail times should be looked at for some things, the 90mph speed should be increased for that charge, and fines can be increased based on levels of severity and history.
      Like speeding for me should be based on a strike and fine system, after so many, you encounter jail time. Or a certain speed can get you that jail time off the bat.
      catch me speeding at 110 on the highway, check my history, no other speeding charges, you hit me with a fine for whatever +-.
      Get pulled over again for doing 96, 110+, check history, see I have a history of that crime, hit me with another fine, but increased.
      If I do it again, regardless if it's 90mph or 120, then the excessive amount of times I have committed this crime, should warrant some jail time.


      Excessive jail time should be based on the crime + history.

      BUT also we have players with the mentality of doing things excessively, over and over, which should be kept into account when we talk about these things. I am in no way promoting shitlord activity like that.

      Anyway, my boss is probably looking for me, so have to run!


    13. Well I do agree to an extent.
      We have enough staff to cover a public server, with the launch of 2.0 around the corner, I would like to open Brooklyn to the public, get rid of queens and continue to maintain and develop Brooklyn as well as 2.0.
      Also we will look to upvote Brooklyn on the fiveM server list and anyone with a CFX account can do this to help the population.
      Most of the heavily populated servers upvote the server list with 1k, 2k, 3k upvotes and brings them to the top of the server list.

      This obviously has good and bad things, like lots of exposure and new players, but lots are not really here to RP.
      So lots of work for staff to do.

      But as I said I think this will be the plan moving forward.

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    14. On 5/15/2022 at 3:40 PM, luckylizards said:

      Im going to 100% agree with you on this one.  My RP for years has been centered around having a functioning operational used car dealership in the city where people could come, see a car, test a car, haggle over prices, all kinds of stuff...it was HOURS of rp almost every night...that RP is 1000% gone now.  It's extremely unfortunate.  Great idea in theory but I do think that it has had many unintended consequences.  The harm it has done certainly outweighs the good.

      Well the intention was not to destroy or make someone else's RP harder or remove it, the intention was to make the experience of selling a vehicle more then just a command.
      The idea was to get DMV active enough to allow RP to be seamless.
      But it gets hard, some people treat the area as another hangout, but DMV is doing the best they can and working with staff on handling problems as they come in.


      I don't think a used car lot would be out of the question. Maybe making it an actual business, with stash and logs and all that good stuff, to allow someone to sell cars and buy cars along side an active DMV.
      It might even take some stress of that area.

      But like anything else, sometimes the high road is bumpy, but eventually it will all smooth out.


    15. Some very valid points for sure. You see alot of this stuff gets overlooked and lost in the shuffle, its not that we dont want to make these changes, but they get overlooked with so many other issues to address.

      So next restart 

      fixed speed on Bugatti
      fixed speed on Mercedes AMG SLS
      fixed speed on c8 Daytona WB Corvette
      Added 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV
      Added 2020 c8 Corvette
      Added 2019 Mercedes-Maybach Rolf Hart MR500
      Added 2020 Cadillac CT5V


      I added these on as additional as they are different, some people might like the older model, but the new ones are cool as well.
      I can certainly work on things that are brought up to me and address them quicker!


      More too come!!


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    16. I don't know the whole conversation that took place, but I can tell you, no one was abusing any powers. After I simply made the post in response to the subject, I ask for everyone to stop and move on, suggestions and stuff related to things like this are better talked about in an open forum, rather then discord general.

      You decided to respond with some "Dick Rider" comment, which I took offense to and simply kicked you from the discord.
      Like anyone else, people are open to their own opinions, even an admin.
      I too would find it pretty funny someone leaving an entire community of role play because they don't think we have enough cool clothes.

      It is what it is and that is the choice of those people, nothing I would hold against anyone, if another server has better shirts and pants? by all means, go for it!


      Anyway closing this thread as it is absolutely pointless.

    17. We have talked about doing it this way for years. Id have no issue at all with doing it like that.
      Not sure how other people would feel. Its not what I want, we had a vote to roll back to 2 separate cities, over 300+ people voted yes.
      It has many benefits, but the only con would be? If everyone still tries to pack into one server.

      And here we are, everyone trying to pack into one server...

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    18. Ok We are going to see what we can do with this list. Some good ideas here for sure.

      Love to hear the community, some of the ideas are a NO BRAINER!  So we will do our best to get some of these in.

      Thank you for the suggestions!

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    19. Well just avoiding the situation isnt going to fix it.
      Things that need to be done...
      Lawyers need to be more active 
      DOJ needs to make the process a bit more streamline 
      PD/SP CoC need to over see some of these warrants being issued.

      Making them expire just like that, I dont think will help at all.

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