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    1. Hey look, it's only been 2 years since we used this section of the forums!

      Here I will talk about some of the things to look forward to for 2.0...


      Trying to come up with things that people would look forward to for this build, wasn't too hard, we had a great advantage/head start with the current server.

      It is pretty obvious NOW looking back to see what changes will make the player's experience better.

      We have lacked the amount of legal jobs and activities to do, so in this build, you will find a lot of different legal jobs.

      Keeping players interested in things outside of crime is another issue we have faced. So in 2.0, you will notice lots of FUN things to do with other players. Betting horses, go-karts, bowling, poker tournaments to name a few are all possible to do with 1 or more players at a time.


      Doing unique things like modifying your vehicle in such a way, that it looks, sounds, and acts differently than anyone else.
      Advanced mechanics can raise, lower, change the vehicle stance, add graphics, textures, and really customize your rides like never before.


      Trying to make the impossible, possible, trying to make 2.0 feel more real, with a balanced economy, prices, payouts, items, and situations that will play out as realistic as can be.


      Server rules, laws and, players' mentality will all be different here on the west coast.


      If you have yet to apply for 2.0, that's cool, it's early and we have yet to do applications, but we will start soon and I think this will be exactly what you have been waiting for.



      Brooklyn will continue to be up, maintained and updated, we have focused on 2.0, but have not forgotten about the current server.

      Brooklyn is now public, you will need a member role in the discord to join. It will also be called the East Coast server.
      2.0 will now be the restricted server, you will need to put in an application to join as well as be a member in our discord. This will be called our West Coast server.

      Brooklyn is based in NY and the corresponding departments and themes are based on  NYPD, and FDNY. (East Coast) Public

      2.0 is based in LS and the corresponding departments and themes are based on  LSPD, and LSFD. (West Coast) Restricted


      We will be bringing much more details to you soon. But for now, keep your head up, stay focused and have fun!











    2. How to fix my color map texture on the pause screen.

      Right click your Fivem desktop icon and open file location. 
      Goto the directory you have installed fiveM on.
      Locate and select the FiveM Application Data folder.
      Next select the citizen folder.
      Then the common folder.
      Next select the Data folder.
      Then lastly select the ui folder.
      Here in this ui folder, drag and drop your "mapzoomdata.meta" file.

      Close this all up and restart FiveM.


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