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    1. Hope everyone is having an amazing day, First i would like to request everyone who reads this to leave your thoughts below if you like it or not. And also thank you for your time to read this. This suggestion would be to change how bleeding works and items/things to counter it - We have had an amazing bleeding mechanic for a long time now, when it was added it was one of the most astonishing things to be added in the city. But as time went by and we got to know it better and work with it better, I have been hearing and have had multiple people come to me about how we can change the bleeding mechanic and i personally would agree with these ideas. Right now if you get shot by a gun or Stabbed you start bleeding. Depending the caliber of the weapon and your injuries you bleed accordingly which is an amazing thing. To counter that for now we have med kits. Which give you a little time to survive and stops bleeding for a certain amount of time and after that a little HP boost. BUT this means every shootout someone gets into they end up bleeding out. Which I don't feel is fair on the Crims OR the Cops side. How we can counter? - The Bleeding mechanic is actually prefect which looses blood depending on the Caliber of your wound, But currently there is only medkits to counter that. I think an introduction of something like a band aid or a field dressing would be a nice counter to stop the bleeding BUT with a NO HP BOOST. Band-Aids would strictly stop bleeding and give NO hp boost, where to recover HP you'll still need one of out lovely EMS or any other means we have for now. An introduction of a pain killer would also be an good idea where it wont stop the bleeding but the Pain killer would Numb the feeling of getting shot and would counter how a character limps when he is low HP and run like like normal. Pain killer could also provide a little HP maybe 10% to 20% which would deplete with time. This would be my suggestion please leave your opinions down, If you like it or not or if you would add something. Please understand this change in no way is to promote Gunplay, we are a Roleplay server and we want to stay as a Roleplay server.
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    2. Can we please take a Look at this topic Again adding something to stop bleeding for cops and crims would be great or at least make it to where you dont start bleeding into your armor breaks
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