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    1. Hi Guys, I have not been in the server for a long time. But I know these issues and I understand your concern @Scott1shR1pper The main issue over the 10 years I've been doing RP for is that RP is an open sourced game. It has no solid definition and you could make it anything you want to be. Because there is no foundation for the game that can be agreed to from community to community it creates this cluster of what RP should be since all these people are coming from wherever. It's not like Call of duty, or dead by daylight that have objectives, goals, whatever. They have a specific way the game is supposed to be played and there really isn't any other way to play it. because RP's goal is non existent and instead your own people can call just about anything good RP as long as they like what they're experiencing. Also this thing about "Win" and "Lose" in RP it doesn't exist for a second. Why do you feel you can win or lose at RP we are roleplaying a life simulator here in the city of New York. So is life just a game then? I mean I don;t really think we see life as a game but like. if you don't get away from a robbery and the cops catch you. Did you lose? No, you just continue Roleplaying from there. did the cops fail to catch you? Maybe that was just meant to happen like anything else in life, you didn't lose anything. You catch them next time around. There always tends to be more RP from getting caught then not being caught because there are more interaction between that. Like @Crunch Said you get out what you put into RP. It's a gamemode that heavily lies on creativity too and real life experience can actually help you do better in roleplay at times where applicable. If crims get salty that they lost their shit and the police caught them? Make something out of that take a bad situation and turn it into a positive interaction where you can have some great laughs with your friends. If you're legit being salty because you are losing a fake item coded into a game or a number on your screen. You've got issues there. those are the people that need to be shown to the door because they're not here to have fun. We're here to have fun. As far as what RP is fair. Again take that negative and turn it into a positive. So you got caught, so you got away? Now what, USE THAT! continue the RP and do something fun between you and the cop to make that entertaining. The whole purpose of the game too is to have fun. There will be no crying like you were born yesterday that's unacceptable. If a cop tazes you off the bike omg he must be winning. I mean I guess you can think of it that way.....or you could continue to RP it out have fun and then address it to them in discord how you feel. But do it in a civil manner it's ok to talk about RP and how it could improve or always go better but that doesn't mean it has to change becuase you wanted to have a little bike chase. Use the challenge of getting tazed off the bike before you could get away as a fact of ok I got caught maybe I should try something else better to outplay the cops next time. You can use it to grow your characters story. So at the end of the day any bad interaction where you quote win or lose erase that from your head. Take what seems negative be creative build on it and make it positive and you'll appreciate RP a lot more. And for those who want to be an actual baby about it instead of actually enjoying all the RP that is going on. The door is waiting for them.
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    2. About the ramming/desync. I cant say I ever had that happen lots. If it happen though and someone was upset that I rammed them I would say that damn mechanic down over in mirror park yeaaaa he was fixing my car and cut my brakes those mechanics sus let me tell ya!! But if I knew that desync was the cause of how I caught a crim in a pursuit I am letting that pursuit continue on/reset. It aint about the W its about having fun! Lolol trust those moments even the crim is like wth hes gonna let me reset? Well yea if lag/desync was the cause of me catching you well if your car still works might be a little bit smoky but hop in it and restart the pursuit Ill give ya a 10 sec start but then its game on. If my car dont work well I got your plate warrant incoming LMFAOOOOO! Going up a mountain in a pursuit... In a dodge cruiser. I'm getting PTSD just typing this A-22 dispatch send med 1 we gonna need it .. Lessons you learn as a rookie dont go up a mountain in a dodge police cruiser or an Ambulance they aint made for it. Also dont trust a cadet with a pistol in their hand at a bank robbery while looking at CCTV! The memories let me tell ya This was a nice post to read some good memories and rough ones lmfaooo! Wanted to check out how BigcityRP was doing cause this place is home of GTAV RP. Nothin better more serious than BigcityRP when it comes to roleplay. As far as cuffing instantly imo from experience is as an officer your goal is too enforce the law yes but it feels much better when ya can handle issues without the cuffs thats a W bigger than the arresting W. The levels I used to go- Verbal warning- A louder verbal warning- Call for backup- And then if things is out of control still alight lets go you going to jail lolol. Specially legion square oof! Hope all is well with everyone at BigcityRP PD and BigcityRP itself. Its good to check back and read these posts see how the city is doing!
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