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Found 15 results

  1. Skills was once a ems in another city for 6 months ( i have medical knowledge ) was a owner of a car dealership ( i have customer service experience and sales ) was a manager of a bar up in sandy in another city for a while ( i have management experience and time management ) just looking for a well paying job to support me and get a home at the moment i live in my car at a public, please help
  2. swisher_sweets1

    Young & Broke Another Update

    I got a new job. Thanks FDNY
  3. Abdulsamed

    The Serpents

    We are a gang and we respect each other more than family. If you have a problem with one of us you have a problem with all of us. We will not listen to the cops and we will do whatever we want. Be aware. May God be with you whenever you see us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This organisation has just started in the year 2019 and is already getting a lot of attention, they do not fear of anyone or anything. They're all from different countries and they can show everyone how well these countries work together. Members : Lan Sikter Billy Dzhavatkhanov Alex Grigoryan Abdulsamed Musliman  Edited 6 minutes ago by Abdulsamed
  4. swisher_sweets1

    Young & Broke Update

    I have a interview for a city job. Wish me luck!
  5. David Dynasty

    Dynasty Organization Hiring Now

    We are seeking many self motivated people that wants no on-call, no holidays and to open hour work weeks! We have multiple crews that will perform the bigger 1-day plus dealings $10,000 new hire bonus for qualified candidates! Knowledge and experience with driving and product knowledge will bring more pay! You'll receive a beautiful new work truck. We offer paid health, dental and vision insurance. Must have at least 2 months Organization Service experience. Want to find a place to call home...Email today. Contact David Dynasty for consideration at The_Stream_king Job Type: Full-time/Part-time Salary: The harder you work the more you make Experience: relevant: 2 months (Required) Additional Compensation: Commission Work Location: Fully Remote Benefits: Health insurance Dental insurance Vision insurance Signing bonus Paid time off Flexible schedule Tuition reimbursement Paid Training: Yes Management: Robbie Dynasty Richard Dynasty Typical start time: Open Typical end time: Open Schedule: Any hour shift Monday to Sunday Day shift and Night shift Company's page: https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/clubs/38-dynasty-family/
  6. Myles Bentley

    The Fight To Remove Dirty Money

    Let's talk about why dirty money should be removed: Dirty money is very unrealistic. It makes no sense. People carry around millions of "clean" cash, and have no fear of losing it, and get arrested with some dirty cash and know the rest of it can't be touched. When selling drugs, why would that money be "marked"? It was a discrete transaction that shouldn't be able to be traced. Now, if dirty money was taken out of the city, whatever cash the person has on them when they rob a bank/sell drugs, gets seized if they are arrested. There should be NO way of telling what bills are "marked" and therefore you take it all. This will make people start putting their money in their bank, or another place, because I've arrested countless people flaunting how much cash they have on them and how it can't be touched, because it goes straight to their bank. People aren't afraid of being arrested because of the consequences, the only thing they fear is the inconvenience of being caught and spending time in jail. The are no repercussions to carrying millions that somehow fits in their pockets. Some people are going to think I only think this because I'm a cop, and no, that is not the case. The concept of dirty money is dumb as a whole. Robbing banks shouldn't give you "marked" bills, you should get normal cash, and ITEMS that are reported stolen, not cash that gets flooded into the economy and should be no realistic way of tracking. Also, I don't think people should be able to store clean cash in something other than their bank. The bank should be something that people want to keep positive, or else they will lose their belongings. I just don't understand why people carry around as much money as they do, probably one of the things that ruins my immersion the most. Arrest somebody for selling weed, search them, they have $1,534,965 "clean" cash on them, and $58,432 "dirty" cash on them. Why? If I arrest them for selling drugs, and search their pockets and they have 1.6 million dollars in their void pockets (because there is no fear of losing it), I should realistically take all of the cash and put it in evidence. Because we can not tell what of that cash is legitimate cash. At that time we can only assume it was all acquired through him selling his drugs. I know there are plenty of people that agree with me on this, and I know there are people that don't. But it honestly just makes no sense.
  7. uNNse

    LTB an apartment

    I'm looking for an apartment to buy. My available finances end at 600k. E-mail me uNNse#8000 or call me 188-5970. I'm mostly in Queens.
  8. David Dynasty

    David Dynasty

    Hello, I'm David Dynasty, I'm new to the city but looking to make it my new home. I have been called many things and been many places. I once was a husband and a father but the lifestyle I live has taken that from me and I will make things right by my own two hands. We do what we do for the money and power. Even if at the end we are alone. Don't change who you are for the people around you. Make them change and make them like it.
  9. ItssJustJosh

    Change the way drugs work

    At the moment people are constantly selling the drug locations over Twitter and publicly announcing that they run drugs, that they know the locations and publicly broadcasting it i feel like the NYPD and NYSP should start cracking down on these "dumb criminals" saying "Selling M&M locations" or other things, everyone clearly knows exactly what they are talking about this is not just stupid but it also doesn't make sense. Surely you are going to make more money from the drugs if less people know of the location People complain that the drug locations are getting changed so frequently, but yet continue to advertise the locations for sale and continue to try and sell the locations of the drugs just to make easy quick money. Surely if you were not a "dumb criminal" then you would clearly know this is stupid and know that there is a way for you to make a lot more money as well as increasing your RP, if only yourself and a few others know the locations, then why not make people have to buy the actual drugs off of you instead of making them buy the location? make yourself more money and actually have some RP compared to ruining it by selling the location, then complaining when it gets changed That being said, "How do we make drugs have more RP?" I personally feel like the drugs should be run by a certain group or a selective few members, where they have a "family" or a "group" that run that specific drug, if you want to purchase "cocaine" you have to speak to "this person" then that person can get the drugs for you and sell them to you for a set price, meaning you actually have to go through someone to get the drugs and not just stand there collecting the drugs then processing, of course there is also a lot of negatives about this, what happens when that person is not online, what if that person tries over charging for the drugs, what if that what if this.. That is just a suggestion and i would love to know what other people think, but i truly do feel like something needs to change, advertising the locations and publicly announcing "oh i'm a drug dealer" who wants to buy "special locations" over Twitter is completely stupid, but again this is just my opinion and i would love to see what you guys think of this please, or if you have any suggestions for how the drug system should run be sure to leave a reply to this. Why complain "why have all the drug locations changed" when all you see is everyone advertising the locations for sale just because they are hungry for money, sorry but this is a RP server not grind for money server - let me know how you guys feel!
  10. Karson Killz

    Why do this to the economy???

    I don't really understand why the economy is tanking the way that it is. I get the fact that it's RP and you want us to go out and "Socialize" but what if your way of socializing is making money moves with your friends and crew? I don't really have time to grind a stupid amount just to make 40k seems less than worth it to me. Even player owned vehicles and property are OUTRAGEOUSLY overpriced when it comes to the market. If and when someone finds a way to make "decent" money they charge out the ass for the location. 250k for a location!?!?! This is asinine and is caused by the changes to the economy everytime someone finds it. They charge this amount to keep everyone from finding out and making decent money themselves. The only ones that prosper from this are the ones who don't really even need the money as they are sitting on millions in the bank anyway. I get you don't want the economy to be flooded with money and that's fine. But the fact that my so-called "paycheck" from my job can't even buy me a burger is ridiculous. Maybe it's just me that feels this way but I wanted to put it out there to see what others think about this. I know a lot of players personally that are already looking for a different city due to the economy tanking the way that it is. I love this server and want to stay here and I know others feel the same. But these economic changes are starting to get a bit crazy.
  11. If the player own the house and they decide to sell the apartment they should be able to sell the house for how ever much they want, but if someone else wants to purchase their house from the person selling they have to pay the amount that the seller wants + the amount for the government for example, if someone was selling a house for $250,000 and i was to purchase the house from them, i would have to pay the $250,000 directly to the person selling and then on top of that i would have to pay an additional charge of say $500,000 to the government and this does not make sense to me The way it should be in my opinion is, if someone is selling their house or their business and they want say $250,000 for it, when someone comes along and purchase the business or house that is the amount they should have to pay and not the additional $500,000 for the government Let me know what you guys think
  12. Jose Chambers

    More Houses and Apartments

    Please add more houses to the server no more information needed. Adding more houses would make it so that it wouldn't leave people abandoned on the streets. A person like me sitting with 3 million dollars is so unrealistic how I can't find a house Please add more houses and apartments!!!
  13. I know this is menial, but I would appreciate it if the "Salary Received" Message was changed to "Paycheck Received."
  14. n00bmobile

    EMS needs some love.

    We all know you guys have a hard on for NYPD and that's fine, but EMS could really use some love. Here's what I think would make the paramedic's job easier and more reliable: GREEN RING AROUND REVIVE AREA: It's hard to find where the player died, specially because waypoints dissapear after you get near them. This ring would help paramedics find where they need to go to revive their patient. ENOUGH OF WAYPOINTS: I think you guys already know this, but waypoints are not working out very well for EMS. Setting an icon instead of a waypoint is better in every way, I think you guys tried to do this before but found it difficult to get it working properly; I can't imagine you guys ever deciding that waypoints are the right choice. MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CALLS: When alerting all paramedics about a new call, information about the patient's name and distance should be displayed; We need to know what we're getting into before accepting it. I'd also prefer giving priority to the closest paramedic rather than the one who pressed the accept button first. PRESS 'E' TO REVIVE, WAIT... WHO ARE YOU?: Reviving the wrong person happens far too often, this mistake is even more destructive in public servers. The alert that pops up at the top of the screen should display the player's name. HOW MUCH TIME LEFT?: Displaying the time before automatic respawn of your patient is clearly needed; Sometimes we accept a call from a player who is 10 seconds away from death, but we only discover it when we drove all the way to his location already. Lastly, would be cool if we could revive players without the need for them to request an ambulance. I hope you guys consider at least some of these suggestions, It's important you guys make sure everything related to EMS works perfectly. No one wants to lose money and all their inventory items. Thank you for taking your time to read this!
  15. Jason King

    The problem with current jobs

    Alright, i'll directly adress the problem Current jobs are boring! EMS and NYPD are fun! Why? EMS and NYPD are jobs that have: a lot of different scenarios, a lot of social interaction, less repetitive, team communication, etc. The other jobs are plain boring because it lacks all of the previous things that I summed up! Personally, I think they definetly need to be less repetitive and need a lot more social interaction! That's what makes the job feel more real and a lot more fun! If you have any ideas to fix this, leave it down in the comments below!
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