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    Found 5 results

    1. Hey so I think a cool added RP to have would be bounty hunters. If they would get non-lethal force (taser) and cuffs they could capture people with warrants and bring them to the police. This would add a cool experience and I don't think it would be too overpowered because it would not be very easy to find anyone with a warrant but if the warrants were made to be public records at the courthouse it could be possible to find someone with a little bit of effort. They should have some kind of training but I don't think it should be a department within the NYPD/NYSP. Just an idea
    2. As a medical professional I strongly suggest the addition of medical marijuana cards. So many of my patients within the city would benefit from the better accessibility to medical cannabis as a better alternative to many opioids and hardcore antidepressant and antipsycotic medications. This could be implemented much like how a gun license is and it would allow the carrier to have X amount of pot on them at any time. Anything beyond that amount would bring a possessing with intent to sell charge. Not to mention as doctors will slowly be added for more RP having medical
    3. Our family is in need of legal representation. Expectations are fast response and professionalism. If you know or are a bar certified practicing attorney please reach out via messaging within the forums or 246-6370. We are based in Staten Island. If you have any positive or negative reviews for any attorneys or law firms please don't hesitate to respond below. Kind regards, -G
    4. There has been a big issue of most of the cops not even knowing the laws to there own city. How are the civilians suppose to know the laws if even the cops get them mixed up? I have heard so many different things from different people that it is really hard to tell which is the true law and which is made up or assumed. There needs to be a written lawbook in the tablet.
    5. Legal System Proposals *Disclaimer* - Portions of this are written from my perspective, and other portions are written from my friends perspective, but for the sake of clarity and transparency, I will write on their behalf as well. Nothing in this post is meant to attack anybody, we are just pointing out issues we have noticed, and suggesting the basics of how it can be improved. This is a stellar community, and we only bring this up in hopes to create better and more interactive situations as a whole. The legal system is meant to be built off fairness, justice and respect to both pa
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