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Found 6 results

  1. Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker - Attorney at Law


    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    KEVIN BAKER is the highest-rated personal defense attorney in the city! Get your legal issues taken care of the right way - BAKER's way! You don't pay unless you win your case!

    1.00 IGC

  2. GreasyGreg613

    Bounty Hunters

    Hey so I think a cool added RP to have would be bounty hunters. If they would get non-lethal force (taser) and cuffs they could capture people with warrants and bring them to the police. This would add a cool experience and I don't think it would be too overpowered because it would not be very easy to find anyone with a warrant but if the warrants were made to be public records at the courthouse it could be possible to find someone with a little bit of effort. They should have some kind of training but I don't think it should be a department within the NYPD/NYSP. Just an idea
  3. SmolBirb

    Medical Marijuana Cards

    As a medical professional I strongly suggest the addition of medical marijuana cards. So many of my patients within the city would benefit from the better accessibility to medical cannabis as a better alternative to many opioids and hardcore antidepressant and antipsycotic medications. This could be implemented much like how a gun license is and it would allow the carrier to have X amount of pot on them at any time. Anything beyond that amount would bring a possessing with intent to sell charge. Not to mention as doctors will slowly be added for more RP having medical marijuana would just be a better tool at our disposal
  4. Our family is in need of legal representation. Expectations are fast response and professionalism. If you know or are a bar certified practicing attorney please reach out via messaging within the forums or 246-6370. We are based in Staten Island. If you have any positive or negative reviews for any attorneys or law firms please don't hesitate to respond below. Kind regards, -G
  5. Celestia

    Add the laws ingame.

    There has been a big issue of most of the cops not even knowing the laws to there own city. How are the civilians suppose to know the laws if even the cops get them mixed up? I have heard so many different things from different people that it is really hard to tell which is the true law and which is made up or assumed. There needs to be a written lawbook in the tablet.
  6. Dundee

    Legal System Proposal

    Legal System Proposals *Disclaimer* - Portions of this are written from my perspective, and other portions are written from my friends perspective, but for the sake of clarity and transparency, I will write on their behalf as well. Nothing in this post is meant to attack anybody, we are just pointing out issues we have noticed, and suggesting the basics of how it can be improved. This is a stellar community, and we only bring this up in hopes to create better and more interactive situations as a whole. The legal system is meant to be built off fairness, justice and respect to both parties involved. However, this system has failed to deliver both those to defendants and plaintiffs. It was the other day when I discovered how bad the situation is, I was in police custody when I discovered a couple of issues at hand. Firstly, I've come to discover that there is no public knowledge penal code. How are people meant to identify laws, speed limits and etc. When I first joined the server, I came to notice that there was none of this posted, at all. I had to go around, asking people about the speed limits, and It was only when I was arrested I discovered the penal code. The penal code, something all people rely on to tell from right and wrong, according with the laws on the community. However, It’s doing the opposite. If this was a working legal system, all crimes would be considered invalid, because the penal code is not public knowledge, besides the linking on the discord. Since individuals are not forced to join the discord, they therefore cannot see the penal code. Since it is not posted anywhere on the IC section of the forums (such as a town hall, for example) people are not able to abide by it. A perfect example of this is that I have noticed that the LEO’s that are apart of this community, are not aware of which penal code they are supposed to abide by. Some of them feel that they are to adhere to this penal code (found on the Discord). Some have stated they follow the real life NY State Penal code. Others have stated they follow both, and pull certain charges from each one depending on the situation! There is a huge disconnect here between which laws are enforced and where they are located. Secondly, there is no proper legal system, when you're arrested, you can’t really plead not guilty, this legal system follows the wrong concept, the concept of treating people like they’re guilty until proven innocent, a complete reverse on what this system is. For example, I wanted to plead not guilty the other day, but was informed I can’t, I’m going to go to jail regardless, and appeal it at a later date, how is this fair? What we should be doing is having a system in place for people to plead not guilty, for people to follow procedures such as being released on Bond, Released on own Recognizance, or people being remanded into police custody(depending on type of crime). We could mitigate the "guilty before proven innocent" concept by hosting criminal trials for the people pleading innocent, either in game ( which I understand is very hard to do, due to the player count on the servers), or through a TeamSpeak/Discord lounge, and follow the concept of ‘Innocent Until proven Guilty’. Third, there is no "official post" of a constitution. Do we abide by the real life US constitution? The real life NY State Constitution? There is no transparency here. The main point of this post, is that I personally feel, as a community we should create our own penal code and our own constitution, that can be enforced within the limits of role play and the in-game mechanics. Depending on the realism this community is willing to involve themselves in regarding law, dictates how the legal system is to be implemented. There are a copious amount of role play opportunities that can branch from a structured and transparent legal system, and we are more than willing to assist in creating a stable, fun, and interactive role play experience that revolves around this.
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