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Found 10 results

  1. The Millers Below is our short film provided by "Hooters" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIxolMTHcEs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origin The Boss "Ben" was born in Sydney Australia and was given a opportunity to live in Bronx New York. While in Bronx He Learned how to make his way around the city. His underboss "Nick " who was a big part in the D-Block BOYZ in New orleans, decided to move to bronx to get away from the gang activity. While he was very poor and moved to Bronx, Ben picked him up off the streets and they instantly bonded. It was a rough start for these two. They were both broke and the only way Nick knows how to make money was sell drugs. they ended up in jail about 15 times total.Ben had 2 cousins from Ireland who were in the IRA. They needed to leave the harsh living conditions in Dublin so they decided to crash with Ben and Nick. The two brothers are Dean and Steve.They had to adapt to the American way of crime. Luckily Nick was there to help out.They are know some of the biggest narcotic pushers in Bronx. The Family Boss: "Ben Miller" Underboss: "Nick Miller" Sergeant-at-Arms: "Dean Miller" Head of Sales: "Stevo Miller" Main Enforcer: "Jake Miller" Soldiers: "Abdul Miller", "Mason Miller" ,"Theodore Miller"
  2. T-Sosa

    Purp Gang

    Purp Gang Purp Gang is a group of friends who encounter some not so friendly and just disrespectful people. Purp Gang was formed in 1982 this group fell apart years later sadly. Back older members and OG's are bringing Purp gang back together by any means necessary even if it means killing rival gangs and cops along the way. PURP GANG We OUT Love - Sosa Puuuuuurruuu See you on the streets!
  3. TacT

    NYC Bloods

    The bloods are officially in NYC. Bloods ain't scared of nobody and we here to stay. PULL UP. Victor Marts Adrian Marts Chris Marts Darien Darias Andy Montero Kevin Diaz Kevin Gonzales Elver Galarga Jose Duke Oliver Oliver GANG SHIT.
  4. II Cyber_Virus II

    CG Cartel

    CG Cartel Introduction: CG. Was the center of a small sized cartel in Mexico that was founded at the tail end of the 20th century, they prospered for years off the coke and meth trade. They mainly stayed on the west coast, moving the drugs up and through the border to california which netted them more money then they had ever hoped for. Moving money, drugs, guns, and anything that wasn’t bolted down. During this time they started to hear about movement from one of the other rivals the vagos that had moved there way over to New York after the CG moved them out of the west coast. When one of the Vagos cell leaders happened to let out how much money the group was making over here. Kirby, the leader of the group decided to move a small outfit into the city do try to take over without the vagos catching wind of them entering the city. The outfit small for the time being, only sending a few members over to start out (as to not make too much noise). They were sent with a small loan and told to grow as big as they could, and to take out anything that is in their way. They are looking for members to grow their operation in NYC, If Interested in joining our gang please apply here - https://forms.gle/B8CoturaDUYMcpgY7
  5. Gabriel Acosta

    The Lost Mc OFFICIAL

    Official Lost Mc to be established across all servers. I am bringing over my discord group that is exclusively The Lost Mc. We are a group of extremely serious RP’ers. We have our own discord, app, ranks, code of conducts etc. The works so to speak. STRONG group of 12+ members with official names, patches, ranks, and always ride in formation. See link for our official rep sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NVYcRvbfPcuGOyMdg3t-zr9jd9m6_ohqXYqotc8qIX0/mobilebasic tbjs is an older version that has not been updated ,but is a teaser for things to come. We will be consistent and the ONLY Lost group.
  6. Juan Martinez/Antonio Capizzi

    Latin Kings

    -Latin Kings- Origin: Latin America (South America) Found: 1950 The Latin Kings is a street gang from Chicago, Illinois. The latin kings are being lead by the 3 crowns council, the 3 crowns are: Juan Martinez (Mexican) Carlos Hernandez (Mexican) Fernando Gomez (Spanish) They came from Chicago to NYC, for more opportunities for the gang Logo: Colors: Black, Gold
  7. II Cyber_Virus II

    Spuckler Family

    Spuckler Family: The Spucklers are a small farming family, Living in Staten Island. They came from nothing but had fun doing it. They give not one crap about jail time, and even less about the long arm of the law. Upon moving to Staten they met two individuals (Crimson) And (Sam) Whom they decided to adopt into the family. The boys then took it upon themselves to make the Spuckler family rich. Now the Spuckler family plows the fields in chrome tractors. as well as plowing your moms. Family: Caroline Spuckler - Mother/Sister: Died in a meth lab explosion. RIP 2017 Cletus Spuckler - Oldest of the 3 Brothers. Trouble with Authority and loves to drive fast. Clifff Spuckler - Youngest, Sorta Slow. Always first to gunfire. Expert Safe Cracker, Also remember that extra F. Jim-Bob Spuckler - Middle Child, Strives for attention. Hates Authority. Angelina Spuckler - Family Prostitute, Plows the field and your man Adopted Family: (Last Names Hidden For Protection) Sam - Family Cook . Resident get away driver. Family Accountant. Crimson - Family Detective, Finds out everything. Has his fingers in everyone Pie. Money Bag of the family $$ Catch this family cruising thru Staten in a Evo or a Tractor
  8. Triggered games

    Slaughter Gang

    Slaughter Gang Slaughter Gang is a group of friends that meet in different ways some not so pleasant and some JUST OUT THE BLUE. Slaughter Gang was created in the year 2014 this group unfortunately fell apart years later. these 5 members are trying to bring the community back together AGAIN.THIS GANG IS TRYING STICKING THERE FINGERS INTO DIFFERENT THING EXAMPLES DRUGS, OWNING BUSINESS’S, AND OWNING LOTS AND LOTS OF NICE VEHICLES. Slaughter Gang 4L Gang We OUT See you on the streets
  9. blackflame_13

    US Rogues

    United States Rogues Backstory: We first started in Colorado. We were a highly trained group of individuals, with many members in law enforcement departments. We were then hired by the president to work as the military for that state, while the 2 heads of the military were also the 2 heads of the Sheriff's Office. After not agreeing with many of the requirements and lack of pay, the heads grabbed a few of the best people and made a professional criminal group, we called B.A.T's. After we did some damage to Colorado, we figured we can do better somewhere else. Make more money, better business, etc. We then moved to North Carolina. In North Carolina, we joined another gang and made it better than it has ever has been. We were the biggest and best group of criminals. We robbed banks with little to no failures, and made sure to keep the bloodshed to a minimum. After that, our leader went crazy and lost his mind, and started killing our members because he was power hungry and too comfortable, we took him down. We then made a new group we called The United States Rogues. After pulling off more jobs in NC, it got too easy. Not much to do, it was repetitive, and our men were too highly trained for that. So we decided to move, and here we are in NY. Why did we come to NY? After deciding that we were losing too many people due to repetition, we decided to move around and find a new place to do our work. We went from state to state, city to city, and nothing was good enough. We then came across New York. We instantly made connections, and we heard all great things about here. The job opportunities, the things you can do,the payout, and the "out of picture" work. Pictures Military B.A.T's US Rogues
  10. Surfergamer105


    its gang roleplay
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