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Found 5 results

  1. Sons of Anarchy was started in 1982 as a small riding club. They started in Blaine County where they became serious about making money. Through local connections, they became one of the largest dealers of narcotics in San Andreas. The largest chapter, in Paleto was heavily involved in the drug trade which they purchased from a local Ballas set near Los Santos. They also had a relatively lucrative deal with the Triads for a steady pipeline of cocaine to sell in their area. During this time, the club made many enemies, as the The Lost MC began to expand heavily within the country. However, in 2013, their rivals began to pose and even larger threat expanding on both the east and west coasts and throughout the Midwest, including chapters in Los Santos and Blaine County. After the Lost MC burned down SoA clubhouse in Paleto they have started to move into the Los Santos area to seek vengeance for the life's that was lost during the clubhouse fire. We are looking for more prospects to help bring our MC back to the top. if anyone is interested in joining please send me a email EvilSpartan#0996 • Joining Process • When invited into the club you will go thru a Hang Around period. Which is where you earn enough trust to be voted in as a prospect. As a prospect you will have to earn your patch from this point by doing task for the MC. Being patched in is based on how much your around and how many jobs you complete with the patched members during the two week prospect period. • Sons of Anarchy Ranking • - President - Dale Dan Teller - Vice President - Kevin Darko - SGT at Arms - Lance Simmons - Treasurer - Bobby Turner - Secretary - N/A - Road Captain - Shayne Collins - Enforcer - Jim McAllen - Members - T-Ray Jay Charlie Baker Tevin Hendricks Diego Cruz Earley Butch - Prospects - N/A Sons of Anarchy are still looking for loyal prospects to become full on members after trust has been gained. - Perks in becoming a full member - •First chopper is on us •Club cost on inventory •Club jobs (earn extra cash) •Club events •Extra Garage's •Weekly Church •Weekly Club Rides If anyone is interested please send me a email EvilSpartan#0996 Website: https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/clubs/66-sons-of-anarchy/
  2. Abdulsamed

    The Serpents

    We are a gang and we respect each other more than family. If you have a problem with one of us you have a problem with all of us. We will not listen to the cops and we will do whatever we want. Be aware. May God be with you whenever you see us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This organisation has just started in the year 2019 and is already getting a lot of attention, they do not fear of anyone or anything. They're all from different countries and they can show everyone how well these countries work together. Members : Lan Sikter Billy Dzhavatkhanov Alex Grigoryan Abdulsamed Musliman  Edited 6 minutes ago by Abdulsamed
  3. Jimmy Jang

    The Spliffs

    Intro: We are a group of dirty businessmen who are from different places around the world. Jimmy and Jon created The Spliffs in the Bronx to connect people who were money hungry but wanted to have fun while at it. our motto is always looking for money opportunities but aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. The Spliffs are known for offering people protective services, drug selling (for the low), hit man, money laundering, illegal street racing, illegal gambling, underground fighting. We've done good business in The Bronx so far and plan to move on some time in the future for more opportunities. One big rule for the organization is we do NOT rob other civilians. We are always open to people wanting to be apart of our business organization. Dress code: (Brown hockey mask), Sunglasses, Black suit jacket, Black or Gray button down, Orange tie or bow tie, Black dress pants, Black leather dress shoes, Black Leather gloves, and any watch of your choice to tell time so you're not late for meetings. Signature Car: GTR35 Black base with Orange glow, Orange under lights, Orange xenon head lights, Black wheels. Roster: Owner Jimmy Jang Co - Owner Jon Snow Leaders - TBD Co-Leaders - TBD Members Liu Liu Anthony Argenix Miriam Aki Meku Trap Associates - TBD ALLIES: N/A RIVALS: N/A (Still under development...)
  4. ItssJustJosh

    Change the way drugs work

    At the moment people are constantly selling the drug locations over Twitter and publicly announcing that they run drugs, that they know the locations and publicly broadcasting it i feel like the NYPD and NYSP should start cracking down on these "dumb criminals" saying "Selling M&M locations" or other things, everyone clearly knows exactly what they are talking about this is not just stupid but it also doesn't make sense. Surely you are going to make more money from the drugs if less people know of the location People complain that the drug locations are getting changed so frequently, but yet continue to advertise the locations for sale and continue to try and sell the locations of the drugs just to make easy quick money. Surely if you were not a "dumb criminal" then you would clearly know this is stupid and know that there is a way for you to make a lot more money as well as increasing your RP, if only yourself and a few others know the locations, then why not make people have to buy the actual drugs off of you instead of making them buy the location? make yourself more money and actually have some RP compared to ruining it by selling the location, then complaining when it gets changed That being said, "How do we make drugs have more RP?" I personally feel like the drugs should be run by a certain group or a selective few members, where they have a "family" or a "group" that run that specific drug, if you want to purchase "cocaine" you have to speak to "this person" then that person can get the drugs for you and sell them to you for a set price, meaning you actually have to go through someone to get the drugs and not just stand there collecting the drugs then processing, of course there is also a lot of negatives about this, what happens when that person is not online, what if that person tries over charging for the drugs, what if that what if this.. That is just a suggestion and i would love to know what other people think, but i truly do feel like something needs to change, advertising the locations and publicly announcing "oh i'm a drug dealer" who wants to buy "special locations" over Twitter is completely stupid, but again this is just my opinion and i would love to see what you guys think of this please, or if you have any suggestions for how the drug system should run be sure to leave a reply to this. Why complain "why have all the drug locations changed" when all you see is everyone advertising the locations for sale just because they are hungry for money, sorry but this is a RP server not grind for money server - let me know how you guys feel!
  5. Everything in this server is way too pricey, I'm talking about buying cars, upgrading cars, buying a gun license, buying weapons, and the jobs don't pay well. Its crazy how much money is to get a gun. I've seen people just not buy a gun and go to the PD and kill AI cops there to get guns, yea its FailRP but do you blame them its crazy how expensive it is to buy weapons. Its so expensive that i just don't work anymore because theirs no point to working when upgrading 1 thing on my bike or car is 100k just level 1 upgrade speed. I'm barley having fun on the server. Some of the cops are keeping me stay on this server, and i say some because some of the cops will go Rambo and not speak to the criminal. Another thing is I'm not sure if some drugs are added and some aren't because i can't see the icons on where to go to harvest process and sell.
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