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Found 2 results

  1. FredUk

    Sarcofago Crew

    Fred Uk AKA The Boss Pickle Dill Aka Cleaner Tony Aka Muscle Rob AKA Right Hand Man Hendo Aka Wheels Boava Aka Cracker Jason AKA Master Mind We have come over from the UK after a job went bad due to a mole who is no longer with us, SO we have moved to avoid the heat and have been cruising the cities for a while now looking to set up shop and take over some turf. You may have seen us around, We know the Cops have ;-). We have a tight bond and always have each other backs but we do welcome new family members once you have proved your worth and reliability. We are not shit lords and don't associate with them. Respect is our number one moto. This is earnt and repaid.
  2. LiveFromTheMorgue


    J-Crew is an organization of the misfits of society. Started By Joe Kerr, Rav Martinez and Daemon Diesel After Hitting the city after being dropped off, Joe and Rav met Double D and instantly became friends. Soon people were flocking around them as they started to make money and learn the ways of Lower Manhattan. As the days turned into weeks the Crew grew, and the family's mentality came out, they have ventured out into making real money. From Organizing the Midnight club car show, The Fight Club, Illegal races and now getting into moving large quantities of Weed and Money laundering, with a fleet of trucks in a short amount of time. Now surrounded by dedicated, loyal, respectable people, with always a friendly grin, they make you feel warm and welcome, so If you have a job that needs done this is the Crew to come to. With the family growing everyday, the Crew is looking to expand into other burrows and meet up with some other families and make some good connections to grow further. We are always open to people joining the Crew but you will be judged and weighed by everyone in the family. Owned by Family, Run by Family, Act right and you will be treated like Family.
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