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    Age Requirement is 16 yrs or older?

    1. Hit me up on discord with some good offers Loco#0007
    2. CONTACT ME DIRECTLY VIA EMAIL SWZ#0001 ALL VEHICLES COME FULLY UPGRADED, WITH SERVICE HISTORY AND UP TO DATE INSURANCE ALL VEHICLES LISTED ARE FOR SALE, IF A VEHICLE IS SOLD, A 'SOLD' STAMP WILL BE SHOWN OVER AD. VEHICLES MARKED WITH **OG** ARE ORIGINAL MODELS, PRIOR TO IMPORTS. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE MODELS IN THE SHOP. NO RUSH TO SELL THESE CARS, LOWBALL OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DODGE CHARGER (SLICKTOP) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHEVROLET TAHOE (STATE POLICE K9) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PD FORD RAPTOR ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2013 AUDI RS4 AVANT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHRYSLER 300C **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MERCEDES BENZ S65 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BMW M3 E46 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PORSCHE 911 TURBOS **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2016 FORD MUSTANG GT ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BMW M3 E36 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHRYSLER STR8 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RETIRED CROWN VICTORIA ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **RARE** BRAVADO RUMPO CUSTOM ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AUDI RS6 **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BMW M4 GTS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NISSAN SKYLINE R34 **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2015 NISSAN GTR R35 **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1998 TOYOTA SUPRA **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MITSUBISHI EVO IX ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HONDA NSX ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FORD FOCUS RS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HARLEY DAVIDSON FATBOY ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HARLEY DAVIDSON KNUCKLEHEAD (w/ RED YANKTON PLATE) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FORD GT40 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FORD FOCUS RS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUBARU WRX IMPREZA **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HONDA CIVIC TYPE R ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHEVROLET CAMARO ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FORD FOCUS RS ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HARLEY DAVIDSON FATBOY **OG** ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2003 GMC Yukon XL ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012 MERCEDES C63 AMG ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TESLA X ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    3. principe diabolus Diabolus/Diablous custom - no longer in the shop. b3ast3fdude#9020 mssg me with offers or trades. seems to be misspellings of the bike in different areas.
    4. mssg me here or Discord - b3ast3fdude#9020
    5. Text or Call me in the city @ 905-4547 - Shawn Doc,Dochterman#2439 Email with offers if necessary, Thanks
    6. Selling 2010 Lambo LP650 convertible. Hml 675-4020 with offers or shoot me a dm Kaminski#4176 C/O 7.2
    7. Selling my Aston Martin fully upgraded and insured. Nice car to flex and ride around to grab eyes. Also would make a nice business car to get you to and from the office with class. Serious offers only!! HMU on here or my Cell 507-7002
    8. cnorth

      LTS Dually

      The 2019 Chevy Dually is perfect for you. It has low mileage and has been taken care of and well maintained. Its primary features include no license plate to avoid those pesky warrants. You can also stand on the back allowing you to shoot guns and transport more people at once than you probably should. It has many features like smoke stacks that are healthy for the environment, dual climate control, a gps, and a futuristic instrument cluster along with a radio and the many basic necessities. The car is great for cruising, cop chases, and doing stupid things in the bed while driving. Oh and how could you forget? The 9 miles per gallon. Looking to get 11.5m as it is a rare car and functional for shooting and other stuff. There are also not that many out there and they have recently gone up a ton in price as have most of the rare cars.
    9. Post offer here. Or shoot me a text 675-4020.
    10. Taking offers Email : FA.MS#2022
    11. Selling my Range Rover Vogue. 1 of only a couple in the city. Come correct with offers. 675-4020 or shoot me a DM
    12. All cars are fully upgraded and insured. HML 675-4020 or shoot me a DM Kaminski#4176 POST OFFERS HERE
    13. List offers here. Both are FU and Insured. Both not at PDM currently.
    14. Willing to take offers over 1 Please post offers here for fairness. Hml or shoot me a DM 675-4020
    15. Looking to sell my Chrysler 300 FU and insured. Hml with offers 675-4020 or DM me.
    16. Car has og impound fees, fully upgraded and insured. Not sure about rarity but please put offers down below. Serious Buyers Only Last post about someone selling this was in April. This car is unique and very rare!
    17. I have a very nice rare collector here. I hate to sell but have other priorities and just don't driver her enough. She is fully upgraded and insured. Asking 2.5mil OBO
    18. Selling OG 1998 Supra FU. Will take 3.5 mil obo. shoot me a text or dm 675-4020
    19. Selling a FU Chrysler 300 . 2.5 mil obo 675-4020 or shoot me a DM
    20. Looking for offers for my Mercedes C63 AMG. Text or DM me. 675-4020
    21. Taking Offers Phone: 634-8547 Email: light#0512 Not in any shop Super RARE
    22. Selling my FU Chrysler 300 for 2.5 mil (have 2) Selling Sultan FU 2.4 mil a piece (have 1) Selling FU R34 1.9 mil a piece (have 1) Hit me up 675-4020.
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