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    1. Mail / Discord : LYAM#6782 Hey Everyone, I am looking for SPECIFIC cars: - Tempesta - Comet Custom - Mercedes C63s AMG - Mercedes GT63 S 4-door - 1990 Mercedes Benz 600SEL - 1996 Mercedes Benz 600SL If you can help me out be sure to send me a email (LYAM#6782)with prices or send me a private message, Thanks for your help!
    2. Hey Everyone, I am looking to buy a house in the city. It has to be a house NOT A apartment. BE SURE TO SEND ME A EMAIL IF YOU WANNA REACH ME (WE DISCUSS ABOUT THE PRICE) V Mail / Discord : LYAM#6782
    3. Looking to buy a house , my budget is 20 mil
    4. looking for a house up in the hills, pool is a must. reach out with offers! itznickybruh#9805 or text me at 162-4525
    5. Looking to buy a business, not fussed about what type at the moment, well make that decision when I see the building. HMU Email - dco#9728 Tyrone - 110-0388 (Bronx)
    6. Looking to buy a: 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 Between 15 - 20 mil Let me know if you have one as soon as possible. MAIL/DISCORD: LYAM#6782 PHONE: 785-4125
    7. Whoever owns 120 procopio Dr email me platinumho#3186 Looking to buy your lovely home.
    8. LTB a CHEAP house! Email me: xCROUW#2390 Phone: 157-1486
    10. Evszon


      looking for lambo anyone just email me at Evszon#6109 or reply here
    11. HEY, I AM LOOKING TO BUY A SCHAFTER V12 DRIFT. Do you have that car and you wanna sell it you can hit me up! EMAIL/DISCORD = LYAM#6782
    12. Hey everyone! I am looking to buy cheap cars under 500k. I really wanna have custom cars and even fu if thats possible. All other cars are great aswell. I also accept gifts . **WARNING** Every gift I get I AM NEVER DOING AWAY even if its a 10k car. Mail: LYAM#6782 Literally everything is possible guys! Add me on mail so we can talk some more!!
    13. Looking to buy an R8 or an OG Porche. Email me: Poseidon#8206
    14. Im looking to buy the Italigtb ethier FU or Not FU I want to buy the Italigtb not the Italigtb Custom Hit me up on Email if you have the car. Email - SoggyNapkin#7810
    15. looking for a GTR R35 you can contact me with some offers my phone number: 286-1369 But I prefer my e-mail: DaveMooij#5381
    16. Porsche 911 Turbo S C/O = SOLD Entity XXR C/O = SOLD Mail: LYAM#6782 Phone: 785-4125 Updated: 1 minute ago
    17. Interested in a m6, insured please. Send over a text at 497-3388 Or email me @ xixa#8123
    18. I am looking to buy a Karin Sultan RS Need to be: -INSURED -Fully Upgraded (FU) Searching for a price between: 1 - 2 million. Prices are negotiable. (I want it asap) Discord/Email = LYAM#6782 Phone: 785-4125
    19. I am looking to buy a Elegy Retro Custom Need to be: -INSURED -Fully Upgraded (FU) Searching for a price between: 1 - 2 million. Prices are negotiable. (I want it asap) Discord/Email = LYAM#6782 Phone: 785-4125
    20. Ksoo Fall

      LTB Cars

      looking to buy cars Send your cars and prices! BanditXV|Banshot#5127
    21. im looking to buy Chevy Dually 4500 transformer truck it has to be insured and FU. call me or send me mail. i'll respond Phone : 342-7850 Mail : Banxai#3188
    22. if the owner of this house good email me MrILLness#9914 that would be wonderful and thank you!
    23. Just curious how long someone can keep a property/ business really interested in getting one but nothing is for sale!
    24. anyone selling a ferrari? looking to purchase. please contact my email @ ethann#7818
    25. Looking for the owner so we can make a deal. Hit me up 952-0404 KoolAid#5627.
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