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Found 2 results

  1. Celestia

    Add the laws ingame.

    There has been a big issue of most of the cops not even knowing the laws to there own city. How are the civilians suppose to know the laws if even the cops get them mixed up? I have heard so many different things from different people that it is really hard to tell which is the true law and which is made up or assumed. There needs to be a written lawbook in the tablet.
  2. Villasenor

    My suggestions

    Server and players: Remove overlay or make it faster to use or add key binds as well. Thinks like engine toggle, toggle lock, cuffing, etc should have key binds) Add heroin and more drugs (Even them out from North and South maybe even on highways) Add more illegal actives like gun shipments. Add more vehicle dealerships and more vehicles like planes. (Higher classed vehicles for whitelisted members only) Improve illegal economy. (Instead of selling drugs or guns to NPC you must sell it to players. You can still sell to NPC for way less profit.) Optional: Fully whitelist all servers to two categories. People are there to roleplay correctly and realistic, but they aren't too experience or skilled (Medium-serious rp). People are fully experience and have great roleplay abilities (hardcore rp).) Economy: Make economy as realistic as possible. Add real life pay per hour rates. All government pay checks should be the same to prevent people wanted to switch for better pay. Add real prices (Vehicles, properties, food, etc.) Forums: Have a forum section for each server. (With their own player reports and stuff) Separate all servers (Applications for government jobs, laws, etc) Remove guides from IC section and make it it's own thread. In IC section add market (sell items like vehicles), government (government use only), job offerings, and business advertisements. Government: Add a court system to where any person can request trail for anything like a traffic stop. (I don't believe people should be forced to court unless we go fully whitelisted and hardcore.) If they chose to accept a court trail, they can be given a bond amount and if they pay or or get it loaned they can be freed until their court date. (Failure to do so with cash bond will have warrant for their arrest, from a bail bonds it will they will hire a bounty hunter.) Add government jobs of governor, mayors, councilors, business license officers, etc. Add different laws based on the area like driving laws, penal codes, etc. Law enforcement: Add investigation scripts like DNA, finger prints, bullets, etc. Would add a command to tap headlight during traffic stop procedure to add finger print. Add K9 scripts that can attack, follow, search vehicles, enter/exit vehicle, etc. Add triangle shaped sirens or any modern ones with ELS. (If possible) Los Angeles Change sheriff's department to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with north jurisdiction unless with permission like pursuits, prison transport, not enough PD, etc. (With different and separate application and training processes.) Sheriffs office will also do prison transport and other real life duties. Livery for LASD, click LINK. New York City Add New York State Police with north jurisdiction unless given permission for valid reasons like not enough PD or pursuits. Livery for state, click LINK. Medical Department: Remove SUV and add new ambulance. Add full medical system that depends on injury. (Cops can do basic things like add blood, bandage, cpr, etc.) Vehicles: Make acceleration, braking, and steering realistic. (If possible) Nerf vehicle damage to a realistic level. (If possible) These are just suggestions and ideas. I am not saying to add these, just saying to consider them. I would love to see these added, of course not everything is possible.
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