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    1. Dmoney


      Just going to start off with a big thanks to the owners, management,developers an all the cities staff and to the Great community/civilians in the Big City. So lets get to the point iv been enjoying trucking as a job and it pays pretty decent and is fun if you make it fun, I just want to suggest that when your doing a long haul, that on deliver of the cargo I've noticed theirs other trailers that you could pick up and bring back down to the truck stop instead of traveling all they way back to get another trailer and then out again it would bring a little realism to the trucking job since that's how it is done irl. An I'd like to think this would be a great addition to the trucking job. And I dont see it being to hard to implement so was curious about other people's opinion... Would be great full for some feed back on the suggestion. Thanks all. Just wanted to add a lil something too. Im wondering if it would be hard to implement being able to buy your own rig since this is my main source of income id like to have my own personal Rig
    2. I'm looking to become a mechanic due to my interest in the car scene. I have a great work ethic and can put in more than enough hours to get work for any shop at anytime. D-Email: LokiNyne#5122
    3. Good morning everyone, id like to start by saying this is NOT implying that whitelist jobs shouldn’t have queue priority. These medics, LEOs, and lawyers are essential to our Community, and the way it is set up now i think is pretty damn good. And im so happy to see so many people joining recently, especially EMS and Legal. BUT I cant help but think at least some of these new recruits are in it just for the queue priority. SO, MY SUGGESTION is to regulate who gets queue priority in the whitelisted job field. The entry level positions, for example the PFR with the Medics, the cadets with Law Enforcement, and (insert name entry level position for lawyers) in the Legal Field. Remove their queue priority. To avoid people joining these fields just for the prio, my idea is to make them prove that they are there for the RP. The NYFD/PD/SP, have a weekly hours quota which is great (potentially hard to enforce that with a lawyer character), and i believe the PD, at least, doesn’t allow you go back to another character until you’ve filled an hours requirement as a cadet, which is also great. To help regulate it further, and keep people from joining just for prio, remove the prio for the rookies. Make them prove that they are there for the RP and not the perks. The entry level positions in each respective field is how they will do this. They will go on duty and prove that they are there to help better the community, and if and when they are promoted from their rookie roles, THEN the prio should come as a perk. TLDR: to keep people from joining a whitelisted job just for queue priority, remove prio from entry level roles. Prove youre there to stay, and once youre promoted, then you get prio Id love to hear what everyone thinks about this. If i missed any points, any other ideas, agree or disagree, yell at me! Have a great day everyone and happy RPing!
    4. So is there no way to apply for a white listed job? I would like to be a lawyer but there is no where to take the bar and nobody is really helpful it seems as If being. Illegal is the only way to go in this city
    5. Being able to purchase your own semi for those of us who really enjoy the job would be amazing. So that we could customize it some and call it our own instead of using the same ugly blue or purple semi over and over again. Maybe a way to store/wash/repair it down around the docks or the large bays where you make one of the fuel deliveries at the airport would be cool. Just a thought. I'd really love my own torino red and chrome semi to truck with all day. Maybe even a custom trailer too. I've seen a red tanker near the docks before and it was gorgeous. A customizable refer trailer or standard box trailer to match your truck would be the best thing ever!
    6. Through a pretty extensive discussion within the Discord, I think a majority of the players agree that there should be a larger variety of jobs that require RP interactions with other players. Most of the suggestions listed below are legal as legal jobs often barely make a stable income for a player within the server, but there will be some illegal job suggestions also so that we can have illegal professions that stray away from the drug scene. Feel free to comment your ideas or concerns! Ice Cream + Taco Truck (Legal): Make it available for players to purchase and use ice cream and tacos so players can go driving around looking for other players to sell to. Creates interactions and gives another source of food. Burger Shot (Legal): Remove the burgers from the local convenience stores and allow them to be purchased at the local Burger Shot that is accessible on the map. Maybe make the burgers have a longer lasting effect and make your character full for longer so that there's an incentive to visit the restaurant as opposed to just going to buy food at the convenience store. Possibly have snack items available for purchase at the convenience stores in case no player is online to be serving, and they wouldn't fill you up for long so it makes you go to the restaurant and interact with others. Bartender (Legal): Will help encourage gatherings at areas other than mech shops and Legion. Have players serve other players drinks at Tequilala's or Yellow Jack's. Maybe have them need to gather ingredients to make specific drinks (interactions with those winery people and farmers) Coffee Shop/Bakery (Legal): Possibly bring back the concept of the donut shop with gathering ingredients to create food items. Maybe have this profession cooperate with farmers to bring in even more RP (e.g bakers buying ingredients from farmers). Maybe give small boosts for these food items that need to be created to give incentive for other players to buy it (e.g coffee helps you run a little longer because you have more energy?) Delivery Service (Legal): Delivering food or water or other basic items to players at their homes? Like an UberEats or something like that so there's interaction between the driver and the player. Personal Stylist (Legal): Giving players the ability to go to someone else to get dressed, maybe for like special occasions or something like that? Could be at a Ponsonbys or something because it's all fancy. Stylist could be controlling the menu and the prices could be discussed amongst players in case the other player doesn't like the look? Barber/Makeup Artist (Legal): Same thing as the personal stylist but at the barber shop. House-keeping (Legal): Call players to come to your house and clean? Mostly RP obviously but it would be fun to interact with a cleaner at your house. Could also work with pool cleaning. Trainers/Gym (Legal): To increase stamina for running, possibly have a gym? There's already an outdoor one at Vespucci so no need for interior. Make it required for players to book an appointment or time to train with a personal trainer if they want to increase their character's stamina. Life Guards (Legal): I see people doing this all the time already but it's considered illegal since they have to lockpick the car. Have this as an actual job and they could oversee players at the beach and whoever goes scuba diving? Tour Guides (Legal): When there's enough people interested in a tour, have a tour guide take them around the city in one of those blue buses you find on Vinewood Boulevard. Makes for a larger RP scenario as there's the driver, a tour guide, and an entire group of people participating in the tour. Hacker (Illegal): Like the heists in the original game, there were hackers on the team. Maybe re-visit that little mini game for hackers and they could assist in bank or store robberies with the safes or could take a certain amount of money from other player's bank accounts (e.g like max $20k or something, I'm not sure). Players can hire them to help with their robberies or to steal from other players. House Break Ins (Illegal): Similar to NoPixel where you can break into NPC houses and steal their items. Hitman (Illegal): An actual hitman profession where you have to interact and provide reasoning for the killing, negotiating prices, discussing how you want the entire situation to go down and the repercussions if they are caught or if it fails. Makes pretty good RP scenarios in my opinion. Pawn Shop (Legal + Illegal): Kind of an add-on to above. If you were able to steal items from NPC houses, maybe players would have to visit a buyer at a pawn shop or something like that to sell the items. This creates RP interactions and the two players would have to bargain for the price, allowing more interaction. Here are a few other suggestions that I think would improve RP! Instagram/Snapmatic/LifeInvader: Allows people to share pictures and comment possibly. Adds to the realism and makes people want to go out and do stuff to flex on their account (just like in real life!) Different Numbers per Character: Just to differentiate and to encourage players to establish different connections on each character as opposed to just going to hit up their old friends. Group Chats: Not like the dark chat but an actual group chat feature on the phone? Accessible Buildings + Activities: Things like tennis, golf, and darts from the original game may be fun RP scenarios. I know it may be hard but possibly allowing more accessible buildings with interiors that we could go inside and RP in (e.g the university for school RP or something although I'm sure this interior would be hard to have, just an example) I know this got long but I compiled a few different suggestions that I heard from the Discord and other players to make this list. On a final note though, hank you to the admins for doing a great job on the server! You're already doing amazing, and I hope this gives you a few more ideas as to what you could add to the server next!
    7. I'd like to add and/or build on jobs for the city. Some cool ideas I’ve come across over time while watching others roleplay and while scanning the internet gathering ideas would be Meter Maids, Food Truck Operators, Marijuana Growers, Therapists, and Tour Guides. (The Basic Jobs) [ “The Grower” would grow the marijuana, package the drug, and then deliver it to “Smoke on the Water”, thereby providing the “Pharmacists” with the goods they deliver. This would be a legal job and would be set up in a way that you could not sell it to locals. It would work similarly to Vigneron unless the job has changed since last October. ] [ “The Meter Maid” or “Parking Attendant” would be a municipal job and potentially whitelisted if need be. They would drive around the streets and issue parking tickets to people who are illegally/incorrectly parked, and possibly even empty meters. That is if it’s possible to add that feature of course. They could earn a “proc” or chunk of cash for each ticket they write or just have a higher wage. ] [ “The Food Truck Operator” would drive a food truck from point to point, temporarily positioning themselves there and selling consumables to locals & Civilians using items provided to them through the job. The operator would just pocket the money they make from selling the product. ] (The Long Shots) [ “The Therapist” would seek out clients over Twitter, develop a professional relationship with them, and routinely counsel said clients. They could go on to possibly prescribe certain medications or treatments which the client could go seek out somewhere else in the city and actually act upon. The job could be whitelisted/Waged or through the employment center and be paid a small wage with the majority of payments coming from the clients themselves. ] [“The Tour Guide” would drive participants around the city in a tour-bus or box-van, showcasing Landmarks and important locations. The tour guide would follow a set route or drive freely. Tour guides would be paid a moderate wage as well as take tips from riders.]
    8. Hi There, Pretty new here but have been driving a taxi since I started and have a couple of thoughts. I tried to read back a bit but didn't see any of these on the first couple pages. I am not a DEV so I do not know if some of these things are hard to do/unrealistic to implement so let me know! The gas in the taxi runs out way too fast. Now, I am not saying make it have the gas mileage of a camel but some times I can't even make it to my customer without losing a 1/2 tank and depending on where they want to go I may even need to stop for gas before my next customer. On busy times this can create a backlog of customers and people get annoyed with waiting and leave their spot. A) Introduce a system that if a customer moves too far from their spot where they called you the ride is canceled. There have been a lot of times where a queue piles up or customers find other means of transportation and end up leaving. The taxi arrives and they are nowhere to be found wasting time, gas and money for the driver. B) Maybe some sort of system where the customer can get a pop up if they leave the taxi zone asking if they would like to cancel or warning them that leaving the area will result in cancelation of the fare. Please move the fare screen or make it a bit smaller. Currently, people have concerns as they can not see their menu in order to pay the taxi or access other things. Maybe a ping or alert when the taxi is close to arriving/arrives for the customer Remove old taxi requests after time, sometimes drivers forget to close them and they pile up in the queue Another taxi dispatch on the other side of town I think overall the earnings for taxi can use a bit of a rework with the cost it is taking now you can barely come up even after gas expenses. I drive mostly for meeting people and RP but it would be nice to earn a bit for myself, especially with the $1500 speeding tickets having my bank account in the red Thanks for reading!
    9. Should the profits be raised by voting we the people may actually be able to make some change
    10. Hey I've just arrived and unsure of what the highest paid jobs are and no one wanted to say on the server I joined when someone asked. See ya around. I'll be in a Go Postal van
    11. Alright, i'll directly adress the problem Current jobs are boring! EMS and NYPD are fun! Why? EMS and NYPD are jobs that have: a lot of different scenarios, a lot of social interaction, less repetitive, team communication, etc. The other jobs are plain boring because it lacks all of the previous things that I summed up! Personally, I think they definetly need to be less repetitive and need a lot more social interaction! That's what makes the job feel more real and a lot more fun! If you have any ideas to fix this, leave it down in the comments below!
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