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    Found 7 results

    1. can we add this car into the city for 100k? It would be perfect for this new character I made who had a real southern accent and he loves to collect junk from the junkyard, he’s also homeless. He likes rusty objects because he thinks that they’re “vintage” and I came across this car just browsing and thought this would be perfect for this character. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/cadillac-fleetwood-brougham-1985-rusty
    2. The cabletrain to mt.chilliad that is in the original GTAV should be also available in this server. It would make getting up there easier and not everybody is good at driving up a damn mountain
    3. There should be a opportunity to work on your physical health at least on your stamina. It isnt realistic that everyone can only sprint or swim fast for 5 seconds. There should be a way to work your stamina up by going to a gym like in the prison or basically just by running and going for a swim. You could also lose stamina by smoking or eating too much fast food etc. This would also reduce the jumprunners
    4. Lockpicking a vehicle shouldn't be luck based it should be skill based. So my idea would be add a minigame while lockpicking a vehicle. It would add realism and more interaction.
    5. We should be able to choose our own interiors before buying a house. There should be options that we can choose from. This would add to the diversity. There could be a new job and that is being an interior designer. He would show you the available options and you can customize and choose, would also add to the RP and realism.
    6. I would like to open up the Cluckin - Bell spot, I Would like to make it so it would be a job at the Job center and a location on the map. It would also be like a store with drinks and a burger Icon for civilians to buy. For the job part of the Cluckin-Bell It would be locals you would take there order and if you give them there correct order you would xxx Amount of money (Government has to decide). I want to make the Cluckin -Bell spot like a restaurant chill spot with me as owner I'll hire actual employees to host events, entertainment and people will hopefully get better and more role-play there then hanging out at legion. I want these positions In Cluckin -Bell to be taken seriously I feel like this Idea/Plan would be a good Idea my discord is BanditXV|Banshot#5127 Please feel free to give me a Text , Direct Message or anything I want this idea to get executed I will run Cluckin-Bell with Respect.
    7. Hi All, So i came up with an idea with (Johnny's) help and we were thinking of having a panic button for cops so like when a certain officer is in danger he hits the panic button maybe = button and it sends all the officers on duty a way point to the officers 10-7 (Location) in red even if they have a way point active for a destination it will redirect them to it. I was thinking it maybe coming up with an announcement like a robbery announcement, i think this would be an awesome idea and help officers rp a little more as well as be notified to the other officers cause many officers mute their coms (Even though we have told them not to) so this would be a really great idea. Also really helps the officer that is in danger, because as you know IRL you press the red button on your radio (In your car) or on your radio mic and it will transmit 10 seconds audio and update a location. However I don't know how hard this will be to get added but i just wanted to put my idea and (Johnny's) idea out there so it maybe gets recognised thank you
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