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    1. Looking to sell 418 Mirror Park House w/ pool Rent is 10k Starting at 50M Text or email me if you have any questions! 082-5240 / Netkiriya#0225
    2. Selling Apartment FULLY FURNISHED, AS IS - Even with some food in the cabinet! Send me legitimate offers on my email at xCROUW#2390! | SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY |
    3. Hey Everyone, I am looking to BUY A HOUSE / TRAILER / APARTMENT IN SANDY SHORES !Let me know how much you want for it! (NO BS or some shit cuz I will ignore that.) V Mail / Discord : LYAM#6782 (Somewhere in this area is the best)
    4. Looking to sell my house at 3006, #2 102 Procopio Drive ASAP. Government price: 500k Property fees: 5k Garage: 8 slots Email me offers @: slofs#7860
    5. Hey Everyone, I am looking to buy a house in the city. It has to be a house NOT A apartment. BE SURE TO SEND ME A EMAIL IF YOU WANNA REACH ME (WE DISCUSS ABOUT THE PRICE) V Mail / Discord : LYAM#6782
    6. 2858 Hillcrest Avenue for sale. Located in: Vinewood Hills (Area code: 896) Features include: Great Location Huge Opened Swimming Pool 8 Slot Garage Amazing View Government price: $3,500,000 C/O: 30,000,000 B/O: $30,000,000 (Final price includes government) Please leave offers below or via email! Contact me, Eric Kanevsky 042-5374 Email: RoffolBicep#6195
    7. Selling house in the hills. Number: 961-9960 Email: ProtTheKing#5864
    8. 117 Procopio Drive for sale. Located in: Paleto Bay (Area code: 3015) Features include: Great Location (impound, bank, repair shop, gun store, gas station) Close to the Beach Nice and quite surroundings Police wont come here quickly Government price: $500,000 C/O: $8,000,000 B/O: $10,000,000 (Final price includes government) Please leave offers below or via email! Contact me, Eric Kanevsky 042-5374 Email: RoffolBicep#6195
    9. I have been thinking about new house robberies. As of now all you do is break in and stand in one location and wait for the loot. But what about this: Once you break in you have to go to multiple locations inside of the house (like book shelves, kitchen drawers, cabinets and so on). You have to press a certain key on your keyboard and it won't show where the locations to search are. You just have to think logically where people keep their stuff. Once you have found a book shelve for example press the certain key on your keyboard and a inventory window will open up (like when you go into your trunk or stash for example). That window will then have a random amount of items and money like bracelets, food, repair kits and all the other stuff you typically get from house robberies. You just drag and drop to your inventory. I personally think that way it gives a bit more action, fun and a bit more something to do rather than just stand at one place. You can also physically see the items and it would take you pretty much the same time as waiting for a loading bar to go full since you actually have to walk around and take the items.
    10. Postal: 3022 Starting Bid: 1,000,000 Buyout: Looking at offers atm Email me or reply here. Thomie#3333
    11. SELLING 1003 NORTH ROCKFORD DRIVE Selling is amazing looking mansion on North Rockford Drive. Has a great looking front yard with a nice cobbled driveway and a nice tiled walkway. Around the back, it has a great pool, along with a patio area to lounge around in. Inside it has a spacious living room, a bright kitchen, as well as 3 bedroom, one in which has a walk in wardrobe and en suite. Looking for offers at the moment. Send me offers here, or to my email wubz#3809 Will update the closest offer here. Also the buy out price is there in case anyone wants to secure the property. Government Price: $20 million Closest Offer: $25 million Buy Out Price: $40 million
    12. 2402 NIKOLA PLACE IN MIRROR PARK Currently for sale, I have this Nikola Place house. It features a private street that will always have available parking, a small backyard in your house, along with other pros you can find with this house. For some people that may want to know, the roof can be accessed simply by choice. A full accessible driveway is visible, that connects to a garage for your vehicle storage. You will almost never see your neighbors on this street, as there is not many houses on this street. All the necessities are in the area that can even be walked to but are not limited to the/ mechanic shop 5, a gas station, barber shop, and for anyone who is a big gambler, the casino. This house features a nice little interior with a dining table, kitchen, living room, and all the basic needs you would want. You are able to store whatever you please in the bookshelves behind the living room, and hold many outfits in the bedroom closet. Attached are pictures taken in the city of this beautiful house. PRICING: BUYOUT SET TO 20M: Current offer is set to: GT40 + 1M (16M) Government: 750k. Be reasonable with offers. Email me at fmlitsgio#0001 or respond here.
    13. Hello. I am looking to sell a beautiful house in the hills with an 8 car garage and a beautiful interior to go along with it. Please refer to the pictures I have attached to this listing to see what it looks like. This house is being priced at $17,000,000 or best offer. HMU on my email Michael J Caboose#9222
    14. Features: Nice view of the mountain range Beautiful view of the city from the backyard 1 bath 1 bedroom spacious living room/kitchen area 8 Car Garage Location: Directly around the corner from Mechanic Shop#5 Within walking distance of Mirror Park LTD/Barber Shop/Liquor Store Gov: 1 mil C/O: 7.5 mil Buyout: 15 mil Also Open to Trades!!
    15. We should be able to choose our own interiors before buying a house. There should be options that we can choose from. This would add to the diversity. There could be a new job and that is being an interior designer. He would show you the available options and you can customize and choose, would also add to the RP and realism.
    16. Looking to sell my house in paleto bay Contact - Fxtality#1234 or Reply to this post. Buyout: $6,000,000 Current Offer: $1,000,000 Gov: $500k Postal: 3015
    17. Selling my beautiful villa in the hills. postal code 879. it has a 8 space parking garage and has a beautiful vieuw over the city. hmu with offers down here or email me at Hans Von Bismarck#8589 current offer is / buyout is 20mil
    18. Got a house for sale here, 2400 Nikola Place, Mirror Park Culdesac; 750k Gov. EMail: Sheets#9316, Phone: 956-0028 B/O: 30M Or Highest bid. S/B: 15M C/O: 20M will end bidding on 06/07/2020 @ Midnight EST Serious offers only, will not acknowledge stupid offers. Standard Mirror Park interior, BBQ and patio in the back well concealed. Nice yard cover, first house on the corner so quickly accessed. Right near an items store & gas station, barber shop and popular mech shop. Neighborhood is very popular and one of the nicest to move into in the city, buying a Nikola Place house will give you some pretty great neighbors that you can rely on. Also has an easily accessible roof.
    19. 502 Roy Lowenstein Blvd Government Price: 350k Rent/Week: 3.5k Current Offer: 6mil Buyout: 10mil - 2 Bedroom, 1 bath. Nice living room with a big driveway and covered parking. Also has a nice parking lot behind the house for friends to park over. - Directly located near P1 Garage, Impound, and other important locations. To leave offers or any questions, contact me here or by Email: Wootiez#3618
    20. I'm selling a trailerhome at sandy. Address is 109 Marina Dr. It has a beautiful view to the lake and has gas station, grocery store, police station, med station, tattoo shop, weapon shop and bar really close by. You can also host parties at the roof patio that has plenty of room for all the guests. b/o 1.7 including gov Shoot your offer at 221-3017 or email at sane#0779
    21. discord: TheOVOEvans#5645 current offer: 30mil
    22. LTS this house lmk if interested Email : TacT#5404 Phone Number : 731-7546
    23. I just saw this nice lovey house at Route 68 nearby a gas station and a lovely river and a church. It would be a perfect house to add in! A small suggestion ya know. Just look at the map at 915 and drive to that location to see which house i mean. It's right on top of 915.
    24. got a 1 bedroom Paleto House for Sale comes fully furnished and all has a 8 car garage lots of driveway space Huge Backyard Rent is 5000 C/o 2 mill Buyout 5 mill Contact me @ BZK#3093 or 342-8371
    25. got a 1 bedroom Paleto House for Sale comes fully furnished and all has a 8 car garage Decent driveway space Rent is 5000 C/o 2.5 mill Buyout 5 mill Contact me @ BZK#3093 or 342-8371
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