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    1. Title says it all. The C32 AMG drives like a boat on ice and is way too slow. AMG models are typically the most expensive and highest-performing variant of each Mercedes-Benz class. It needs to be fixed it is close to undriveable at this point. I can assist the developers with finding the most realistic values for it if needed. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is also another car that has been ruined for me. The chrome parts have been replaced by plain white parts which make the car look very ugly and cheap. It is an 85 million dollar car and also needs to be fixed asap. I hope our developers can find a solution for it so we can enjoy these cars. I have linked pictures for it down below: 218_20220504222141_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com) 218_20220504222143_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com) Thank you
    2. so, i joined the server today and everything was going well but for my mic? i looked online and had two other people try to help and it doesn't seem to. It doesn't seem to be because it's an USB Mic either. i logged in and out multiple times, checked my mic and computer and everything runs fine. my mic works just fine on other things as well. Is there anyway to fix this?
    3. Hey guys. I’m new to the city but today when I went on I couldn’t customize my appearance. When I first flew in I couldn’t select what “parents” And features I wanted. Thought it would fix if I just chose a npc but even after I left to go change myself I wasn’t able to get a new outfit aside from one different shirt and some sunglasses. I deleted and redownloaded but it’s still not letting me change my appearance whatsoever. Any help would be appreciated.
    4. Hey Regulars & Newbies! My name is Yolanda Sweets. I'm the daughter of alcoholic parents, & I spent most of my childhood in foster homes. No matter how tough my life was growing up, I always believed the goodness in people. Currently, I'm divorced & single. Three years ago, my husband ran off with his mistress. Then a year ago, when I found love again, my boyfriend stole my identity and racked up several hundred dollars of debt in my name. I tracked my ex boyfriend to the Big Apple, but I lost him. I decided to stay in the city because frankly, I have no money to get back to my hometown... So here's to one more time starting over! If you see me walking around, I kindly accept charity in the form of food, water, & transportation. As I am currently broke & homeless. Plug me in your contacts 815-0865
    5. So for starters I've been told my phone number is glitched or broken? It should only be 7 numbers long and mine is like 9 numbers long. I'll include a photo of what I'm talking about. Also I'm having an issue with my vehicles disappearing shortly after getting off/out of them and interacting with something. For example the weed processing place. But I get when you go into the weed processing place it's technically not on the other side of that door it could be some where down in LS, but earlier today I parked my motorcycle outside the car dealership, turned it off, and locked it. Walked inside, bought insurance for the bike, walked out and it was gone. No one stole it, to the best of my knowledge no one impounded it...they shouldn't have as it wasn't illegally parked, but it just up and disappeared. This keeps happening and its pissing me off because over the last 4 days I've spent well over 50K just getting my Motorcycle out of impound for no reason. But they don't go to impound they go 'missing' and I have to relog to be able to get them out of impound. I was having another issue but for the life of me I can't remember it. I'll post it if I remember it.
    6. I'm sure this has already be spoken about and is a on going thing that pops up but I wanted to see if there was any future in it? I was super happy when I got my R35 but only to find out I can't really do mods to it. Just asking and would like some kind of update or reply about this. Thanks, Dynasty
    7. To the very few people who actually pay attention to the EMS department, It'd be in the community's greatest interest to focus on EMS. RP scenarios between EMS and civilians or even Officers has almost always been a minimum. I hope to cover a few points in this post. An SMT once said that "People come to a GTARP server for the cars." EMS started out with 3 different cars, with the Explorer being a reskin of the PD's car. Later on in the year, EMS got a reskinned PD Tahoe, when PD got a new Tahoe file overall. In the Winter of 2017, EMS finally got a unique car for Supervisors, the CVPI- something PD had access to the whole time. It has to be pointed out that the Police on the server have always had a choice of +8 cars. They've cycled more vehicles than EMS have had in their lifetime here. A cadet who is fresh out of their ridealong hours has the choice of what I believe is 4 unique vehicles. It would be best for EMS to get a range of vehicles to deal with varying situations. I've put in tons of hours into FiveM and I'm sure 94% or more of it has been spent responding to calls as an EMS in one of the same bland cars we've had. I can not tell you how many times I had take a box ambulance out on the fishing trail or hunting trail because someone was injured out of the city. I can not describe how frustrating it is even as a Paramedic, now EMT rank, to take an explorer up Mt Chiliad just to have a civilian miraculously get up and run down the mountain when just 10 seconds ago, a mountain lion had their neck in a grip. I can not explain in words how frustrating it is to drive a box ambulance as a Probationary/EMR from Pillbox out to Paleto Forest (the logging facility) while getting called slurs in OOC by some impatient logger, arrive on scene, and have that individual respawn without repercussions other than losing the small pistol that the metagaming robber could not steal from them. You can not say that EMS are not active enough on the servers to help out the few people who want to RP out a long term injury. The community has exponentially bloated with people wanting to be the cool Officer catching bad guys and doing police chases, but how many of these new people logged into the server saying "I want to RP out a surgery today." or "I want to make sure this person can get up and go back to having fun with his friends on this server."? EMS has been literally an after thought of people joining the servers because we are just there as a roadblock after people are injured. I can only guess I've read well over a 200 times "Will EMS just leave so I can respawn already?" while I was on duty taking my time to RP with someone who genuinely enjoyed having to RP their character hit the guard rail a little too fast. It is also impossible how many times I've seen someone complain about the respawning repercussions while EMS were on because it is our fault they were impatient enough to respawn while two or three EMS had to rush between five or six calls across all of Los Santos. Can you guess how that feels as someone who works all day, comes home to play on GTA5Police Servers, and gets the book thrown at them for not speeding well over 100 to an individual who doesn't have the decency to RP further than "You called me a mean name, so I will shoot you on the spot in front of what should be +20 Witenesses and lead to me spending life in jail for murder."? In central dispatch as a Captain I've been talked over by cadets because PD matters are more important than EMS Scenarioes What makes the scenario between the freshy and soon to be banned 15 and a half year old boy more important than the situation of any EMS needing transport for any individual needing help of us? There needs to be respect for EMS as much as their is for PD. There is a time and place for jokes between people in the community who have been in comms together and have RP'd together while on CIvs and On Duty, and that does lead to more fun and unique scenarios when those people come together; But when someone has the gall to say EMS no matter the rank are below the entirety of the Police force, that person should be talked to. Every single one of us are sitting down to play a game. It should not matter if this Cadet, EMR, Lt, Sergeant, Cpt, or even Cheif is older or younger than me, they deserve all of my respect. They are another person sitting down to have fun and make new friends on a server that is overflowing with unique personalities from across the globe. I know the server is named GTA5Police, but EMS are here with just as an important role to fill. Do not take this as me saying that the Police should not have attention while moving forward with development, rather EMS is indeed an important factor. Cutting off damaged limb may save the whole organism, but what if you could work on curing the ailment of that limb, and get it back to working condition like it was never a bother to begin with. EMS is the same way, do not cut us out because you do not feel we are not doing our jobs, we are- and it is the same faces you've seen for past half a year working their asses off to make sure this department doesn't die.
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