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    Found 2 results

    1. Just something small i want to hit on, just because its been something that has been bothering me for awhile in regards to the interactions i have with people. So yes as a cop i have a list of rules i must follow my SOP, but in saying that just because i have these rules does not mean my character will follow them. You may have a lot of interactions with cops to a point you know our rule book but you do not know the current story or mental state of the character. So i ask this of people get to know our cops as characters not just our rule book
    2. It's time we had this discussion as a community, Cops VS Crims Gameplay. SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES/OPINIONS. Please keep comments tactful and do not curse or attack anyone sharing their input, or select individuals. Provide clips to enhance discussion if you have any. If you identify a concern/complaint provide a solution as well to address it. This is a two way street on both Cop and Crim gameplay. I am going to list player's top concerns with the current state of Cop gameplay due to the length of the topic. This is a general overview, and let me be clear, it is not all cops, but a handful. Than
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