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    1. Title says it all. The C32 AMG drives like a boat on ice and is way too slow. AMG models are typically the most expensive and highest-performing variant of each Mercedes-Benz class. It needs to be fixed it is close to undriveable at this point. I can assist the developers with finding the most realistic values for it if needed. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is also another car that has been ruined for me. The chrome parts have been replaced by plain white parts which make the car look very ugly and cheap. It is an 85 million dollar car and also needs to be fixed asap. I hope our developers can find a solution for it so we can enjoy these cars. I have linked pictures for it down below: 218_20220504222141_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com) 218_20220504222143_1.png ‎- Fotos (gyazo.com) Thank you
    2. My suggestion is to add a script that allows Mechanics to angle vehicles tires, This could be used for JDM vehicles (Japanese Domestic Market Vehicles) JDM Cars in real life tend to be stance with angled wheels and really low suspension, Sometimes you can only just fit your finger between the wheel and the car body. A script I have found is called VStancer, however I do not know if it will stick to the vehicle when you choose to store it in a garage etc. --- IMAGES --- This image is an Elegy using the VStancer script, it is the Vanilla version of the Nissan Skyline R34/32, The Image below is an R34 that has been stanced.
    3. I honestly really love both of these cars and they look great in the city, the only thing i dislike is they aren't putting out the power they should be. I understand the hellcat going 260 back in the day was an issue for the cops and i agree it did need a change but the tuner you put on it made it to where the thing barley hits 160 now same with the mustang. These are vehicles that should be able to reach at least 180 with no issues yet they are struggling to hit 150. Also i feel like they could use a new model with more upgrade options in the shop. I think they look great the way they are but if i could throw stripes on the gt or a spoiler i would the link below is a model i found with plenty of different appearance options for the mustang. thanks for your time! 2019 Mustang GT model: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-ford-mustang-gt-bullitt-rtr-5-rims
    4. Wouldnt it be amazing to test drive a vehicle that your intrested in at a fair price, instead of buying from a dealer ship and then come to find out your not in to that style,speed, handling. Just curious if this is something other people would care to see in game. Side note: upon purchase of said vehicle if you decide to get a pricy one and realize you made a mistake and thats not what you wanted your out money cuz it only sells half price when sold back to dealer ship or you could try to find a buyer!!!
    5. Chevrolet Camero zl1 Widebody and Mercedes C63 AMG Widebody
    6. Here's a few links to vehicles i think tons of people would be happy with them being in the city . 1. Rocket Bunny Subaru BRZ. I know we already have a BRZ but its kinda booty since it barely has any customization options. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rocket-bunny-v3-brz-add-on-19c0f857-52f1-4691-9464-287dc8016b41 2. 2020 C8 Corvette. Dont think i need to explain why is just a super nice car. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2020-chevrolet-corvette-c8-add-on-extra-dirt 3. 2017 Subaru WRX STI. I included this because like the Lancer Evolution this car is a beloved car in the community and i feel like we should have a choice of old and new version of it just like we do with the lancer. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/subaru-wrx-sti-2017-replace 4. 2020 BMW M8. This thing like the C8 is just a beast insanely new and nice vehicle that everyone would like. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m850i-add-on-no-interior-a3813b80-5386-4c93-a703-d9c78edd33a9 5. 2020 Toyota Supra. Every car fanatic knows this car, its insane its the type of car that when you see it, it makes your whole day awesome. Not only that but the detailing they did on this mod is INSANE!! The interior looks spot on amazing work. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-toyota-supra-gr-add-on-jp-spec I don't expect any of these to be added but if they could be taken into consideration that would be great thank you for your time. ~ Easton Montana
    7. Removing addon cars. prons: would increase performance, loading times etc. cons: you lost your car
    8. Since we have changed the customs shops to stop Law Enforcement from painting or changing any of the paints on their vehicles, we are stuck with white unmarked vehicles, which, stick out like a sore thumb and look pretty weird in a non snow environment. All I want is a DARKER paint on the unmarked maybe a GREY paint or a BLACK paint. S.O.R.T. used a Ghost Livery of the N.Y.S.P. before it was removed and now uses a Black S.U.V. but they can no longer paint police vehicles. Please, Please, change the colour of the unmarked. Thanks for reading.
    9. I'm so tired of seeing legion packs with people sitting school circle dancing with their rows of super cars not doing dick. I drive around the city for hours and unless I get pulled over I hardly see anyone doing anything. Where are the people RP'ing the average person? Why does everyone Have to be billy bad ass with the Nicest car, the Millions of dollars, always strapped with guns out the ass? It's OLD I've had more fun playing as an older man trying to become a lawyer than I ever did as a criminal, So why not change it up and be that homeless man that lives behind The Unicorn? or the Lady who tries to adopt every stray cat she sees? Also the way the city's economy is currently set up promotes people to just be a thug because there are so few Honest living jobs that can support the cost of living in the city. Either Super cars need to cost more, or the Income from illegal activities need to go down, how many drug dealers you see cruising around in a Lamborghini? Yall should be driving Honda Civics with mis-matched fenders. This stuff has been brought up so many times, It shouldn't be on the Staff the have to radically change the city to fix these issues, Everyone joined this Community to Role Play, Why don't we try something different for once Just one day Everyone Make a new character and think of something else besides being a Hot shot drug king-pin. It doesn't take much effort and If you don't have a fun/ entertaining experience all you've lost is some time. I'm more than willing to help anyone Come up with a back story or Unique Quark for a Character If you'd like to DM me.
    10. Have you ever seen all of those fancy cars, looked back at yours and wondered where to get your foot in the door? Look no further! Nationwide Productions has all of your Car Meet needs! We are an up and coming group looking for staff and members! We are looking to host regular FREE car meets and events. Everyone and their vehicles are welcome. No matter the type. Like JDM? Bring that Supra out and show it off! Like ADM? Get that Challenger rumbling and bring it down! Like EDM? Turn up that Eurobeat and show off your goods! Okay that's cool and all but what's the catch? THERE ISN'T ONE! No catch, no payments and no hidden BS! What should you bring? How about that sweet ride of yours and your passion for cars and share it with others who love cars just as much as you. That's it. What if I want to race? Don't worry! We do too! If we get enough people, we will start hosting FREE events with safe racing. I'm interested! Where do I sign up? No need to sign up good sir/ma'am! Just look out on Twitter for the official handle @Nationwide Productions for a location and time! Membership is free and with no signups, there's no worry about us holding information. You are free to buy, sell and trade cars at our meets and we encourage bringing multiple cars! We will almost always have a cruise immediately following the meet to another spot. How do I go about becoming a staff member? Contact me at 666-0129 or at my Email Ryan K#9508. Responsibilities include advertising(Shameless plug), creating or distributing media and creating interest and for certain, trusted staff members, creating meets and finding new spots. I want to involve my business. Can I advertise? And if so, what do I need to do? Follow the same process as becoming a staff member. Owners are welcome to open up their lots or advertise at meets and create jobs. Advertising for events will be handled differently but that will be disclosed when the time comes. RULES: Of course like everything in life there are rules. Here at Nationwide we want to put the power back in the people by keeping our meet rules short. No revving, burnouts, alcohol and drugs. Keeping drama helps of course also, so if it is brought into our meets we will ask you to handle it away from everyone else before returning. Breaking any of those 4 rules will result in a staff member asking you to leave. We never want that to happen! Just like you we want to enjoy cars and we do not want to be shut down by cops or the local businesses. We ask that you leave the lots cleaner than you came in and respect the spot! We hope to see you out on the streets and at our meets!
    11. WHEN: Saturday 3 PM EST WHERE: Event Server WHAT: All cars are welcome! Rules for non-rares: No reserve We will start the bids off at 50% of the showroom price. Upgrades will add 95K to the total value Rules for rares: Reserve selected by the owner prior to bidding We will start the bids off at 65% of the reserve. *Reply to this post to register vehicles for auction.
    12. Immortals hosted events - All currently hosted in Staten ========STREET RACE======== Title Sponsor: Sandy YouTool 1st - $500,000 + 1 FREE Full upgrade 2nd - $350,000 3rd - $200,000 4th - 1 FREE Full upgrade Where: Revealed before the race 4 Direct Invites / 12 open registrations (1st come first serve) No Uniques Text 936-9652 for info on registration **** 1 Direct invite will be chosen by the community. Reply below with who you want to see get an invite. =========FIGHT CLUB========= Title Sponsor: The Casino 1st - $400,000 2nd - $250,000 3rd - $100,000 Contenders: 16 fighters (4 direct invites) Where: Staten Island, Vinewood Bowl ========CAR AUCTIONS======== These will be hosted at sponsored business/mech shop locations. Buyers: Get the car of your dreams on the spot for hard cash! Sellers: Looking to sell your car, but it's taking ages? Bring it by and we'll auction it off. We all see great deals pass us by all the time, why not get your shot at the next best deal? This week's auction will be 5/25 Location: Mech Shop 7 Sponsored by: Mech Shop 7/ Chuck Wick Free inspections on site and upgrade verification
    13. You know how you get many cars out of the garage and they look different ? for example the raptor, when you take that out sometimes it can have chairs in the back, a livery, and it will basically look like a whole different car. I suggest that devs make it possible for vehicle owners to be able to change their extras only at los santos custom shops, ex press F7 when you're at a los santos customs and u can see your extras and choose what to turn off and on. this is an issue many people would love to see resolved, so leave your feedback and or opinions below
    14. I like the r34 and Supra is just the sound is a bit underwhelming I mean compared to r35 exhaust which is brutal they sort of sound soft . I wish they sounded like a sultan or a casco cause it fit the sound of the engines better in my opinion.
    15. Personally in my opinion that 80% of the Vehicles are ignored because everyone wants A Mercedes,Aston or Ferrari but you don't see anybody driving around in a Declasse sabre or a Buffalo and reason most of the gta cars aren't worth buying because the don't have similar performance to their import counterparts and a lot cars are overlooked alot of good cars like the Schafter V12 and Schwartzer or Ubermacht Oracle, Sentinel . I believe that gta cars should have same or similar performance and upgrades just like the import cars and that their would be more variety to the server more flavors and different taste of cars.
    16. Gas: I think either gas should be cheaper or it should last longer. I think that from the city to Paleto and back I shouldn't have to fill up my tank twice costing $300 Lockpicks: I think that lockpicks should be changed to where it works every time but it takes longer to 'Hotwire' and they should cost a little more.. $300 per lockpick using 8 lockpicks to get a station wagon that goes 85 mph tops. Cars: I think that cars shouldn't despawn after you go into a building and then out of a building for 2 minutes.. or really at all I know that this is an issue that most people want to be fixed. My suggestion would be that if the car is damaged if no player model is by the car then it shouldn't despawn that should be any player model, not just the person who owns the car.
    17. I don't know if this would be something most people think about but... It would be nice it some vehicles did hold more than the normal 320. I really can't see how a little 2 door ride can hold the same as my Kamacho. Maybe give bigger vehicles more space for items or whatever people put in the back of there cars. I mean let's be real. This thing looks like it should hold TONS.
    18. Was wondering if in any way there could be something like this when we used the /e clean emote and it really cleaned our cars or maybe do something like this ( Waterless Car Wash ) that we have to buy at the store and use to clean our cars? Thanks, Dynasty
    19. Hello, I'm David Dynasty, I'm new to the city but looking to make it my new home. I have been called many things and been many places. I once was a husband and a father but the lifestyle I live has taken that from me and I will make things right by my own two hands. We do what we do for the money and power. Even if at the end we are alone. Don't change who you are for the people around you. Make them change and make them like it.
    20. Something like NASCAR but opening up the racing stadium and officially sell tickets and stuff! Good clean fun for everyone in the city I think! Plus it would help contain the street racing cause people can invest in themselves and their vehicles! Plus businesses can sponsor drivers and such!
    21. I'm sure this has already be spoken about and is a on going thing that pops up but I wanted to see if there was any future in it? I was super happy when I got my R35 but only to find out I can't really do mods to it. Just asking and would like some kind of update or reply about this. Thanks, Dynasty
    22. THESE ARE VEHICLES THAT I WOULD LIKE TO BE IMPLEMENTED INTO THE SERVER FOR CIVILIANS TO BE ABLE TO USE. IF SO PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION, I WOULD REALLY ENJOY BEING ABLE TO SEE EVERYONE DRIVING NEW VEHICLES NOT JUST THE OLD ONES... IF YOU GUYS WANT EVEN ONE OF THESE VEHICLES TO THOSE WHO ARE READING THIS JUST REACT UPON IT OR REPLY WITH WHAT VEHICLE YOU'D LIKE TO BE PUT IT IN WITHIN THIS LIST!!! HOPEFULLY, THIS POST WILL GET NOTICED AND WE COULD GET SOME NEW VEHICLES, WE HAVEN'T HAD ANY NEW ONES IN A WHILE!!! 1. Mercedes Sprinter Van https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-benz-sprinter-erdemdnmz 2. Nissan 370z https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-370z 3. McLaren 570s https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-mclaren-570s 4. Lamborghini Centenario https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lamborghini-centenario-roadster 5. Bentley Continental GT https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2014-bentley-continental-gt-add-on 6. Rolls Royce Phantom https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rolls-royce-phantom-2012 7. La Ferrari Aperta https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ferrari-laferrari-aperta-2017 8. Porsche Panamera https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/porsche-panamera-2017-add 9. Honda GL1800 Goldwing https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2018-honda-gl1800-goldwing
    23. Look I honestly doubt you guys will put this in because you guys probably don't think it's a good idea but I feel like you guys should make it so we are able to sell our vehicles to others and make it rare or I guess you could say harder to buy vehicles to the point where people would go to people's dealerships instead of the city installed one and it could make more RP If you get what I'm saying I just want it to be possible to sell vehicles to others lets say I had an Audi R8 I wanted to get rid of I would sell it to someone once they pay I'd give them the keys and pretty much you'd be able to bargain prices etc sell vehicles to stock up on more and continue selling vehicles.
    24. Can we add the Canis Kalahari its a pretty unique looking car http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Kalahari
    25. Im a bit sad that the BMW M4 has the handling/speedup/stats of a muscle car, I think "sport car" stats/handling/speedup would fit alot more to it ( would also be more realistic ). Post back what do u think about this idea, all posts are welcome
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