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    Found 7 results

    1. My Idea is to implement Box trucks [Mules] Into the city for business owners and or Employee's, for big shipment orders and deliveries, i know one of the first things that comes to mind is people will use it for crime and or drug runs, And or transporting personal items such as drugs. No they will not, it will result in immediate termination from your job, and or further admin consequences if admin decides so. Or possibly implement a new law in the MDT for this, Police will be allowed to search you truck to make sure you have no illegal items or business out of it which can also create further RP investigations.. As an employee of one of the most active clothing stores, we got a lot of orders of cloth per day as I'm sure multiple other clothing stores do as well, same goes for mechs, item shop owners, and any business that is required to move large sums of materials. My idea is to allow us to pull a box truck out at our place of business, and use it as a delivery truck, allow us to be able to put things into the rented trucks trunk so we can move large sums of business items. Currently the way of doing it requires multiple vans of 500 cloth and 100 on your person with nothing else in your pockets which requires multiple trips to a gun store or were ever your destination is, as of last night an order of 20k cloth took me about 3 hours to move, 600 pieces at a time. So just looking for something that would help with businesses with making deliveries and large orders as well as create more RP scenarios for businesses, any added ideas would be much appreciated. [PICTURES OF THE MULE BELOW]
    2. Looking to buy any business. Send me some offers you want for yours at: Email: Toast Boy#2153 Phone:234-2591
    3. Hey there looking for businesses for sale by owners willing to let them go, An aspiring businessmen looking to make a deal Email:stunninkilla#7381 Cell: 370-5857
    4. I'm looking into the possibility of trading Ammunation #8 for an Item Store considering I run food truck a lot, I figure owning a place I get my food to stock my truck only makes sense. If interested feel free to message me: Jimmy Brewington 030-4349 Email: Chuckin_Clouds#9188
    5. Hello, My name is David Dynasty and I'm a old head here. I'm back now and looking to buy a business. If you our anyone you know is looking to sell please contact me. Email: The_Stream_King#9568 Have cash in hand and ready to buy! Listed in Mostly wanting to not so much. NightClub Mech Shop Gun Shop Gas Station
    6. Intro: We are a group of dirty businessmen who are from different places around the world. Jimmy and Jon created The Spliffs in the Bronx to connect people who were money hungry but wanted to have fun while at it. our motto is always looking for money opportunities but aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. The Spliffs are known for offering people protective services, drug selling (for the low), hit man, money laundering, illegal street racing, illegal gambling, underground fighting. We've done good business in The Bronx so far and plan to move on some time in the future for more opportunities. One big rule for the organization is we do NOT rob other civilians. We are always open to people wanting to be apart of our business organization. Dress code: (Brown hockey mask), Sunglasses, Black suit jacket, Black or Gray button down, Orange tie or bow tie, Black dress pants, Black leather dress shoes, Black Leather gloves, and any watch of your choice to tell time so you're not late for meetings. Signature Car: GTR35 Black base with Orange glow, Orange under lights, Orange xenon head lights, Black wheels. Roster: Owner Jimmy Jang Co - Owner Jon Snow Leaders - TBD Co-Leaders - TBD Members Liu Liu Anthony Argenix Miriam Aki Meku Trap Associates - TBD ALLIES: N/A RIVALS: N/A (Still under development...)
    7. If the player own the house and they decide to sell the apartment they should be able to sell the house for how ever much they want, but if someone else wants to purchase their house from the person selling they have to pay the amount that the seller wants + the amount for the government for example, if someone was selling a house for $250,000 and i was to purchase the house from them, i would have to pay the $250,000 directly to the person selling and then on top of that i would have to pay an additional charge of say $500,000 to the government and this does not make sense to me The way it should be in my opinion is, if someone is selling their house or their business and they want say $250,000 for it, when someone comes along and purchase the business or house that is the amount they should have to pay and not the additional $500,000 for the government Let me know what you guys think
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