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    1. Hey New York! I am trying to hunt down an old car of mine. It is a Toyota Supra with the license plate TOYSUPRA... if the owner is still around or anyone knows who owns it I will love any info. Sold the vehicle late 2019, most recent spotting was a classified ad from mid 2020. Last known colour to be white. Please let me know if you have or know the where abouts of my old car.
    2. Honestly a lot of people will hate on this comment but I would love to see all the custom cars gone, or at least a lot less of them. People only want them because they go Mach Jesus and this is supposed to be a serious RP server... you wouldn't be driving up a highway doing 150+mph irl so why do we need to here... but that is another topic. I feel removing a lot of the "custom cars" that do stupid speeds will add better role-playing to the racing scene(more of who is a actual better driver not the car), people will use "local cars" more for crime instead of their personal cars.
    3. Honestly I wish I could get rid of it while driving a lot of the time
    4. When the change to businesses in the city happened I thought of doing this at pdm having a used vehicle and car consignment lot where people would sell their imports on consignment. I never submitted the application because after talking to people in the city and looking at it I didn't think it would be something people would want or use. Glad to see some people would be interested in something like that
    5. Just get slobs or obs and record
    6. I am looking to get in contact with the Owners of Jamestown Units 72 and 74. Please Contact me Owen Hill by phone 831-2040 or by e-mail @SassyCanuck#4750
    7. I have a FU&insured Supra custom plate "TOYSUPRA" ive lost interest in looking for trades. Would live to get into a BMW but test your trades
    8. !00% agree with this Rain is okay but the frequency and the duration is sometimes a little much. I actually find that the Thunderstorms kill the RP... You can't even hear the people you are talking to. Im not sure if there is a way that the script for the storms has it they can change the thunder volume or what not..
    9. Title pretty much says it. Im an officer looking to buy a PD Tahoe to personally own. If any former or current PD or SP have one and are interested in selling let me know here or Via email SassyCanuck#4750
    10. I’ve never had mine change... do you by any chance use a graphics pack??
    11. Hope you were able to get if figured out man. yA_diG thanks for helping him... I knew it was down the airport somewhere just couldn’t remember where
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