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  1. Mikke Cross

    Selling house in Mirror Park

    Does this house come with a doorbell? If so can it be changed to ‘Jingle Bells’ before i purchase?
  2. Mikke Cross

    Selling Revolter (Best4Door)

    No set price yet. Only seeing what people would offer atm. Wouldnt sell less then 30m.
  3. Mikke Cross

    Selling Revolter (Best4Door)

    Hey cash only
  4. Mikke Cross

    Selling Revolter (Best4Door)

    This vehicle has very good handling, best acceleration in the city and can handle lots of hits. Only 3 in the city. Custom plate set to ROCKSTAR Impound: $2000 Top speed ranges from 165mph - 180mph on flat In no rush to sell, only looking for offers. Email: Spidey#7746
  5. Mikke Cross

    Selling OG Supra Upgraded

    oh yeah good one!
  6. Mikke Cross

    Selling OG Supra Upgraded

    Fully Upgraded / Insured Email: Spidey#7746
  7. Mikke Cross

    Crime Discussion

    Yabadabadoo! I like it
  8. Mikke Cross

    Selling New Tempesta -SOLD-

    Dealership Price: $15m Insured Already Asking Price: $13.5m Email: Spidey#7746
  9. Mikke Cross

    Place for sale. —-Sold—-

    Place for sale. Not asking for much. 4 car garage 100k gov Spidey#7746
  10. Mikke Cross

    Condo de Luxe --SOLD--

    I’ll be in the city today.
  11. Mikke Cross

    Condo de Luxe --SOLD--

    Still for sale.
  12. Mikke Cross


  13. Mikke Cross

    Condo de Luxe --SOLD--

  14. Mikke Cross

    Condo de Luxe --SOLD--

    Condo located right beside Claim Insurance. Walking distance from Character Change. 10 Car Garage Gov 1m Starting Price: 9m (With Gov) C/O: None Any questions my email is Spidey#7746
  15. Mikke Cross