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    1. hmm.. thats weird , when i launch fivem i cant even get a list of the servers, and when i use the website it gives me an error joining....ill have to try again
    2. heh , been trying to get into the city for days. cant get discord to connect so wont let me join any servers, but i'm trying
    3. Hello All it says my name is Justin IRL, but in game i believe (been a minute) i was Akito Shin. i played mostly in the Bronx and Brooklyn. i worked for a mechanic's shop for a little while fixing cars and bringing work to the boss of the shop whom don't play no more. I really want to get back into RPing again. i was never that good but i did really enjoy the community very much. I am attempting to get into the game again once i get a discord app approval, but haven't seen it approved yet. I never really did the illegal thing i was trying to stay in positive light with both the light side of the community and the darker side of things. i'd love to haul cars again to places that was really fun being a mechanic. I really enjoy helping people do what ever activity's are going down. i make basic custom graphics in real life for people normally for free or for a small fee. i am in school right now for welding and can't wait to start that career. can't wait to get back in the game and hope to see you soonTM Akito Shin.
    4. i been watching a lot of RPing servers but only playing on BCRP , i seen a chop shop mission and thought it was INSANELY fun looking , like you can't do it every minute maybe every 20 minutes but you get say like a mission from an illegal business call if you so desire it , and you have to lock pick a car and steal ibut like its not just a standard car , something like a modded car that you could sell for 10-30k maybe , just something to liven up game play
    5. this i seen it done in other servers as well , on a side note i would love to see using the dirt track near the casino , circle track racing , we have that nascar racecar and it would be a cool thing to watch , we would need someone to keep track of position unless we can implement something of that sort we would even use that motorcycle like the sanchaz or that 3 wheeled one with the 2 front wheels i forget its name . i'd love to do some racing
    6. also as a tow truck driver , how fast tow trucks gas gets sucked down is insane , every 10 blocks i have to load more fuel other wise i feel i wont make a far road trip , i tow out from palato (sp?) shop 1 , and coming down to the city kills me . its a fun experience talking and shooting the shit with people but i need to gas 2 times to make it to the city , then i can't charge the customer that gas money , as a tow truck driver i can't even refuel which i find is a big issue as well (unless i use a repair kit)
    7. having like HP/Torq numbers would be really cool . i sorta liked the old GTA bar graph but maybe have it set up differently .
    8. i kinda agree the casino game is weak , it felt very lack luster , man i think it would be nuts to be able to poker tournament in game , but not sure how it would be implemented , but that would be so fucking fun
    9. i would LOVE to see this but i heard stability issues are real with 64 mans , then with 64 man i feel it would need to be white listed which i play here cause there is no white list , im not good at RPing 100% and im pretty new to it and not having to jump through loops and bounds just to play with people who are not try hard GTAO ass clowns is nice , i'd rather play on RP servers cause i really enjoy driving in GTA , also recently got a job in game as a tow truck driver working up to mechanic and the RP has been fun but i found a little slow when your jusr a tow truck driver
    10. well when EMS is on , you wait up to 500 seconds , while on the ground , then they can diagnose you when are hurt more , so like yesterday doing 200mph i got FULL SEND out my car and rolled around and smacked a tree then ran over by locals , made me wait 650 sec's which i think is 10 minutes... was soo bored , friends came in and busted my balls to hah
    11. can we move the text where Incoming messages for tow truck driving and i think maybe taxi i haven't tried that to see where it is moved as im new to tow trucking and really enjoying it , i find its hard to notice the "No call waiting" change to 1 call waiting as its right over another text for the streets the attached image is what im talking about . can it be moved maybe ABove that text or above the engine / mph would feel even better when im sitting still its fine as the street's arnt changing so its almost a non-issue , but when im driving around the streets are consequently changing and its a little harder to drive , watch the road, watch my MPH and attempt to stay road legal , frankly i'd love to see a MPH speedo in the center bottom of the screen sense i been pulled over for running red lights while trying to maintain speed . i'v also crashed and killed my self a few times while speeding trying to watch my MPH hah but thats a different story
    12. my friend just got shop 1 mechanic up on te top north side of the map , he right now dont have any shop workers but will in the next few days . he plans on hiring people for certain hours as well ,.i don't know if i will be one but i do odd hours every day from morning to night so im hoping we can help offset this
    13. yeah , ever sense i posted i have seen an Uptic in people now on , and good news , my Boi Giovanni (aka Geo) just got the shop number 1 up on the far side of the GPS so maybe in dew time ill be a mechanic
    14. when you buy a car its stock , and when you bring it to a painter you can only do cosmetics when you bring it to a mechanic and get a "full upgrade" what does this upgrade entail ? like in GTAO does this include such as turbo , engine mod , trans mod , susp mod, and spoiler mod? i only ask cause i had a car modded today but it honestly felt the same speed as before and i am in no way saying i was jipped it makes the whoosh noise but just don't feel faster
    15. you're the only mechanic i ever see online
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