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    1. Like the title says, I'm looking for people to work at my gunstore. I'm looking for Active People that are interested in selling and providing good Customer Service. DM me on Discordia on Slimothy#6666 with your Application! Or catch me in the city and call me on 596-1017 - Johnson Muppet
    3. Fuck me i got a bigger chance of getting a Girlfriend than finding a Pin that's useful
    4. I think we need to Keep Granted Access for Manhattan/Brooklyn, But open up another Public Server, Especially since there has been a large influx of new people just wanting to roleplay, But aren't able to since they don't have their Granted Access Tag yet. Overall, Good to see so many new people in the server. So in Conclusion. Keep Brooklyn and Mahnattan Granted Access Open up Staten Island for Public so we have 2 of each open, Obviously if this doesn't work and people still go into Bronx Queue, just shut it down and people can wait in queue all day long
    5. So currently you only get a message in your text box when you either: A.) Get Searched. B.) When the cop is grabbing your DNA Let's make it so it tells you when a cop Grabs your ID, GSR, Example 1.) An Officer is testing you for Gun Shot Residue! Example 2.) An Officer is Grabbing your Identification! This could reduce the PowerGaming aspect that some cops might do, Not sure though.
    6. Appreciate you taking your time to get this massive list, BUT, I feel like all of this will make the server run slightly worse since its way more resources you need to load, And this pretty much looks like any other server in the community FIlled to the brim with Custom Clothing
    7. Roleplay you have "Body Armor" when you carry a vest! Roleplay having a gun with only a gunholster, Roleplay!
    8. Good suggestion!, Could you Re-Post this at https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/forum/5-suggestions/ So admins can actually look over it as a Suggestion instead of an a General Discussion +1
    9. Massive +1 i’ve played the server for 2 years and yesterday was the first time i’ve ever ran out of gas, for me the fuel box is super small and i really got to focus on the small numbers to see if im low or not, maybe add in that once you are 25 fuel it turns Yellow and when you are at 10 fuel it turns red? Or a small ding or somethin
    10. As a cop one thing that (Kind of) Ruins the immersion is not being able to open a door without being inside the vehicle and throwing a suspect through a solid door, only just to Buckle him through a solid Door, So instead lets get a new script in where cops/crims can just do /open door 4 Which would open the left side passenger door and we could actually just put them in there to buckle them in /open door 1 Drivers Door /open door 2 Front Passenger Door /open door 3 Back Right Passenger Door /open door 4 Back Left Passenger Door /open door 5 Trunk And keep the Hood one in the car since thats where you normally open up hoods
    11. Incase you would like to view the property yourself, there is an Open door but dont steal anything. there are cameras around everywhere. Postal code is Inbetween 852 -856
    12. WAGWAN PENGTIN Listing up this absoloute beauty of a house for the right price! House includes: A lovely Gated Entrance A spetacular Pool A Marvelous View A Exceptional Driveway A Appealing Location An Excellent Balcony Below here are a couple of Pictures that i took myself haha xoxo Please give me any and all offers on either 596-1017 Johnson Muppet, or you can direct email me on Slimothy#6194@youkindacuteG.net Or if you feel frisky leave an offer below
    13. Maybe, But now Days everything seems like Cop Baiting, Which is heavily against the rules. Add in a Local complaint much like a CDS Complaint, Maybe saying "Car's disturbing the peace" Then it would be its own 10-Code or something, Something new to add in to the server, This complaint would only come up as someone did /race
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