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    1. Sons Of Anarchy [MC] History The Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, also known as the Reaper Crew, is an outlaw motorcycle club. Started in 1982, Blaine County as a small biker club, their focus was around making serious amounts of money. Through their local connections, they became one of the largest dealers of narcotics in New York. Founder, John Teller started the brotherhood alongside his friends who served in the Vietnam war. The vision for this club was to be peaceful, somewhere people could rely on if they were afraid. After the death of Clay Morrow, his right hand man took the patch as president for SAMCRO. John Teller's wife married Clay and her son Jax Teller was the Vice president of the club. Years later Jax snapped and faked his own death. Jax moved onto New York to start a new life but couldn't handle the thought of taking off the cut so he went onto base Sons Of Anarchy in New York, taking part in various criminal activities such as drug trafficking, gun smuggling and the murdering of individuals. New Chapter Throughout the years, countless leaders have tried to destroy SOA and though it seemed like we had fallen, we rise today. Bobby Trueman former patched member, took it upon himself to become president after the recent disbandment, alongside vice president "Kitty" also a previous patched member. They started out as 4 which later grew to 9 and now sitting at 14 brothers and 1 sister. Sons Of Anarchy is not only a brotherhood but a family, we're here to protect each other, have fun, participate in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, gun smuggling and robbery without being a shit lord, respecting the law to an extent. Bobby's story: As a kid Bobby didn't grow up in a loving family, he was abused by his mother after his fathers death. His mother was an addict who would drug and physically abuse him. He later lost connections with his brother and sister shortly after. Years later he left home and cut connections off from his mother. Bobby flew to New York where he joined SOA, found his brother Hans Trueman and grew up in this motorcycle club through their teenage years to adult. He had many father figures when it came to SOA, which is something he never really had as his father passed away when he was 9. Although Bobby is yet to find his sister, he finally got to see his brother again after many years but was also able to have a wife that later gave birth to their child Kevin. After his wives death SOA took care of him and Kevin during this hard time. Sons Of Anarchy is the only family Bobby has ever really had and that's why he continued to lead SOA for those who never found a family. Kitty's story: Though little is known about "Kitty", she was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. Her family was very wealthy but treated her like she was invisible. She would try to earn their favour but was instead met with silence. They later gave birth to her little sister, who was showered with affection and made "Kitty" feel alone. At school she wasn't really bullied but the kids did ignore her as if she was a ghost, her only friends were the stay cats in the forest near her parents mansion till one day they stopped coming. She later found out that her little sister was jealous of the bond she had with them and told her parents that she hated them, so... they were slaughtered. When she pleaded with her parent on why they had to get rid of them, they simply looked at her and said "Just be good and keep your mouth shut". When she turned 14, she had saved up enough to book a one-way ticket to New York where she met a boy online saying she could stay with him... years later it turned out that the boy who offered shelter was a hoax and was left to fend for her self on the streets, she learn all types of skills just to survive on her on until one day she met SOA and was welcomed with open arms. She finally had found a home and family that cherished her... even if her brothers can be a bit silly at times. President: Bobby Trueman Vice President: "Kitty" Head of Recruiting: Casey Krust Interested in joining Sons Of Anarchy? Reach out to our head of recruiting via email KZ_Official#1315 or mobile 498-1929 Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club 164 Innocence Boulevard Brooklyn, NY.
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