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    1. linking something from a different topic regarding FDNY from @Nita_sarah, who despite the bullshit I put her through, has one of the best EMS Departments ive seen https://bigcityrp.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34205-the-current-state-of-the-fdny/&do=findComment&comment=96091
    2. everyones favorite Ex- EMS / Banned from the server member abernathy here to give my useless opinion with the addition to addiction there would also need to be the addition of shit like rehab. and from my experience, nobody would rp that here. 90% of this server would be in a rehab facility due to their fucking Ketamine addictions. sure its a great idea. but just not the right crowd
    3. didnt mean this as you being specifically involved, apologize for the confusion. meant in a broad sense
    4. always my favorite staff member its always been said that theres 0 tolerance for the N word, or any racial slurs in city, "stream sniping" means someone watching your stream and finding you in game. not them using your content to report you for breaking the rules. trust me I know that more than anyone it says in the EMS SOP that if you stream you're VOD can and will be used against you for rule breaks and such, you should know that lol
    5. Pissed I never got to use this before I was banned from the discord for some bullshit lol
    6. Once again. Staff DO NOT want people sitting at legion all day. Lol
    7. Ive made the suggestion for a truck rental before. So have other people. It went absolutely nowhere
    8. Have you guys seen videos of weed farm busts? 100% I want this. Let me grow a big ass weed farm up in the mountains
    9. Egg

      LS7 Revamp

      Motorcycle clubs aren’t dingy messy heaps of shit. Theres a certain aesthetic to them. i feel this garage suits it nicely
    10. Egg

      LS7 Revamp

      motorcycle club, have you not seen Sons Of Anarchy? They still ran a legitimate business
    11. Staff also dont want people sitting at legion. Giving them parking isn’t changing that.
    12. Egg

      LS7 Revamp

      With Shop 1 popping up, and Benny’s customs having its own custom interior, i feel like LS7 should also get a touch up. (LS7 OT By the way) this would give both a nicer looking garage, and more social space for MC RP. Creating more ways to use the business. Thus giving more incentive to use it. https://youtu.be/nJxIQBqCtvQ
    13. No. The mini map is meant to be GPS in your car.
    14. give the Food Trucks the max 300 trunk space. its a pain trying to sell food when I can only hold the little amount my pockets hold, I keep cracking all the taco shells and im still getting ketchup stains out of my pants
    15. Egg


      Ohhh ok I see what you mean
    16. Egg


      Theres... already a department of aviation you can apply for
    17. Egg


      Recommend me a shadowplay application then please lmao. I reported a kid for VDM, Posing as staff, and DDOS threats against myself and the server and was told to get video next time lmao.
    18. Egg

      Uhaul services

      Allow us to rent a box truck / semi’s with trailers (similar to putting a deposit down for a truck for trucking) that have 3x - 5x the storage weight of the Burrito van (currently has the most storage weight) in the back. Allowing more RP for drug / gun running. And more business opportunities. such as Moving Companies.
    19. The property was sold like 3 months ago according to a reliable source
    20. Egg


      there is one location where you pick up trailers / get your truck, down at the shipping docks. most deliveries are across the map lol, so having to drive back and fourth is a pain. trucking is one of the best paying LEGAL jobs to my knowledge. but the hassle of going all the way back to get a trailer is deterring
    21. Egg


      thats what the post means
    22. Egg


      Ight so I asked about this back in 2019 but. I’d love to see more trucking stops added? Like, places to pick up trailers. Really tired of having to drive all the way to palito to drop a trailer off just to have to drive all the way back to the city to pick up a new one. Possible Locations: Postal 3017 (Clucking Bell Farms) (maybe?) Postal 963, (Humane Labs) There are drop off locations at / near these locations. So it would only make sense that they’re also exporting goods as well correct?
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