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    1. So first, no one replaced the chrome with white, that sounds more like a bad texture issue after downsizing the overall model size. I just replaced the model, looks much better now. I also replaced the C32 Benz model with tunable parts version, handling was adjusted a bit as well. Both live next restart.
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    2. Something I have been facing recently is meetings and the privacy that comes with it and I really would appreciate it if we could get offices. Not only the privacy but these offices make for more RP and make things look more professional. The ones next to the maze garage don't work and I have attached some MLO's that could work or if we can get a copy of the DA's office, tbh anything will do. To add to this, something that would be really cool is to have multiple offices throughout the city that would be marked like a gas station and make it a purchasable business for lawyers to buy for their firm. The way you could buy it is through the forms or https://businesses.bigcityrp.com/ https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/2021-bmb-offices https://fivem-mods.com/products/office-building-mlo (this one I am willing to pay for out of my own pocket) https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/adam-s-apple-office
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    3. My In-Game Brother sat in prison for literally 5.5+ hours; 20,000+ seconds. He's currently in the 9's and is literally waiting around 36 days to hear back about his sentence after talking to lawyers. That's more days then a ban if you did something that broke server rules. (other then perm) Does that not ping anything in anyone's head about how the system is completely cracked? In all seriousness, is anyone dealing with this system, actually thinking? It's a game, not a full-time or part-time Job. How do you expect someone to take anything seriously in this city when you're literally sending people to sit in prison for 5.5+ hours of their lives, as if that's nothing. And no, he didn't disrespect any cops during his process of being jailed. It's disgusting how some of ya'll rationalize the system.
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    4. Thanks for taking all the suggestions into consideration. It means a lot to the community that you browse the forums and pay attention to what people are saying. Many of us are upset about how some changes in speeds are further taken advantage of and abused. There are plenty of us who have suggestions, but many who don't post them here.
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    5. You will be expected to follow all of these rules at all times. Staff do not allow ignorance as a justified reason or excuse for breaking these rules. If you need to report a rule break, bug or issue with a mechanic, please report it to our staff team by either using our TeamSpeak Support, submitting a discord player report or opening a ticket on our forums. SERVER RULES Community Respect Your interactions with others should at all times be respectful and should not reflect on the player of the character outside of the server. There is a no-tolerance policy for any kind of harassment or verbal attacks within any capacity outside of roleplay. The use of derogatory terms is not permitted. (this includes racial and homophobic slurrs) General You must be 16 years or older. You must have a working (and good quality) microphone. Your character must have a realistic name. It must not be: Play on words to mean something inappropriate or childish. Duplicate names/Characters with the same name/surname. (this includes different variants of spelling. Example: John Citizen & John Ciitizen.) Your character should not have the name of a notable figure/celebrity. Advertisement of other communities within any capacity of our servers (in-game, Discord, forums) is not permitted. The entire event server is a safe city. This means no violence or criminal activity can occur that is unrelated to the event. Breaking Character/Out of Character You must remain in character at all times. If an issue occurs, you must roleplay the situation out. You can report an issue to management after the scenario. Do not use in-character terms or slang to refer to anything that exists outside of the game universe. (incl. ‘Gods/Government’ / ‘in my eyes/brain/head’ / ‘getting a vacation’) Do not inform players if they are breaking server rules in-game. This includes using in-character terms. Do not use OOC chat to rant, mention in-character details or to flame a specific person. OOC chat is only to be used for game mechanic issues Deathmatching Attacking/killing another player without any roleplay/initiation leading up to it. Killing on sight is not allowed. Using your vehicle as a weapon to run over people without reason or ram at excessive speeds. Gunplay Your character should exhaust all possible options before using a weapon. This means using your gun to end a scenario should never be your first response. Any kind of behaviour or roleplay that specifically revolves around constant use of a weapon in every situation without attempts to roleplay the situation without violence. Metagaming The use or relaying of information which was gained illegitimately and not learned by your character in-game. This includes gaining information from Twitch Chats, or Discord. Your characters have no knowledge of each other, they cannot have a relationship. This includes referring to another one of your characters as your ‘cousin’ Your characters should not be in the same friend group/gang or family as each other. This eliminates two characters pushing for the same goal. You are not allowed to watch any stream whilst on the same server as the streamer. You are not allowed to be in any third party communication with others when on the same server. (this includes discord calls, teamspeak channels, facetime) You should not use the F6 button unless you are reporting a rulebreak or admitting someone to hospital Failure to Roleplay/Unrealistic Roleplay You must roleplay with emergency services. This means you must try and contact medical help of some sort when incapitated or injured. You should not walk past medical staff at a hospital to check yourself in. Failing to roleplay or choosing to leave your computer during roleplay at any time is prohibited. Disconnecting from the server to avoid roleplay will result in a ban. In this event of your game crashing, please return to the same server as soon as possible. Taking a local flight to hospital whilst emergency services are enroute or on scene falls under the same category. You should not hide your friend from emergency services so they can take local flight. This includes threatening or disrupting emergency services with the sole intent for your friend to take a local flight. You must roleplay your injuries. This means if you’ve been riddled with bullets or fell off a building and broken your legs. You should make attempts to roleplay out the damage to your character. Swapping or retrieving vehicles from a garage or impound whilst in an active chase. You are not allowed to use fake hostages. You are not permitted to enter the military base. Offensive Roleplay You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities without the explicit consent of all participants involved. This roleplay must take place in private. Roleplay which involves committing suicide or self harm is not tolerated under any circumstances. You are not allowed to roleplay acts of terrorism/bomb threats. New Life Rule (NLR) If you are downed and respawn (via local flight) at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. There is no way for your character to remember who, why or how they were hospitalized. You cannot re-initiate, get revenge or retaliate in any way if you take a local flight. Exploits/Circumventing Mechanics You are not permitted to use any sort of macro, script or software to automate any kind of gameplay. You must report any bug or issue with a game mechanic; if caught with modded/bugged items, money or weapons that you’ve kept for your own benefit as opposed to reporting it to staff, you will be removed from the community. If it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. No Value Roleplay You must value your character’s life. You cannot be fearless in the face of imminent danger or severe harm to your character. Your life is more important than your possessions. Criminal Activity Groups or gangs are limited to 5 people at one time. (This includes drivers, backup, lookouts or anyone that is involved with the crime.) This extends to any kind of gang-truce or agreement between two groups. Two gangs working towards the same means count as one group. In our community restricted servers only; groups or gangs may have up to 8 people during bank robberies (not trucks), jailbreaks and drug smuggling only. (This includes drivers, backup, lookouts or anyone that is involved with the crime.) Do not call services (tows, taxi, etc) to rob, kidnap or ambush them. Cop baiting is not allowed. This includes: Repetitively committing crimes in front of police to bait reactions. You cannot rob more than $50,000 in cash or possessions. (This does not include robbing someone for keys to their vehicle) There are no limits in regards to robbing guns, drugs or illegal items off players. You cannot scam for more than $50,000 in cash or possessions (including illegal items) You should have a justified reason to kidnap or hold-up a police officer. This should not be done spontaneously; abuse of this could result in removal from our community. Hostages cannot be used for jailbreaks, bank trucks or release of someone in custody. You are not allowed to attack on-duty medical staff or paramedics Safezones A safezone is any hospital, police station, clothing store, public garage, barber shop or repair shops (whilst inside the menu). No violent crime can occur in these zones unless a scenario you are a part of has led there. If you are being chased, you cannot drive into a safezone for protection. You can not attempt to get someone released from custody whilst at a hospital or police station. Powergaming/Griefing Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response. Do not camp drug locations or spawn camp teleport points such as opening fire on people as they spawn into or exit an interior. No griefing, griefing roleplay includes: Robbing someone then killing them. Constantly robbing or attacking the same person. Randomly punching players over and over again. Loud, disruptive noises being played through your microphone (parties/music should occur in private) Any kind of roleplay that is done intentionally to annoy players.
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