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    So we all know BigCity is probably the best public server out there RP wise, well that I've experienced. Currently what is there to do crime wise? You rob a store, you rob a bank? ect.. it's just really repetitive. I use to feel a type of way about the people that would sit at legion and do nothing, but I'm starting to understand them more. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of things to do that you can probably come up with, but when you have been here for so long you have experienced most of it. We need new stuff to do, crime wise and also non crime wise. Like there's so much things we could add, we could bring back the jewelry store and completely revamp it, we can add robbing houses, and by robbing houses I mean you'd go into a locals houses not into an actual player's house and take their stuff, you could rob locals by holding them up and they would give you random stuff like money, food, ect... I'm not sure if there's a chop shop but we could bring that in and rework it and make it a lot better. There's so many things that are already made that wouldn't be hard to implement that we need. We could get custom civ jobs, like if you wanted to be a stripper you could have stripper on your id, and before anyone says "oh this wouldn't work it's a public" well let's try it, stop saying something won't work if you don't try it. I don't think any of these things would affect the quality of RP in a bad way, if anything it would add more.
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    With the new inventory system this wouldnt be too hard to implement. Some of the FDNY COC has even joked around about hosting a driving course. This would bring new RP jobs into the city as you have driving instructors, DMV workers etc could use the airport or the military base as a closed driving course, and then maybe the rest of the city as a live test. Would be a lot of fun. 10/10 would apply (and fail my test)
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    I understand that back in the day when The PD and SP were short staffed that speed cameras helped deter speeding. But with there hardly being a time when there isn't at least 5 officers can we maybe re-evaluate speed cameras? the officers can be more proactive in stopping speeders, which would promote RP. Also I shouldn't be getting a Fine in a stolen Vehicle because the system that the cameras use run the Registration and fine the Registered owner. How does that camera know to bill me and a Stolen Vehicle? #Ilost10kina3mindrive.
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    That is very funny LOL Why are people using their phones when they are driving? They should get their drivers license removed and maybe take a new driving lesson. LOL
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    There is actually a faster way to get locals keys faster, find out in game tho!
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    Hit me up on Emails For Offers! Intense3g#2157
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    3 more cops (who are actually in training) and not riding around on their own. They are required to ride with someone for training purposes. So its not like you would see more cop cars. Youre talking less than a 1/4 of potential population before to less than a 1/3 of potential population now. I doubt it will be a giant noticable difference for anyone but will make a huge difference for those new cops that were having a hard time find a server they could get some training in on. If you seen the amount of reckless reports that sometimes come in non stop even with 10 cops on you would reconsider that statement I assure you. It is easy to speculate without having all of the information or both sides of the story but personally it is astonishing to me that people are still driving around like its GTA online non stop. The majority of my traffic stops still turn into active pursuits followed by a shootout when typically I would of just given them a warning for a couple of minor infractions because most peoples "rp" is they are a fast and furious driver, infamous gangsters and notorious hitman who just want to shoot each other and or cops and escape the situation unscathed each time or try everything in their power to do so instead of being creative and finding ways to expand dialogue and story line. Sounds to me as if the traffic lights may be striking the intended audience and I think we should investigate the possibility of potentially adding more
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    Damn, well that sucks, server is still lit.
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    Wow the comment section really went down hill even further than the original post.
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    Afternoon yall We were talking about court cases recently, and personally i really enjoyed sitting in on the one i attended. The issue is not knowing when/where court cases are happening. My suggestion is adding a #court-cases channel under the Courts category on discord. It can work as a place to post who has upcoming court cases, when, and where they are happening. Even restrict it to only lawyers, DA, judge ect. can post in it, to keep it clean. Happy RPing Billy Jackson
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    Hit me up on Emails For Offers! Intense3g#2157 OG Chysler300 Sultan 4door Pfister Comet
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    This was something I wanted to bring up for a while I brought it up in another post reply to a topic but I feel like it deserves its own. A lot of people drive like crazy in the city, they get pulled over show their drivers license and get a ticket but in NYC the point system does exist. If a driver gets 11 points they get their license suspended. Is it possible for us to add it where the civilians have to purchase a drivers license? They don't have to take the test, (It's BS I know). But when they get 11 points or so which would add up on the MDT. The officer could revoke the drivers license just like the gun license and they it would not let them buy a new one for 7 days. While suspended/revoked, they could not buy new vehicles. If they drive without a license or driving suspended, they could get fined or even arrested just like in real life, depends. But you think this would make people be more disciplined when driving? Traffic tickets are one thing but with how much money people have I don't think traffic citations mean much to people. I can't speak on behalf of people for that, but it feels that way. when citations are issued it would add points to that person. When they buy a new license after the 7 days it resets to 0 again. I wouldn't know how to program this into the system since I don't do FiveM scripting but I think it's possible because the gun license buying and revoking was possible. So maybe this is similar to that? What are your guys thoughts on this?
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    That is just the thing. RP is supposed to be an effort if you wanna be good at it. We all talk about how shtty the RP is in the city and how we can improve it. Well this is one of them. I wouldnt mind taking that job if it Means creating more RP.
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    I am looking to sell my Tezeract. Current offer is 25 mil. Hmu with offers Email: And#8937
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    Would it be possible to move the phone up for us cops mostly so the radar doesnt cover any of it?
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    • Sons of Anarchy Ranking • - President - Dale Dan Tony - Vice President - Kevin Darko - SGT at Arms - N/A - Members - Greg Richman Raymon Burns - Prospects - Jamie Hendrix Sonny Pasta Sons of Anarchy are still looking for loyal prospects to become full on members after trust has been gained. - Perks in becoming a full member - •First chopper is on us •Club cost on product •Club jobs (earn extra cash) •Club events If anyone is interested in join please make sure to email me EvilSpartan#0996
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    I have one not sure if i would sell tho
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    Fully Upgraded / Insured Email: Spidey#7746
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    there is never a good or a bad time for a wipe. There is always going to be someone new that are just making bank that are gunna be upset. but honestly, how long are we going to let the economy be the way it is? my EMS char has 5mil, i do nothing with that money. my Crim has 400k and she has the time of her life. people sit here with 50mil capped bank, and another like 30mil in their pockets, its like why? Who Needs that kind of money to do nothing with?
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    Let me piggyback. Add storage to the Marquis! It has a door to go below deck, let me store my fishies! Please. And what that first guy said too^^
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    Yea after you were in it
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    I agree with this suggestion. 5/5 sugar cubes.
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    We do have the National Guard... we just call them management.
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    Well hopefully there are other jobs or activities that can be added in the future to better the RP involvement. The main problem with a server wipe is that there a lots of people who have been here for a long time who have been grinding hard to get to the point where they are today. Let's not forget about all of the donors who have also invested lots of money in the server. I know, if you are donating it should be for appreciation of the server, not just for in-game money but some people don't look at it like that. Personally, I have put in so many hours selling drugs and guns to other players to get the point where I do not have to grind anymore. It is all purely RP for me now which is great. If there was a server wipe I would be back to square one again and just selling drugs to locals and doing deliveries which involves literally 0 RP interaction. I would hate to lose all of my cars, business, house and everything else I have busted my ass to get. Let's all put our minds together and think of ways we can suugest to devs to better the overall RP interaction without taking away all of our beloved cares and monies!
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    I agree with you that the server has an inflated economy but I would think the quality of RP would go down. Everyone would be grinding non-stop for the first 6 months. When you grind drugs/legal jobs etc the lack of RP truly shows.
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    We are settling down in at our Grapeseed Clubhouse!!
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    @SumTingWong @Paul Carter YOU THE REAL MVP. Thanks for starting this convo.
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    wipe the server. this is not a joke. its the only solution to fix the quality of rp and how far its slipped in a matter of months.
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    i honestly dont think the quality of RP could go down any further than it already has
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    If they do this, they need to move locations of EVERYTHING, or else the amount of META that will be brought into the city will be rough. people will be selling meth on day one. (again) Im for a server wipe. Honestly.