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    Real Estate Agents It would be cool and provide more RP if we had whitelisted real estate agents, located in the offices interior and make it so that when someone wants to sell a house, they go to the real estate agency and with the help of a real estate agent have it listed. And when someone wants to buy a house, they go and get that done through the real estate agency. The real estate agents job would be helping a buyer find the right house for him and help people sell their house to the right people and the right price. All house listings should go through a real estate agent which could be the end of the listings on the forum but it would bring way more RP and be more realistic. Cars and businesses should stay on the forums tho. And my last idea, which i saved as last because it may be harder to implement, development wise is to also make it possible for people who own properties to be able to rent them out to people who want to rent and not buy a property which would also obviously go trough the real estate agency. And to help make people actually want to rent properties if this becomes a thing, maybe make it so that people have more needs for having a house other than storage or clothes. Or maybe put a limit to friend access so people only give access to really close family or friends, you wouldn't give 15 keys to different people to get in your house and change clothes IRL. I would love to see this become a thing and i if so, i volunteer to maybe take charge of it and help make it a successful whitelisted real estate agency.
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    Instead if them being 5 scrap to make one. I think lowering it would be better. Maybe to 3 or 4?
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    Maybe not even lowering the amount of metal it takes to make the kit. Maybe giving us more precious stone out of the rock. Like getting an RNG number of 1-5 precious stones per rock.
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    I am a Lonly Meth King......I need a Meth Queen anyone wanna be with me if not your a somna bitch.
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    Adult content - age restrictions apply - must be 16+ years or older to join. BigCityRP Rules: Respect - Respect is to maintained at all times. Gunplay - If the situation can be resolved without using guns do so. Example: Shooting someone down because they bumped your car. Value of Life - You are human. Treat your character how you treat yourself. You would put your hands up with a gun to your head. Your characters life is important, so in life or death situations you need to value it the most. Value the life of others. If a criminal has a hostage, you need to value the life of that hostage as much as your own. Meaning, you wouldn’t charge into a hostage situation without the release and safety of that hostage. Value your possessions. New Life Rule (NLR) - You are unable to remember anything on what lead to your character's demise if you respawn. Revenge Killing - No Wars. If you shoot someone down or get shot down you should not continue shooting each other after respawning or assisted by EMS or PD. EMS/Respawning - ROLEPLAY WITH EMS - They are not here to just simply pick you up after being shot or downed Be realistic with your injuries. Use actions (/me /rp) to roleplay with EMS. Do not respawn in an active situation. EMS shall be a neutral party. If all officers are down they can help criminals or civilians up first. EMS can not help police. Stunt Jumps - Do not use any stunt jumps that would be unrealistic for your vehicle. Safe Zones - Hospitals, public garages, impound and the surrounding block of police departments are safe zones. Deathmatch - Your character must have a valid reason for killing someone. Both need to understand why you killed them. Engagement between parties prior to firing is required. Deathmatches shouldn’t be initiated for civil disputes. Example - Car accidents, they call you a bad name or they stole your business idea. You do not have a valid reason to kill anyone who is complying with your demands (reasonable demands). Groups - Your gang/family/group can only have 5 members max together at a time during any criminal events. You may not have more than 5 people in an active crime situation. Police are limited to 7 active duty officers/troopers unless specially authorized. Metagaming - Using information from out of game in game or vice versa. If you are using a third party communication program you must also talk in game. This includes police & radio communication. Stream Sniping - Do not watch someone’s stream while in the same server. Clothing - Any nude models/mostly nude models should be kept to the strip club. No police clothing/belts/badges/etc - should be worn even if it is available to you. No EMS or Police clothing is allowed (unless you are in the department/on duty). No aliens. OOC - Should be only be used for in-game issues. Do not complain, chat, or call someone out in OOC. Use local OOC when possible. Breaking Character - Absolutely at no time should you break character or use terms to indicate OOC in character. Using terms such as “going to the government” should not be used. You must remain and react as that character until it is over. This includes phone calls, text messages, and Twitter. Powergaming - Using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist. You can not force someone to permanently kill their character. Crosshairs are prohibited. You may not have more than 5 people in an active crime situation. Other methods of gaining an unfair advantage in game such as a crosshair. Complaints - Use the appropriate channels to report any issues. Do not complain using OOC or discord. Staff - Do NOT private message staff unless you have exhausted all options. Submit support tickets or use TeamSpeak. Bugs or Glitches - Do NOT exploit any bug or glitch or you will be permanently removed from the community without question..Just know, we log all transactions of money in and out of the player data, you will get caught. Combat Logging - Logging out to avoid jail or an RP situation. If it is an emergency or the game crashes try and get back as soon as possible and finish the RP situation. Cop Baiting - Do NOT intentionally bait police into chasing you for a high-speed chase or bait them into an ambush situation. Derogatory Remarks - Anything made negative on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. whether it be in RP, Forums, Discord etc, is not allowed. Restricted Areas - Military Base Scamming and Robbing - No scamming or robbing over a value over $50,000. You cannot force someone to take out money from their bank. Offensive Roleplay - You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities in public. The roleplay must take place in private, away from where any individuals who might not want to witness this roleplay might innocently enter. Dead on Arrival (DOA) - If and when you decide to DOA your character, you are required to DELETE the character and restart fresh. Vehicles - Absolutely no helicopters, planes, or military vehicles allowed unless authorized. Unrealistic Roleplay - To keep a sense of realism and serious roleplay things such as having bombs is not allowed. Think to yourself - how often does this happen in real life? Do not use the scuba gear to help in evading the police. Camping - Do not camp drug locations with the intent to rob other players. Police can not camp drug locations or repeatedly "raid" locations. *Anticheat bans are unappealable.
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    im all for manual checks on plates. the ALPR should still at least grab the plates, but the cop still needs to manually check the plates. Or give us physical licenses with point systems that can be checked through the system. but I also 1000% agree with Gear here, Cars need to be slowed down. Give cops at least 1 or 2 vehicles to better their chance. Its not about the W, its about fairness.
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    The New York Obesity Problem ↓ ↓ Dear fellow New York citizens, The city of New York has reached a scary obesity rate, citizens blame the stores for not having any healthy food and instead only ice cream, tacos and burgers! We need to make a change fast, for the sake of our health! #BringHealthyFoodToNewYork Reporter: lean George, signing out!
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    For a lot of the changes to happen that we want there needs to be developing done, This is the hard part of pushing changes in the city. Everyone in the city has a life other than Bigcity and so also do the developers. Do I think ALPR is stupid and it harms police work and rp? Yes, But i also think it would be way too easy for people to have a field day in their ultra fast cars if we could only identify them if we catch or see them, No face no case. If police lose the way their ALPR works or lose it entirely, there needs to be something in place to combat the people who just go around driving really fast, evading cops all day. a balance of cars would be appropriate for this, Have most of the cars not go past 200, Make it that the police can go 200 in their cruisers, And have a couple of high end expensive cars go faster, and give the police a speed unit that can keep up with them. Make it about drivers skill, not how big your wallet is. If you suck at driving. don't be the driver. There needs to be a bolo system added ontop of MDT, next to warrants, so that we can get people in for questioning, The no plate bikes is something that has been very difficult to work with for a long time. My advice still is, have a impound feature for these kinds of things, if a person gets caught they lose their bike for a certain amount of days, 3 strikes and you lose it permenantly.
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    Goog Afternoon fellow Citizens and Peoples, Admins and Staffs. This night I wanna bring up a different kind suggestion, There are people who loves this Community as much as I do. What if we have a online BCRP Merch, Hoodies BCRP logo, Shirts BCRP Logo, Mugs BCRP Logo, Coffee mugs with BCRP Logo, Pins with BCRP logo, wallpapers, 3D printed BCRP logo..im sure many will buy the 3D one coz I will to put it in my bedroom. It can be great way to support our server/admins/staffs who are working hard to make us enjoy in the cities every single moment we spend. Think about it for a sec, if something happens we go up to them to ask for help, if there is issue they come and resolves it. As a Community 100% sure we can give them a little favor dont you think? Some Example I made Quickly just to give example! Im sure if we take time to find a goog artist or designer to make the logo for clothing and other stuff it would be way better than mine! Thanks again everyone, Hope you guys have Goog day/Night
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    We will workout something this week and try and put something official together for a poll. Then once the poll determines the top 3 candidates we will hold an election. easy!
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    Cockpop! Makes your cock pop literally! amazing results in just couple of weeks. Happy wife happy life! New technology from the things you trust, all ingredients found in nature just purified and modified to make it work. So how do you know they work? How you know that it isn't just a scam you see everywhere over the internet in shitty ads, because we care about you and your happiness. I the Jorma Mansikka solo founder of this recipe i am living proof of that this works, and so are the many customers who has taken control of their sex life in their own hand(s)! How did i came up whit this amazing product? My parents kicked me out of the house at a young age, i felt like i was missing something and ran away to the forest stupid kid as i was, i ate anything what i saw when i got hungry, i ate weird plants i ate weird shrooms, and in the next morning i was surprised, i felt like a man, and sure enough i got what it needs to prove it too! After couple of side effects i was the luckiest man alive. i took a couple of friends to the forest and tested every plant and shroom i ate over and over again, until we found the safest and most result showing product we could get. What do we offer? clad you asked We have 3 products in store. 1, 0.5 inches in 2 weeks (60pills) 500 dollars a bottle 2, 1 inch in 2 weeks (60pills) 1000 dollars a bottle 3. 3 inches in 2 weeks (69pills) / for the ones who needs something extra 2000 dollars a bottle Whit all of those packages comes: Pill bottle (amount differences between which product you bought) Jormas Benis Thickener gel product sample (on markets soon) And 1 month of tinder gold! code redeemable whit email address. What else can i say, take the opportunity of your life time and just hang on. customer_number_1: great results! me and my wifes are happy! customer_number_2: I can't stop going on dates! this has changed my life! customer_number_3: I took too many pills at one time and my cock exploded. please for the love of god read the back of the bottle, my wife left me because of this. customer_number_4: I thought this was just a hoax like every other product on the market, i was wrong! To contact a seller whit email: Nakkerino#7049 To contact a seller whit number: (add seller phone number) Customer support, only at the language of finnish atm. Positive reviews: Nakkerino#7049 Negative reviews: Nakkerino#7049 known side effects: 1 out of 100 may get these: Constipation, skinrash, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, headache and nausea 1 out of 1000 muscle and joint stiffness 1 out of 100000 internal bleeding Cockpop. pop away
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    I absolutely would love this. I do feel like the housing market is out of control and needs some sense of regulation. MAKE REAL ESTATE GREAT AGAIN!
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    Tell me AJ’s max bid so I can outbid that
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    For the year of 2020, the Bahama Mamas is starting off fresh and new. It’s a new year and we would like to start off with welcoming new employees into our establishment! At the Bahama Mamas we are not just a club, we strive to be one big family who brings joy and entertainment to the community! If you are interested in joining our family please send your resume to the CEO/hiring manager Lily Petrov-Talone! Details are in the poster below. In the resume please tell us your name, time zone, which position you like to apply for and why you are the best fit for that position. We are looking forward to seeing new and old faces! Most importantly, we can not wait to reopen and have a fresh start in 2020! Looking forward to meeting and speaking to all of you!
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    still looking for my sugar mama
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    As was a very long ruling by the Police Chief a long way back when. I'd like to pose this to the community as a whole to get their ideas and criticisms of what I may suggest. Currently, warrants get placed for people based on the plate and if the vehicle was not reported stolen. Now for a very small percentage of people, this can result in arrests in which the person was indeed, innocent and unaware that their car was stolen. Add on top of that, the percentage of people that do report their car stolen but did not provide ample cooperation into properly logging the car as stolen which results in receiving a warrant anyway. The other issue is that the system the cops RADAR/ALPR uses currently automatically pings any cop's vehicle that remotely looks at the car. My aim is to help modify this system to ensure that it is a fair system for both law enforcement and civilians. So, my idea is we remove law enforcement's ability to automatically pickup stolen vehicles and warrants. This firstly should go back to being a manual check. The RADAR is nice because it does a lot of the plate identification in the first place but the ALPR's features makes it too easy to automatically ping all cars. Ideally the warrant system should be tagging the car that the warrant was placed on if a car was involved in the commission of a crime. My second idea is rolling back the ruling that cops can place warrants for people based on the license plate and no positive identification. This ruling has resulted in creating a meta strategy of no-plate bikes which I'm sure a lot of cops can agree with, is a shitty thing to deal with. All of the above I've suggested can give back fairness to civilians whilst enforcing proper police work for officers during their downtime and investigations. The aim is to provide more depth to what we do without automation ruining what could be further RP created from that little bit of effort put in. [Please ensure that this thread is constructive with good criticism and feedback] I would like this discussion to be helpful for understanding the community's view on this and not a cop/crim flamewar which I'll do my best to moderate in this thread.
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    Is it possible to make the cocaine selling back how it initially was, it's already a hassle trying to sell anything on the server besides weed, and selling one cocaine at a time really isn't worth the risk, the thing that made cocaine unique over other drugs was having the ability to randomly have a npc buy more then one. Now the cocaine ain't no different then meth or crystal with npc only being limited to buying one at a time
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    Just a suggestion- So I understand you can plant your weed seed's and the harvest them then turn them into joints..I'm suggest different ways. - Add Scale's - use of the scale would be where you can make it into different ounces example dime bags etc. - Add baggies/zip lock bag's - use of the baggies/zip lock would be after its scaled you can make it into baggies and get random amounts etc. - Add weed grinder - Use of weed grinder would be once you harvest you bud's etc. you grind it. - Add rolling papers - Use of rolling papers would be once you get your weed bud's and grind them you have the choice to roll them yourself.
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    Hey, people of bigcityrp! So i got this idea, whilst i was dealing with a client down at mrpd. He didn't care about the time he had to spend in prison. But the only thing he wanted is the fine lowered. I got a charge dropped to lower the time but I can't always drop charges. So I got the idea when someone requests a lawyer and a lawyer arrives. The officers need to drop the fine with 20% or 15% we can discuss the right amount. I thought this would be helpful for the cops, criminal and lawyers. The lawyers would get requested more and therefor get more rp. The criminals would get a lesser fine. And of course the cops would ge more rp with lawyers! I thought this was a pretty good idea! Let me know what you guys think.
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    Vehicle handling and stats is currently in rework stage for us and ongoing so that part is definitely being looked into. I'm 100% behind this. Proper police work leading up to the arrest where breadcrumbs of reports lead up to the person in question being prosecuted. An automatic identification system that we currently have makes for a very black and white arrest with little police work required to combat a problem that still requires work to help combat. We put plates on all bikes. Their only advantage is and should be their mobility, not their speed.
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    In theory. Because it is private property. You are allowed to have a weapon on you while you are on this property. If you are being told that you can not have a weapon on private property please contact their supervisor.
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    Hey All, My Name is Logan Thurman and I'm playing a character named after my late grandfather Roy Genzel. The character is a former Sheriff of Ravalli County now investing into the railroads and trying to bring passenger and freight service standards up with the latest trains and fast shipping. I hope to see y'all in the city! Thanks, Logan Thurman
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    Hi all My name is beany and ive just registered here to hopefully join your community Ive just started GTA RP after reinstalling the game after a good few years and learning about fiveM Hopefully I can be accepted in and look forward to meeting you all in game Regards
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    the fastest pass was 7.648 og supra with some good mod Displacement: 3.2L Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Bore Diameter: 86.5mm (0.020" Over) Rod Length: 5.590" (Std) Rod: Aluminum Stroke: 90mm block: R&R Aluminum Connecting Rods Real Street ARP CA625+ Main Stud Real Street 90mm Billet Stroker Crankshaft 2JZ-GTE Real Street RS2000 Pistons 2000HP 2JZ-GTE 90mm Stroker STD Rod 86.5mm +0.5mm Bore Clevite H Rod Bearing STD Supra Clevite Race H Main Bearings STD head: Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams Brian Crower Adjustable Cam Gears Ferrea Competition Plus Intake Valve 34mm +1mm Ferrea Competition Plus Exhaust Valve 30mm +1mm Ferrea Supra 2JZ-GTE TURBO 87lbs DUAL Valve Springs and Ti retainers Kit Gates Racing Timing Belt Toyota Fuel: Injector Dynamics ID2000 2000cc Weldon 2345-A Billet External Inline Fuel Pump 200 GPH 2000hp -12AN Inlet -10AN Outlet Weldon Billet Fuel Filter 10 Micron Weldon A2047 Fuel Pressure Regulator Turbskie: Precision 8385 GEN 2 Billet Ball Bearing HKS 1301-RT066 8' intercooler 3.5" Inlet 3.5" Outlet Tial MVR 44mm V-Band BLACK Wastegate TiAL Q BOV 50mm Blow Off Valve Black 11psi Spring want 3m obo txt: 176-4661 email: winter#5146
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    ahahah alright bet dm me txt: 176-4661 email: winter#5146
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    This is kinda me agreeing with @Barry McCokinner with the whole Moonshining, I think there should be contraband added to the server. Similar to drugs, there could be bootlegging like bringing back moonshining, illegal cigarette trafficking, watches, shrimp and lobsters (goodfellas hehe), prescritption drugs, animal fur just to name a few. Other jobs for smuggling goods that could add to rp. Rather than everyone dealing drugs, we can have professional smugglers who bring contraband that aren't drug related. I think it could add diversity in criminal rp and would possibly help with the whole drug location beef. If there's multiple ways of making or "smuggling" illegal goods, processing, and then selling them, it might help settle tensions.
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    OK 2.5 then Coz you have MR C's Approval lol
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    no such thing as OG impound rates brother all impound rates are regulated to a set price now
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    Yeah self explatonary, you hold your knifes and guns on right hand, would love to actually slowly push a knife in someone back and twist it while my hand is in a correct place rather than holding it almost behind me while /me holds knife on back, /me holds knife on throath, its hard to see if i could raise my right hand and place it to the right place it will be easier to see, from cops, victims and gives a little pit of feeling for me too :=)
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    There are situations where we get calls that, in normal situations, would result in some form of report being written. It would be nice if we could have this in the MDT, similar to the Arrest and Warrant tab - Add an Incident or Report tab where officers can record testimony, statements and on scene reports regarding 911 calls. This ideally would increase RP between PD and Civ but will result in more busy work for PD. As it stands now, officers either do nothing or make a note in the Civs MDT profile regarding the incident, depending on severity.
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    Hello! A part of traffic stop roleplay (for me at least) is asking for a driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. But mechanically there is only an ability to show ID, the rest is done through running the license plate. I think it would add more immersion to have physical copies of vehicle registration and insurance that could be shown to officers/troopers the same way the ID can. What also would be a cool quality of life improvement would be to have registration expire after X period of time (maybe a month or two?) and have to be renewed. Also, have recurring insurance payments and deductibles instead of a one time fee. While still on the topic, it'd be really cool to have a driver's license be a tangible item that can expire/be revoked but that's already been suggested here and here.
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    After talking to a handful of car lovers and collectors in our server. We have came up with an idea to counter the lack of role play with a lot of things in the city. The idea is to add a financial plan for vehicles aka Mortgages. E.g If "Michael Royal" wanted to buy a Pegassi Tempesta Custom which would regularly cost $15,000,000 and he only had $7,800,000 he could purchase the vehicle on a financial plan and pay it back over time. If the payment plan for the week is not met, the judge would sign off for a repo of the vehicle and a tow trucker along with a police officer/trooper will repossess the vehicle from "Michael Royal's" possession. This would not only create RP for the buyer but also for Judges, Tow Truck drivers and LEO's. It would also make buyers work for their money and not use the vehicle for crimes due to the fear of losing it.
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    whats the current offer?
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    Can we remove the big ass arrow over items that are dropped because if I'm running from the police and say i want to get rid of evidence on me, i cant drop it anywhere besides like some bushes because of the big ass grey arrow over it. With this there can be a new thing for K9s to perform article searches for evidence that has been tossed. Thoughts???
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    Hello everyone i’m Rod’Kendrick i’m from Mississippi. I’m new to role play, I found BigCity through a host on twitch. I’m looking forward to meeting some cool people around the city.
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    As far as banks, and jewelry stores i agree on longer timers (ex. 1 hr). But for houses I've seen 86 min timers which is outrageous as i believe should only be 15-30 max.
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    you could have each ID hardbound to each persons character so if you drop me your id and i pick it up it will show me my own information. Also you can keep the police menu grab id for roleplaying out finger printing and stuff like that.
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    yall rename yourselfs the legion boys?
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    Please look into this asap would be a blast for both the players and casino owners cause of the rake they would pull in.
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    We really gonna do this? Might as well just tell me the max you'll bid so I can outbid that
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    tell me your max bid 7 MIL
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