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  • Rules and Guildlines & common Suggestions


    Recommended Posts

    1. Please Do not Metagame in suggestions. (Giving illegal locations, info on how to do illegal things, etc)

    2. Be kind and respectful to all members when giving input (Don't be an ass)

    3. Please be a bit detailed when giving suggestions.

    4. Look at the list of suggestions before posting your own. There may already be a post on your topic


    Below are some frequently asked questions 

    Can we Fix the vehicle despawning issue?

    This is a issue within FiveM itself. It is happening across multiple servers and is not just a us problem. Our Developers are currently waiting on a fix from FiveM to this problem, and trying to find ways to help make the problem have less of an effect on roleplay.


    Can We This Vehicle To the Server? 

    Due to the amount of custom cars that we have on the server we will not be adding anymore at this time, we would love to have as many custom cars as we can but it adds stress to the server, We need to make sure that we are keeping the server playable for as many people as possible. The more vehicles that we add into the server the harder it makes it for people who have low / medium performance computers to be able to play on our server. Which we don't want. However the management team is always looking into vehicles that people aren't buying to try to update the vehicle list.

    Can We Add Body Kits or more seats to Vehicles? 

    With this we are limited as what we can do based on the model that we have. Vehicles in FiveM when they are released more of the time are "Locked" This means that no one can edit anything on the model to be able to add it into the server. Because of this we are limited to what we can do based on what the maker of the designer wanted the vehicle to look like. 


    Can we Cuff, Drag, and put someone into our vehicle? Can we frisk people while we are pointing a gun at them?

    The Answer to both of these questions is the same. Both of these suggestions are things that we are looking into implementing to the server. However the issue that we have to be careful of. Is there is a possibility that there are new people who come into the server just to be trolls and ruin the RP of other people. If we implement these features there will be players that come into the city just to "cuff" someone and leave them where they are. Making it so they can't roleplay properly until they are able to get out of them. Or people will come in and every person that they see they will rob. Making it challenging especially for new players to be able to get a start in the city. We are looking into ways that we are able to make it so both of these challenges won't happen. 

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