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    On 6/9/2019 at 3:52 PM, MaZDuR said:

    While I sort of agree with what youre saying I have some concerns with what you are saying.

    1: regardless of what borough I go to, the likelihood of seeing a mechanic is less than 2% over the course of 4+ hours.. in all of my time playing, I have only encountered a tow truck driver once (and he gave me a deal on some repair kits cheaper than the store, so I *DO* want to run into more of them)

    2: I am unsure what you mean when you say "get money faster" when there is no money to be made by civilians when dealing with vehicle repairs, this is 100% an availability issue, I am sure the others out there simply don't even bother checking for mechanics/tows as 99% of the time there are none available, and the ones who are available are more interested in selling full upgrade kits (because of the severe lack of mechanics, you can wait over a week for this to be available to you, I still need 3 of my cars upgraded.. but I am waiting to run into a mechanic myself)

    3: we have already established that theres a lack of tow/mechanic jobs (I hope you got that point) so to expect people to NOT find their own way down to insurance to get their vehicle is stupid (PS: have we mentioned how rare taxi's are now too? im fairly certain nobody tries going without their vehicle, so theres no 'demand' for taxi's and most taxi's dont want to sit around waiting for a fare, so they will change profession)

    4: not having insurance is the centerfold issue with these changes, its already been discussed that theres issues with determining when a vehicle is 'destroyed' and it can be abused, theres been several things said for both sides on whether or not total loss is acceptable, I for one agree with it.. if you don't have insurance on your vehicle, be prepared to pay a lot to get it back (even moreso if the vehicle is no longer for sale)

    5: People are going to continue to drive as recklessly as they want, the only more cautious people will be those WITHOUT insurance as they won't want to pay for a full vehicle replacement, I for one don't care one bit about the rules of the road, im going to drive 80mph throughout the inner city and as fast as my car will allow anywhere else, we are humans.. not slaves.. you can't put me down like that.. I have places to be and things to do, let me live my life recklessly, this is honestly the only way you will get me to interact with people.. if I drive normally, I would never even see anyone.

    6: I don't care about being a multi millionaire or even about being a criminal.. I would just like to be able to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.. so long as theres no police to stop me, who are you to control what I do?


    These are just MY personal feelings about this, everyone is different.. but im sure a lot of people will agree, unless you 'know' where everyone is, theres little to no reason to 'follow the speedlimit' more often than not I can't find anybody in the city and just go about my business, trying to just make enough money to pay my property fee.. and now we need to add in the vehicle fee (which is currently set up to cost WAY more than my property, but im not going to complain about how unrealistic that is and just try and enjoy the game as best I can)

    You haven't been playing long then. Mechs are all over Twitter. I for one am always on Bronx and respond to anybody needing a mech as fast as I can.

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    Hello All! Starting June 17th you will be charged 10% of 50% of the vehicle cost, of the vehicle from the dealership. If the vehicle cost is $100,000, then insurance is $5,000. I believe it's the

    I'm fine with insurance charges but maybe like a once a week payment like rent for houses? Drive down to the auto store once a week and make the payment. There are some people, including myself, who s

    Is it currently possible to cancel insurance? I’d prefer not carry full coverage on all of my vehicles with the new costs, only my daily drivers. 

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